useless indian drama series

well i know this isn’t none of my business but i’m truly frustrated by the ongoing tracks of the series swaragini, sns , ssk i mean writers comeon get a life

well viewers are truly aware what i’m talking about but still let me start from the mahaan show of the era sath nibhana sathiya the bahu gopi and her saas koki what a jodi but little do they know it’s so frustrating there’s no such adarshwadi bholi bhaali bahu existing in the world i guess but forget it let the bygones be bygones but then they give us another reason to be even more frustrated the dharam meera love story for a girl who thought shravan who was just of her age as boring and whatnot fell in love with that buddha dharam (sorry if i hurt anyone’s feeling but srsly)girl don’t you have a sense of choice ?? comeon forget abt hat too now the spoilers show that kokila in the current track is a fakeone well thats truly a viola which truly proves the saying mele my khoye huye behene that too judwa!

then lets come too sasural simar which one’s became sasural nagin ka then dayan ka and now it’s devika ka well i guess the writers seriously think we live in a world of fictions and fantasys but wait do they little know that our fanfiction writers thats a fiction writing is lot lot i mean i can’t express how much better they are it’s truly the fiction writers that our keeping us connected to the serials that we watched ones that were our favourites have now become nothing but just a boring stretching rubber band series

well talking of favourites my most favourite nes and i guess a series thats been mostly loved by everyone our swaragini which has now become just nothing but useless!!

at the start swara a modern and bubbly girl ragini a sweet and bechari girl their bonding which united their family but then enter our hero lucky and the two sisters fall in love with the same guy okk fine adapted that too then sanky’s entry swalak luv story rags realization about swalak had lots of hope for ragsan /sangini but all flown rather flushed down when they turned a sister killer of her own sister y???? can’t the writers and diretors just can’t bare with the viewers happiness!! then the return of her from death

hope for raglak and swasan and then when rags was exposed swaragini’s convo in the baadi and all viewers happy for swaragini again a new drama then again lucky becoming negative then when the serial was just short of villains they bring kavita from the dead uvrashi from i guess i spelled her wrong well she deserves it :p and now i guess they’ll bring janki and then then spoilers saying sumi’s gonna die may be in future when everything will go right they’ll bring sumi’s atma and her sister or brother from somewhere becaus as i said earlier the writers just can’t bare with the viewers happiness !! lol i still feel like a fool watching the series but god knows y still have a hope that swaragini will be back happily ever after maybe not but atleast unite the sisters please i wish just wish if the fanfictions had chance to be played on the tv i bet noone would ever lose the interest on the serials truly guys you do an awesome job guys 😉 keep writing

i know this was a too much but when saw others writing their opinions just thought to give mine too bare with this and suggest u’re views and opinion in the comment section

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  1. vinuthna reddy

    Yes u r absolutely right

  2. And all shows r from rashmi sharma te le films

    Dhoom dhoom tan a na na dhoom and koki and bewakoof gopi r d most irritating things of saathiya

  3. Really…!! Every Fan fiction writer are awesome than serial writers,I wish their could be a channel where ff gets chance to air..!! I’m sure trp will beat others, I would have done that if I had money…!! Lol….!!!

  4. Ya rite,,,and- *the leaps and separation in MATSH(dnt knw wats current track ) can’t Ishani and Ranvi fight prblms together,,why are they always separated-,
    **-unbeatable Dadi in Suhani si ek ladki ,who always creates prblms and no one cares..She is giving me so much negative energy
    **..mahan Thapki in thapki pyar ki whose trying to save her evil maa and shradha by sacrificing herself-
    They are all getting on my nerves

  5. U r right unknown I totally agree with you

  6. I 100% agree with you unknown

  7. 100% right l completely agree with you

  8. Sath nibhana sathiya is a bakwas serial.Sasural simar ka Mein sub kuch possible hai.Boh log jorurat padne par bhutt Ki sath par bhi ladai karti hai.Jo Ki impossible.

  9. absolutely write

  10. absouletely right

  11. Well said. SSK survived bcoz of Roli and Siddhant only or else so much bakwass!

  12. Ksm se yr….

  13. U r so true….i mean these serials r truly disgusting…serials like manmarziyaan which entertained the audience r going off air

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