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Crazy about ishkara ? Love to travel and totally crazy?
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Ishana character will be back
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Liya ???Good newsss
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Hey ,?
I am big fan of ur writing dear,u r so good in it.??
Hey I need a help can u plz tell me how I (See more) can provide the link of my episode ???actually my 1,2,3,4,5episode r in activity what should I do ...????
Sorry if I am troubling u .I thought u will help me .
By the way I am ruhi ..
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Hey khushi??
Ya i was trying to post my ff on the main wall but its not happening.
Plz tell what should I do???
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Khushi Ya sure i will tell listen on the top of this page u will c the menu hey waig i will PM u wait
Episode 5

Om was shock at first , he was not able to belive that her life her love was in front of her after (See more) one blo*dy year .

Om- ishana !
Ishana -om .

Om without wasting time he asked her ,r u k ?
R u hurt ? Plz tell if any thing is serious I will take u to hospital (but ishana was all quit as she never expected to meet om again ) om again ask her r u k ishana .

Ishana -ya I am k sir, sorry I was not in my sense .

Om -at aback listening the word sir from ishana .

Ishana -sorry I wasted ur precision time saying dis ishana start walking towards her home and than suddenly ,om : hold her hand and said ishana kya hua hai why r u behaving like u don't know me I am ur om ishana ur omkara .

Ishana -(who was already in so much tension as her dad was missing)replied listen mr I don't know u ,u r nothing to me so plz and thanks for u help I am k I can walk .

Om was going say something when his phone ring .
It was shivaay

He picked up ...
Hello shivaay bol ,shivaay rohan ka message mila tu kal morning ko aane vala hai .

Om -hai shivaay kal nahi now will come back with my life .

Shivaay -life ?what r u saying

Om -shivaay my ishana is in front of me ( while saying he turn to see ishana but she already left when he was busy with shivaay )

Shivaay -Was happy to listen that and suddenly phone get cut .

Om - search for ishana but all in vain .

Om asked rohan that search for that girl now I want her address with in a hour go .

Rohan never saw om like dis before so without saying anything he start his work .

#Omkara hotel room..

Om was very much hurt with ishana behavior and more than that he was angry that he lost her again but om said ki I will find u ishana .

#Ishaana house

Some how she reached her home and called her sister .

Ishana -choti choti kha hai tu .

Choti - (di ap kha thi) I was waiting for u .

Ishana-dad kha hai mila ???

Choti pointed to the corner of the room where her dad was lying like a dead man .

Choti -di landlord called me for rent ,I said ki thora time de .

Ishana -hmm good chotii &asked her tuna dinner kiya ??

Chotii -nahi didi without u dinner that is impossible .

Chalo sath mei khate hai ishana nodded in yes .After dinner choti asked her about hall ishana get tensed and said nahi choti koi or hall dekhna hoga .

Per didi apki exhibition next week hai kase hoga sab or ghar mei khana bhi khatam hona, ko hai.

Ishana -was not listening to her sister as she was recalling the incident happened outside the hall (ishana in her mind q om q kiya tumna )chotii ishana di .
R u listening to me where r u lost ishana said nothing soja tu raat ho gyi hai .

Chotii - k di .(good night)

After some time when her sister was in deep sleep ishana thought to go out and talk to her friend about a hall as her friend work in a call center night shift so she left .

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Aiswarya My guess was correct ? nice episode
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Ruhirachel Hmm ur guess was correct &thanks
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Ruhirachel Hey can u plz tell how can i upload my ff in mean wall ???
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Madeha124567 Nice episode
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Episode 4

Om turn to look around ,but suddenly a man came their and said hello mr omkara nice to meet u we r gald to (See more) see that u came here In such a short time hello I am mr gupta .(gupta company a ceo )

OM - hello mr gupta nice to meet u and I must say udaipur is a beautiful place .

Mr gupta -hmm udaipur is a beautiful place .

Hall entrance .....

Girl - kaha hai mera bag let see .when girl was searching the bag
Mr singh saw here and said oh so finally u realized ur mistake .

