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hey guyzz….
firstly i would appreciate all ff writers…they do such a outstanding jobs by entertainig us with there wonderful plot specially sindhuja,deepa,sree harini,vini di,quenny.neha,angel,sindhu,ck1234,adhiti,aruna,aishu,soundarya..THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR USING YOUR CREATIVITY FOR US!!!!
guyzz dont you think the track of swaragini is as boring as other shows…all common drama…with creating nuisance and attracting us..making dead people alive..potraying psycics like uravashi mausi…always doing tantrums of janki di n all
now die hard fans os swaragini would be knowing about ghost entry…what is this shit…why do they show things which are time wasting ans baseless
they first ruin the tittle os showing swara the mahaan…n potraying ragini with negativity..

second, when tejaswi left the show…n seeing veiwers threaten to boycott the show if she wouldnt be there…they are turning lakshya negative…now after using rags..he will use her to seprate shoe…dont you think its contradictory that first he will try to forget swara now ruining her love story.why are they showing baseless things??
why cant they show stories like our ff…which are truly a lot better than these things which they show…alwayzz showing family is fighting…marriage n divorce n making fun of relations…
they indeed would’nt have a bad itension..but its true media n cinema plays a great impact on society!!!they spread bad views among us…

it”s us whom should understand that its better not to watch stupid serialss and should reminsce ourselves with something good and worthwatching
today these show have lost magic which indian daily had??
they are showing things which are ill logical and irrevelant
n guyzz this swaragini is just a show why shouls we fight for pairs…
ragsan fans commenting its swasan fan ff so this is my last comment n byee…this is something which is very rude

we should appreciate the one who are penning their imaginations to recreate us..
its a request to all swasan,raglak.ragsan, not to be rude and njoy what these writers are doing for us and appreciate us
though i am a swasan fan but i like swalak ang ragsan ff too!!!!
so guyzz,
would you accept laksh being negative??’
ragini too suicide??
swara being more mahhan??
dadi being a grey shade character??
urvashi n kavita joining hands against swasan??
ragini to be out of mm??
swasan seperated??
urvashi tantrums about janki??
lastly raglak seperation??

guyss plzz tell your opinion??and do comment
coz i had decided to boycott this show after showing all nuisance….

Credit to: Shonali

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  1. Don’t u think u should have told these stuff in any comment instead of making it like a boring story

  2. Im in. I stick to ff only. This serial is jst a time waste nw.

  3. Varsha Darshini

    I accept Shonali, even I m goin to read only ff thn real track. Evn in MATSH its goin to b blck magic show. Evrythn is wast of tim n money. Writers jus play with emotions of audience.

  4. U r right shonali, u know what they show something in beginning and something afterwards, i just hate that crap track in swaragini

  5. I stick 2 ur comments shonali the writers should take this to consideration and make us happy by providing a gud show

  6. Lakshya is testing ragini by saying that u(ragini) should keep witness sign on swara n sanskar divorce papers. If she signs it means that she didn’t change. She is the same selfish ladki…If she doesn’t she changed.Lets c wht happens…

  7. i agree but boycott show is not necesary..
    n ff writers doing great job.. i like swalak swasan ragsan raglak ff… i have no problem with pairs in ff…
    but just we cant take it in cvs in serial swasan seperates no wonder..
    but if they make ragini suicide or end ber role then we surely boycott…

  8. Why all of you swara as mahan yr nd really saying its not useless show its my favourite show I only watch this show now before swaragini I watch many daily soaps but now I only watch swaragini only nd yr ff r gud but if their story will be on TV its trp will become low I m not being rude or saying ff r worst I m thanking all the ff writers their ff r awesome they r using their brains nd maing our day by their ff but if it will be TV may be youth will watch it but what about old peoples mom dad because after returning from office or after doing households works many family used to watch the show only for entertainment nd they will watch if it become youth show……if you think from writers point of view they r right because they r only showing what peoples like if they will unite swasan nd raglak nd not bring any negativity then the show will go flop nd no one will watch….that’s why the writers r making ràgini negative because people r living her in negative role nd guys it’s they work they r earning by this if they will not do this from where they will earn…what will they eat its only their job guys so don’t bash writers or directors
    Nd ya if you have noticed all youth show does not be last long because the youth have no time to watch all r busy with those careers nd studies nd apart from youth mom dad Bhabhi nd all people doesn’t like youth show that’s why this drama is needed nd guys may be we r not liking the plot even I don’t like massi but then also many people like this negativity swasan nd raglak in negative role who r not connect to internet don’t know how to to use it even there r many example in your home or society only so don’t bash anybody I only like swasan or swalak
    So plz don’t use swara as mahan nd all guys try to see from all point of view
    I m not ragsan fan even I don’t like them but I m not stopping any body from writing ff on them….but I have a question from all of you

