You are Useless! OS….KKB


Still not home? Mama ask papa to come home soon na!

Arey shreya! listen he got some work he will be back before 12 00 am, and yeah like a good girl go and sleep, it’s already 10 00 pm, go go fast!

Okay fuggy! said sherya!

Don’t you call me by that name! understood said pragya!

But when papa calls you fuggy, you actually smile! said shreya!

No more arguments! go and sleep! said pragya

Okay I will go but you should also come, you are always working like 24 by 7! take some rest! said shreya

You know na shreya the servants won’t come for 1 week and I have to do this all! I will just sleep after your dad comes! let me cook something for him as because of these household works i haven’t cooked his favorite dish which he aksed me!

No excuses mama! take some rest! come with me saying this Shreya forced pragya to come with her!

It was 11 30, abhi was back home, he entered the room and saw shreya in pragya’s lap, he said pragya seriously I m very hungry, come just bring the food!

okay Wait for 15 mins I will cook something for you! saying this pragya carefully placed shreya’s head at pillow!

What? still you haven’t cooked anything? pragya? what you do whole day? nothing na? even then you can’t cook on time! Seriously you are useless! you do nothing whole day and even can’t cook food?

Abhi was talking so loudly that shreya got up she rubbed her eyes and said

Papa why arr you shouting over mama? she never takes rest and always is busy in household works!

Will you please stop it shreya, just sleep now! and pragya don’t cook anything i m fine! I will just change my dress and sleep! sara din kaam karo or ghar aao toh khana bhi na milay! whole day we have to work and when we are back to home we can’t even have food! saying this abhi left to change clothes!

pragya didn’t uttered a single word!
she just said shreya be a good girl and sleep!

Mama i have idea! said shreya!

Shreya explains

Pragya says arey waah my intelligent girl so Mission Useless starts tomorrow!

It was next day!

As usual abhi was back home but this time when he entered house it was not less than a mess! he said pragya! but there was no response just then he went in kitchen ,all utensils were at wrong places ! he again said pragya! he came in tv hall, TV was on and no one was watching it, abhi switched it off and said pragyaaaaaaaaa! but again there was no response this made abhi tensed! he ran towards room, he opened door and shouted Pragyaaaa! but to his surprise pragya was resting at bed and was using her mobile!

Abhi: pragya what’s all this?

pragya while using mobile said you previous day said na what i do whole day? so today i didn’t did anything! You said na i m useless! so today i seriously am useless because i was free whole day!

This made abhi guilty!

Pragya: No need to say Sorry! if you guys work outside the house we work inside the housr that’s why you find it as house or else you would always find it as a mess!

Shreya came from back and said Mission completed and yes papa don’t you ever dare to say mama useless, if she stops doing everything na that day you will be useless!

Pragya laughed and hugged shreya tightly!


okay guys i don’t know how you found this OS but through this I just wanna say That i have always heard that if a girl is housewife everyone thinks she is useless, she doesn’t does anything whole day except of resting and that’s really wrong thinking! without our MOMS we all are useless! so guys do comment……

Reshma: I m not surbhi, thanks for the guess…..

Sarnaya: I m not Maya!

Maahi: Seriously sorry but i m not maya!

Guys I already said I m not new and don’t guess me once i will feel easy i will reveal my name! Thanks ?

Credit to: Secret

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  1. awesome you are somiya right

  2. sory if i am wrong

  3. Good msg pa.superb:)

  4. This was Amazing !!! U updates are very well written. If u reveal your identity I would be very happy !! Whoever you r U r a Talented Writer and I truly appreciate your thoughts !!
    And do think abt revealing your name as I am waiting to know who This Wonderful Writer is ?? And I loved Both your OS ! Keep Writing !!!

  5. Awesome yaar really superb n short n sweet OS yaar

  6. Awesome and your right without moms we are nothing

  7. it means u will.not leave so eaisily na u have swaered to kill me and u r doing so ??? well this was awwwwweeeesssssooooommmmmeeeeee iska jawaab nahi bilkul nahi ???? and yes every time ur os reminds me of some special stories and this time also did so and this reminded me story amstaradam lolz great story ??? I will tell u for sure some day but not now well take this till then ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. Reveal the secret of urs if not Maya will do some maya (magic) to reveal u haha??? btw the epi was awesomely awesome?????and of course i totally agree to ur point!! ?????

  9. Nicely done…. This OS sends a very powerful message….. Housewives never get the credit they truly deserve… Hats off to you, “Secret”… Well done!

  10. Awesome yaar but tis s not fair yaar pls reveal whom u are☺

  11. Awesome. I completely agree with you…

  12. hey awesome. 100% u r somiya right.

  13. heyyy yaar plzzzzz dont say srry actually I wanna b srry bcoz I may hv hurt u at any point sooo srry tht but wat to do my girl , my IB her craziness drove much lyk tht her love makes me crazy soo I thought it was she but wanna admittt tht the previous OS WAS heart touching nd yaa diz one is also awesome yaa its true tht women shld nvr mentioned as useless bcoz a man can make house but nly a woman can make home thnx fr precious msg nd hatts off to ur dizz thought who ever u may b but seriously I am ur fan nw

  14. Reshma Pradeep

    AWESOME……..I liked the Concept very much…….Superbbbbbbbbb…….. & Now No more guesses……Thume jab teek lage…….Tab Bataana…….

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