Mr singh -chalo ab sorry bolo or leave ,I have no time to waste.

Girl - laughed and said sorry my foot, I will like to die but I will not say sorry to u. but I must say u r a nice comedian .

Mr singh give a angry look and said u cheap middle class girls how dare u talk to me like dis .what u want and y the hell u r here .

Girl-mind ur language mr singh I forgot my bag here .

Mr singh -oh so that bag is yours I was right ,mr singh called a maid and said return her garbage to her .

Maid give her bag to her .

Girl - give a disgusting look to mr singh and left .

After an hour
Inside the hall meeting was over..

Mr gupta - so mr omkara what u say about our deal .

Om- ya mr gupta ur presentation us good I am impress.

Mr gupta- so deal is on ???

Om -ya

Mr gupta- ok mr omkara I will send all the detail regarding the deal ,now I take a leave .


Om's manager (rohan)

Sir chopper is ready we can leave now .

Om- no rohan we r not leaving now I want see udaipur we will leave tomorrow morning .

Rohan -k sir.

On road OUTSIDE the hall

Girl phone start ringing .

Girl- on phone ha chotii bol kya hua ,didi dad is missing and he is drunk too pata nahi kha hai plz come fast .

Girl -ufff dad kha ho ,last time jab dad ghar se gya tha unka accident ho gya tha oh god plz look after my dad .(girl.was tensed ki she start running just to reach home fast )while running she was not looking here or there just running and suddenly she get hit by a car.

Car driver sir koi ladki samne aa gyi.

Om -kya! he came out of the car to help that girl ,om mam r u k ???

Girl was looking down and said yes and turn to see .(SCREEN FREEZE)

Who is that girl ??
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Episode 3

Somewhere in...

Shilpgram ,udaipur, Rajasthan

A girl is shouting at a man
How can u do dis to me I trusted u plz I (See more) need that hall plz ,understand my problem

Man-sorry first u have to pay the money than only I can give the hall to u.

Girl -But u said ki u will give the hall and after that u will charge money and I have give u 20,000 advance na than .

Man -ya but the charge is 80,000 u know that and its a famous hall not a ordinary hall k and I know u girls first they will take the hall and than not paying the right amount u people ran away and specially u and ur family a I know ur dad is drunker man ,who never keeps his promise.

Girl -mind ur language mr singh I respect u as ur my mom friend but that doesn't mean I will tolerate anything u say a out my dad and family I don't need u hall keep ur hall with u and plz give my 20,000back to me.

Mr singh-what money u dad had take 15,000from me and rest 5000 is spended on hall decoration so plz leave here is nothing left for u .

Girl-u blood rascal (the girl hold his coller) I will not leave u .

Man -leave me or I will call the security .

Girl - just remember one day dis hall will be mine u rascal.


Om was checking all the detail about the meeting and the company.

Sir we will reached the hall with in 10min .

Om-k I will be ready ,om asked man where is dis meeting ?

Man- sir its a very big hall celebrity and business class people book dis hall for party and marriages ,meeting u will like it sir .

Om -k that mean I can do my exhibition too .

Man- yes sir for sure (they both smile )

OUTSIDE the hall

The girl was very upset and she was thing now what should I do honesty life is not easy to lives being honest to people is good but that singh is such a ruscal I will not live him .

All of the sudden she remember
Girl - aree mera bag kha hai .
I think maybe hall mei hoga .

Otherside the hall om chopper landed .

Welcome sir,( mr singh)said with a simle mr ghupta is waitting for u .

Om-k lets go ,and suddenly om saw a bag lying on the floor om felt ki dis bag is very familiar and om picked it up .

Mr singh- recognize that dis bag is of that low middle class girl he took that bag from om and said sir I will take care of dis u plz don't waste ur time in dis ur time is precious .

Om-With a smile say in dis world every person time is precious .

Om's manger sir lets go we are getting late .

Om -nodded

Just then that girl entered the hall for her bag and suddenly om felt his heart and his love is near him .