    Will you pair uttara nd sanskar in any ff
    I know the awnser will be no because in serial they r bro nd sis….so why r u pairing ràgini nd sanskar because in serial ràgini has callen sanskar bhaiya if you guys remember after swasan marriage
    I m not against any ragsan fan but why according to this rag nd sans r bro nd sis like uttra nd sanskar

    1. Wow anu said wat I feel…agreed wid u..last para exactly same today I commented on some other analysis against swasan Ff.

    2. I completely agree with you…

    3. ?????? Awesome anu. Really awesomeeeee ????? after reading i thought of commenting the same thing. Well said. This what I thought of saying. I really don’t understand why all r calling tis a useless worst show. B4 swaragini i used 2 watch matsh, kkb rarely. Bt after seeing swaragini i completely lost interest in matsh kkb. Matsh , divorce marg misunderstanding divorce marg is in loop. Kkb same track since last yr. I really don’t know what all c bad in swaragini. V can make big list of many twist nd new tracks since d show started. I agree ff writers are doing really a gr8 job. Such a creativity. Hats off to them. But what is wrong in the show. I too don’t like black magic track. If u note down spoilers nd serial continously it is very clear urvashi nd kavita are behind this. Anu said it right. Elders are also watching. Tey don’t use net nd all. Only a serial with different tracks like negativity, love, romance can attract all kind of ppl. Eg. SSK, Naagin. Do v like ssk bt how is it in top 3 always. Ppl have different taste. A serial should have negative character right. If it is only romance, love and family bonding it will get bored soon. They need all kind of audience. If they only take for youth ppl, tey ll see it in net only. Trp won’t b high 4 them. They can’t earn income. I saw many many saying they watch Swaragini only in net. SwaSan RagLak fans too even though ter r good scenes. They have to make serial wch attracts ppl of varying age. Youth don’t like ssk bt family audience make it to be top. My view is swaragini is far farrrrrrrrrrrr far better than all shows. In my point of view swaragini is the besttttttt show forever. It was, it is and it will be. And read the spoilers very well guyz. Swara is saving ragini from committing suicide nd teju doesn’t quit d show. Ragini is turning positive. Title name itself swaragini. How u think tey ll kill ragini character. Laksh is not negative to all bt only to ragini. He will soon repent. SwaSan are going to get married bt after so many problems. It is actually interesting. Tis is just my opinion.

      1. I agree with u all. U r absolutely right.

  9. I always felt ragini and sanskar is like brother and sis…and I asked d same thing can they pair uttara and sanskar..
    And am also not against rgsan Ff..writers of Ff have their on creativity. I have no objection about swalak pair..but dey want ragsan as pair in serial..I don’t know

  10. I absolutely agree with u shonali. My point exactly. Cvs are makinh the show so boring and showing swara has mahan

  11. I don’t think swaragini is useless but surely I can tell this show is polishing skills of so many young writers. In a fact I started watching this serial after ragini got married to laksh. I continued till her truth got exposed but I was felt bored when ragini turns fully negative. I stopped watching serial. Unfortunately I came to know about ffs. I got the idea that why can’t I try something new. so I just admitted some of my ideas and I came to know how to make readers curious to read ff after completing my ff. After writing ff I came to know that the writers need more courage to express their views such away that they should attract the viewers. It is easy to write a ff of 50 or 100 episodes with interesting content but it is very tough to write a story for years. so they do some experiments but I reality it doesn’t work well in most of cases. the writers should take care of story with perfect logic..
    guys may I tell one more interesting point. here as of now I have seen all like ffs because they are short content based. is my personal experience. sorry if hurt anyone unknowingly. This is entirely my opinion. I think I have a right to express my views.

  12. I’m not supporting anyone. I’m trying to tell you is , do what ever you want. If you like the serial follow it. If like ff then read it. After all we watch serials to get fresh up from our tensions and burdens. so do what makes you happy. just forget remaining all.

