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Guys i hav posted will she love me part 4 yesterday itself ......and it is nt yet posted so i hav a doubt tht weather (See more) i shuld post it again....plzs do hepl me...and pehli dafaa hai....its really vry hard fr me post tht....but vil try my best ...and plzs do help me
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check u r email
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Wait for 24 hours if it has exceed check the mail whether ur article is rejected n if not complaint in contact is section
(Devakshi)love.....pehli dafaa hai ye episode 10
Hi guys I'm back. Here we go the next episode ....

( Ishani comes back home and this drama is off (See more) )
(Sonakshi is in the kitchen while Ishwari comes in)
Ishwari-dr nee
Sona-ji auntiji
Ishwari-wo naa tum kal dher she aasakthiho kyonki hum log mandir chalrahehe air Dev office chalajayga
Sona-teekh hai auntiji
Ishwari-acha beta mein chalthi hin tum dinner lekar aana
Sona-teekh hai auntiji.
(Ishwari goes. After sometime Sona serves her food in the room and goes home)
Bose household-
Sona-I'm back
Asha-sons beta dekho na tumari baba ko kya hogaya ......Sab kuch pack karke rakehe....boka kayika?
(Sona goes to bejoys room and gets shocked a little and surprised a little (first time bejoy is doing some work other than watching cricket?))
Sona-baba aap ye kya kar rahehe
Baba-packing ......tum bi aaraho kya
Sona-kaha..kab...aur kyon????
Baba-bangkok ...kal subhe....football keleye..vaha uska khana peena ka Dhyan raknekeliye
Sona-baba kyon Bangkok jayega???
Baba-business deal milana iseliye..usne tume kaha nahi kya ...jab aayega tho mein dikaatha hun use.........acha tum aaogi kya?
Sona-mein? Mein kya karunga vaha jaakar...Mein nahi aaongi.aur kon kon jaa rahehe vaha...BANGKOK!!!
Baba-sab log except elena ...aur Vanshika Ishani aur Ranveer bhi hena tumare saath
Sona-sab log !!!! Teekh hai teekh hai tum log vaha jao aur Mein yaha enjoy karungi.
(Asha comes in and asked sona what happened)
Asha-ki olo sona tumari bava be kya kaha?
(Sona tells everything)
Asha-Bangkok teekh hai Mein bhi help karungi packing karne keliye
(The night goes on packing )
Sona-Bye Ma baba aur bhaiya ..aur dadi aapki dyan rakhega jaroor aur junk food tho bilkul mana hai aur...
All-teekh hai baba kk Kk
Sona -ok Bai
They leave ..
Sona then gets ready to go to Dixit house....
Dixit household-
Ishwari-ache kichu Dev ke room ke paas paani gira hai ja kar clean karle
Kichu-teekh hai maji
Simoltaneously Sona is walking towards deva room with Ishwari eeekly report in hand she is reading it and did not see the water. Dev Is also coming out the room and ............,

Sona slips and falls

But our hero Dev catches her with one and holding the wrist and the other one the hip......they hardly have inches of gap between them......
They have an intense eye lock but there USB someone or the other to break up the romantic scenes
None other than kichu bhaiya
He has come to clean the floor?☹️?
Kichu - dr di!!
He was walking on the steps and luckily dint see them
Love birds break their eye lock and get a little bit embarrassed coz they shared an eye lock for more than 30 seconds.
The day goes off in a daily routine but this time our Dev is actually thinking about Sona without doing his work(bhaisab romantic moments huh)
In the evening almost 7:00
Sona finished all her work and is waiting for Ranveer to come
Dev is in the garden(here you can see everything that is happening in the car parking space)suddenly Sona gets a message from Ranveer telling that he is out .
Sona -aagayi.…kith..Na late Kartha hai ye
Sona goes out and punches Ranveer in a friendly manner
Ranveer-half an hour hi tho late aaya tha!! Ouch
Sona -Lagi kya ..sorry (and she gets a little tensed seeing ranveers actions but he was Acting)
Ranveer -ab tho Mein gaya Ab to hospital Mein 10 din keliye tho rehnahi padega.....kith strong ho yaar thum
Sona- joke math kar...stupid
Sona hugs him In a friendly manner
But mr Dev Dixit is getting jealous here

Ab tho jealousy ki saath hi end karna padega...

Precap-no idea but will submit the article soon

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Thnxs a lot Maleeha
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Guys plzs can anyone tell me hw did i finish my 5th episode plzs plzs because i am nt getting good network ovr here....and need (See more) to post the nxt one also....so if anyone helps me then it vil be easy fr me to post .......and plzs dont tell me the precap i know the precap plzs tell me wht did i write before my precap
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u stopped before...when nikki got passed and sona aksed for party...
V.V.harshita just joined the site. Check out their profile.
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Hey dear welcome to tu

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