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Aiswarya Awesome episode yar ? that girl is ishu na
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Hi...nice to see you...can we be friends?
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Waiting for next part....
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Ruhirachel Hey if u have any issues than plz tell
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No dear..I love this ff
Hello friends I just to make some thing clear .
In my ff om is a professional artist with his own art gallery around the world (See more) he is very famous and people like his status and painting .
And also,
Om and shivaay together handle oberoi business .

Episode 2
Omkara room

Om was ready to leave for his work,suddenly he take out a frame which contains ishana pic and he say
Har subah aapko salam de,
Har phul aapko muskan de,
Hum duwa karte hi ki,
Khuda aapko nay a aasman de .
Good morning ishaana 🙂

Dinning room
Breakfast table tej and shivaay was talking some thing about the new deal which is very important for the company but they both were looking upset .
Om-whats up shivaay u look upset all good ??

Shivaay-no om we got a contract .

Om-so thats a good new y u r so tensed .

Tej -om beta actually the deal is for today only if we can have a meeting today only than we will get dis contract, but unfortunately I have a flight I have some important work so I am going london and shivaay have to handle some foreign client today.

Om -k no problem I will go.

Shivaay -r u sure om because u had a exhibition tomorrow right .

Om -ya shivaay I have done with it all is set don't worry about it .

Shivaay- k than I will get chopper ready for u .

Om -k but where is dis meeting is ????

Shivaay- Rajasthan (udaipur).

Om -k I will be ready just give the detail regarding the meeting and client .

Shivaay -call someone to bring the detail and tej and shivaay leave .

Om- udaipur

Dadi room

Om entered and take dadi blessings .

Didi -om going somewhere ?.
Om-yes dadi udaipur for a important meeting and I will get some idea for my exhibition too

Dadi - smile and say hmm om I so proud ki u and shivaay r so responsible and honest specially u beta be like dis always k .

Om-yes dadi bye meet u soon take care .

Dadi -my omi is in pain I can see that in his eyes plz god make my om that old om bring her life back .

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PrincessesMadhu Hello Ruhirachel.. Just making do know that you don't upload your ff here right? u upload in submit article section...sorry if u already know...It just seemed like your unsure about it..
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Ruhirachel K thanks
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Ruhirachel Ya I uploaded it in submit article
Hello everyone myself ruhi ?and I am a big fan of ishqbazz specially om and ishana (ishkara)
So I am going to write ff on them (See more) .hope u people will like it and encourage me ?

Characters r all same .
Episode 1

Oberoi mansion
Om room
~YOU are the first and the last thing on my mind each and everyday.
Saying dis words while looking at ishana pic om started crying he was a broken soul from inside .
Om- plz ishana forgive me plz come back to me ur om is dying plz ishana .

Rudra and shivaay entered om room and saw him lying down and crying like a mad person who lost his previous thing seeing om in dis conditions shivaay run over their and picked om up and console him

Shivaay -om plz control ur self just look at u kya haal bana liya hai tuna control

Om-shivaay how can I control my self when my heart is lost my ishu is not with me and I incomplete without her .

Shivaay - I can understand om ur feeling ur emotions

Om - with lot of anger in his eye shouted

How u can understand me haaa
How because ur r the one who separated us shivaay u are the one who always see class in every thing remember because of dis class u portrayed ishaana a bad girl infront of me remember shivaay.

Ishaana was a con girl she use rich boys for money and play with their hearts but when she came across omkara she unfortunately fall in love with him but shivaay protective nature towards his brothers make shivaay to do a full research work on ishaana and her family and when he came to know that ishaana is a con so he planned some thing .
(I will reveal it later)

Om -remember now

Shivaay -om I know that was my fault I don't know that she rely love u or u love her plz om I sad sorry for that mistake many times
Even after that I searched her a lot to but all in vain I got nothing about her location .

Om-its k shivaay no worry I will search her till my last breath and I am sorry I shouted on u whatever u did u did for my good .they hugged

Rudra - hello I am also here where is my hug he also joined them .DON'T worry bro ishu di will soon with u .

Om- hope so

Guyzz plz comment and tell how was it .
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Amazing...ishkara my favourite..plz continue...
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