  13. Thank you so much shonali for mentioning me. I’m very much glad that u like my ff. Thanks alot dear…

  14. I agree with anu
    seriously what u wrote is very practical
    this show is not that bad as it is being criticised

  15. I also agree with anu and this only 4 entertainment n u all knw what ur hating bad character s mean ur the one giving them ideas.bcoz they wnt their serial popular by ppl whose doing discuss abt what they r showing.if u wnt this vamp thing get end dont tlk abt that so then.
    these serial ppl do smthing nw 4 da serial n we cn enjoy.
    Our ff writers r vry good they r doing great job.

  16. exactly anu.. I hav same thought like urs…. if rag is negative then ppl says that cvs unjustifies her character but when swara is positive then ppl saying that swara is mahan (hate those ppl who address swara as mahan).. at that time cvs dont do anything right.. just swara comes on set, she writes her own character, her own dialouges and acts it.. but I nvr complement anyone abt this.. saying let them say, as their own views.. and abt rag, plz viewres, start to watch sr frm 30 epis, there r In youtubes.. and look how devil she is….

    and last paragraph of urs stole mine hrt… though these r only ff. but it too based of swaragini’s characters… how can we think sanskaar and uttara as we cannt think prem wid roli and simar wid sid. as I knw roli was frst married to prem… I ignore that ff, (ragsan) but nvr cmnted like u do this.. make this pairs but ppl r doing such in swasan ff… leaving ur ff due to u made swasan.. arey baba, swasan sang itni hain toh why dont they write their own ff….

    like u I only watch sr.. anyhow I seperate time from my schedule but watch it.. and I hav no any ideas for other’s…

    1. and abt serial, it needs twist and turns, always romance is kwn to be toxin for trp.. and it ends so fast like ff ends on widin 40 epis…

  17. Thank you guys you have understood my feelings…..everytime I don’t comment so mch but today I pissed up always bashing nd commenting swara as mahan CVS ko abuse krna are yr woh sirf apna kaam kar rhe h ab kya unki jaan loge bilkul Hi……guys tell me from your heart if swara has not sacrifice laksh for rags or if she will not support rags in her hard time then it will look gud? You people will satisfied who say swara as mahan? The awnser is no u will again bash her that swara is so selfish…..she doesn’t deserve anybody love she is worst sister nd blah blah blah……so my question is what should swara do know? Because in both cases all r blaming her……now tell me your opinion guys nd if you don’t have awnser then will all r calling swara as mahan nd all…….guys she is not at all mahan but the thing is this she love her sister, her family,her husband a lot….she can do anything for them actually for their happiness….guys if she feel sanky nd kavita love each other nd she will sacrifice her love for sanky’s happiness then you all will address her as mahan but she is not mahan she is only doing this because she feels sanky will love kavita nd they both will be happy together nd her happiness lies in sanskar’s happiness
    But if she feels sanky love kavita nd doesn’t leave him then again you all will say swara is selfish she is becoming negative I hate her nd again you will bash writers nd cvs nd swara that they r spoiling swara’s character…..why you all always bash
    The people who r calling swara as mahan give me the awnser what should swara do

    Nd one more important thing plzz guys stop bashing ,stop bashing writers nd actors stop it plzz its a humble request if you don’t like any post or ff then simply ignore it swasan fan don’t read ragsan ff…swalak fans don’t read swasan ff its OK but why you all say we will not read this ff because its swalak or swasan
    Nd many say its the worst ff so plz kindly stop using these words plzz its a request encourage ff writers don’t discourage them if you like any ff simply ignore it or there is no need to comment plz
    Nd I m not at all harsh to anybody soory if anybody is hurt by my post

  18. I quite agree with u Shonali.. but dn calk d shw baseless… or useless… ya shown such blck magicwala tracks in such a shw is lk dy r deviating frm d actual paths.. but i think d writers wanna drag d shw… dey hv to.. actualy as i think… dy will mk ragini good thru ds track’s end.. by d influence of swara… bt dey sud hv thought of ds kinda plot bfr penning dem n enacting dat… nw suddenly dey cnt jz chnge d current going… hnc probably dy hv found a way.. dy too knw fans demand bt dy cnt mk evryone happy…i jz hp dey dn drag ds plot too bogusly lk SSK n QH… bt i still feel our daily soaps need a major change… dey r changing bt an earnst one is reqd.. serials musn b based to mk d society prcv wrong ideals bcz society truly dpnd on dese shws.. n we ppl sud rspct deir dcsns evn if we dn lk dat.. n hope dey get d best out of all dese bogusness n return back to SWARAGINI track which is above all love n odr tracks as per d shw… den ds shw cn gain heights.. bcz nwadys ppl dn hv strong relations.. if dy cn shw hw strong a sistrly relation cn b… mindset of d society cn chnge n ds shw will b a part if it.. dat wl b the maker’s most precious achievemnt…isnt it?? I hope u r nt hurt…

  19. nooooooooo I can’t see all this drama I want swasan united not seperated ….I want swaragini to be together forever….. I want raglak too…..n I also want this cavity n jiiji ki bhaina to be kicked out of the show….plzzzzz writer plZzzzz now its too much plzzzzz we don’t want any ghosts and we can’t tolerate this superstitious things n if u will do this then we have no other option than to leave the show……

  20. Anu great job…i cmpltly agree wid u..

    Arree yaarrr kya swara mahan swara mahan aiso bolti rhti ho ha…sach me aaj mera tmpr kuch jyada hi ho gaya h teh dkh kar

    Lool dhyan se suno…agar 2m logo ko swasan ff achi nhi lgti toh mat pdho guyx…jisko jo v pair psnd h khud lkho guyx…

    N swara Q Mahan h socha h kvi…Anu ne jo questn kya h socho ek baar..kya aisi tym wste krke bada stry bna rhi ho

    Aaakhir prblm kya h guyzz…swara ne rags se jyada scrfce kya h…q ki wo bure nhi h…stp it guyz…baccho ki tara ragsan ff km h,swasan ye wo,swara mahan yeh sb khna chhod do…shanti c jisko jo v ff acche lge pdho …aur apn zindagi mast me jio…yeh sirf ek srl n ff h..

  21. Hey!! Anu…I partially agree with you but not fully. . ..while I’m not bashing any of writers n actors but my point I am fed of this boring plot.. Srsly it was as same as uttaran too. . I demanded for something new..and have u ever watched eng shows?? I don’t think they keep a villian for trp but can top the level by showing something new and logical.. I hope at this moment u won’t think about black magic and ghost.. OK I agree with yr swara point but can anyone stoop se low to kill her half-sister?? How can a dadi send her daughter on bad path?? This is really illogical. It’s demonstrating family is fighting within themselves… Is it good?? I don’t all I’m not bashing but yaa fed of the same track. N rest if we would be at their place we can’t even make a show..but dragging story isn’t a good idea….n villian is not compulsory in every successful story…it should be new and which can attract viewers in my opinion.

  22. Hey! I totaly agree with u.I am also very upset with upcoming track what the hell they are making of this show.How awesome was swasan&raglak sweet moments &Swasan filmy romance.And wat a fuss they are making with seprating the pairs.I hate it.

  23. first off all awesome tittle swaragini should change to useless show and agreed with your view the writers have turned into psycho writing as you know in india a seriel isn’t known by it’s story (itna karo na mujhe pyaar, dil ki batein dil hi jaane ) but by the count of it’s episodes (balika vadhu, sath nibhana sathiya)the serials celebrating 1500 1600 epis hence stretching a story like a rubber band is in the blood of our indian dramas , just wish sumtimes they could have just cent percent of the writing sense as ff writers the drama world would have been a seriously different world!!!!

  24. i agree with anu and tara…ragsan and swalak pair does not really look good. but confusion is that when swalak marriage was about to happen pandit ji said that all 25 qualities maybe match each other…now pandit ji says that swasa kundli is perfect…swasan as example…sanskar was negative..swara changed him…etc…suppose ragsan is taken both ragini and sanskar were negative suppose swara had never changed sanskar and ragsan was paired then they would have paired up and always tried too break swasan….for a marriage to be perfect the qualities should be as below-
    it is not compulsory that both couples have love marriage…maybe laksh will really fall in love with ragini and that will change her…maybe after raglak pair bond is secure and after urvashi goes and no negative impact on ragini maybe she will really turn positive…and the show will be meaningful…they will again become swaragini. As for swasan wearing white clothes….ragini has 50 percent chance of not dying…as the name of the soap is swaragini if ragini dies the serial will come to an end. i have read in forum and even on tellychakkar that there is a possibility of sharmishta dying…

  25. hey shonali..can u tell me what stories are written by sree and deepa…iam reading all others stories u have mentioned but not these both

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