Why only us – Ishana-Omkara-Gauri- few shots (Shot 4)

Ishana–Omkara–Gauri: Why only us? – Shot 4 (Last shot)

Guys, I am really sorry if unknowingly I have hurted any Ishkara or Gaukara fans. I didn’t intend to say that Gauri came between Ishkara or that she isn’t the right one for Om. I also don’t want to say that Ishana came between Gaukara. I really appreciate the wonderful work done by Vrushika as she played Ishana and also the praiseworthy work Shrenu is doing as Gauri, I am sorry if anyone’s feelings were hurt. I hope you like the way I am going to end this part. Please feel free to share your views after you all read the last shot of this series. I am honestly saying I am more of Ishkara fan but that doesn’t imply that I don’t like Gaukara. I have specifically written few things in Hindi to have a certain impact, I am sorry if any of you don’t follow Hindi. I have given English translations also.

Let’s get back to the story,

Om was sitting on the bed, lost in his thoughts when Gauri came,

Gauri: Omkara ji

Om came out of his thoughts,

Omkara: Haa
Gauri: Omkara ji, actually I want to go out to meet one of my friends.
Omkara: You don’t have to ask me, you may go.
Gauri: But there is no car available, will you drop me, please.
Omkara (thinking): She is asking for something for herself for the first time, I should go.
Gauri: Omkara ji, where are you lost?
Omkara: Nowhere, you get ready, I’ll drop you.
Gauri: Thank you so much, Omkara ji, I’ll get ready and come.
Omkara: I’ll be waiting in the car.

They both smiled at each other and share an eye-lock.
(O Saathiya plays in BG)

Gauri smiled and went in and Omkara came down.

Om was waiting in the car, Gauri came after sometime.

Omkara: Chale
Gauri nodded.

Om was bust driving,

Gauri: Omkara ji, may I ask you something?
Omkara: Haa sure.
Gauri: Why were you and Ishana saying sorry to each other that day?

Om looked at Gauri in surprise,

Omkara: Actually….. (Om didn’t know what to tell her)
Gauri: It’s Ok if you don’t want to tell, I can understand.
Omkara: It’s not like that, it’s all just complicated.
Gauri: I can understand, “Kabhi kabhi zindagi humse kya chahti hai, hum samajh hi nahi pate hai. Jab samajh mein aata hai bahut der ho jati hai.” (Sometimes we don’t understand what life wants from us and when we understand it’s too late)

Omkara looked at Gauri in surprise,
Gauri: We have reached. Would you like to meet my friend?
Omkara: Sure.

They both came out of the car and walked to the place, they saw a girl standing there, and she turned around and was shocked to see Omkara, because she was none other than Ishana,
Ishkara looked at Gauri in surprise,

Omkara: Gauri, you said we are here to meet your friend but….
Gauri: She is my friend, right Ishana (Ishana just smiled)
Ishana: Gauri, why have you called me here? (Ishana sensed that if Gauri had come with Om that means she is up to something)
Gauri: I know you both are shocked to see each other. Actually Rudy Bhaiya told me everything about you two and also I heard your conversation yesterday.

Ishkara again looked at Gauri in shock,

Ishana: Gauri, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I am sorry, I shouldn’t have ever met you.
Omkara: Gauri, I didn’t want to make you feel bad, actually…
Gauri: Why are you both saying like this, I am not at all feeling bad or hurt? In fact I am glad I got to know the truth. I got to know it at the correct time, otherwise I would have never known about it.
Ishana: Gauri, you are really nice. Om is really lucky to have you as his life partner.

Omkara looked at Ishana in surprise,

Omkara: Gauri, when you know everything, I also want to tell you one more thing.
Ishana: Om…. (she nodded her head in a NO) please…
Omkara: Ishana, she should know, it’s important for her to know.
Gauri: I know Omkara ji, what will you say?

Ishkara looked at her in surprise,

Gauri: I know Omkara ji, you love Ishana. (Ishkara are shocked)
Ishana: Gauri, I ….
Gauri: It’s Ok, Ishana, you don’t have to explain.
Ishana: No Gauri, I have to otherwise it would be wrong with you and Om, both.

Ishkara share an eye-lock,

Ishana: Gauri, this is true that I love Om a lot, maybe more than anything. He understands me, my pain, he helped me come out from the darkness, and he is the light of my life. I will always love him like this but I also know that you are his wife, and he has some responsibilities towards you, and I don’t wish to come between you two. I have made my heart strong enough to accept the fact that Om will never be mine.
Gauri: I know Ishana, you will never come between us, and I know you wouldn’t do anything that will break our relationship. But I also know one thing that Omkara ji will always love you, whether you are with him or not. And that’s why I want you two to be together always, you both are meant for each other.

Ishkara looked at Gauri in surprise,

Omkara: Thank you so much Gauri, you have always done so much for my family and me. I am really sorry for not trusting you earlier. I am sorry.
Gauri: Omkara ji, please don’t say sorry and there is no need for thank you also. “Hum to isi baat se khush hai ki hum aapki madat kar sake.” (I am glad that I could help you)
Ishana: Gauri, what you are thinking is not possible, I can never be a part of Om’s life.
Omkara: But Ishana…
Ishana: What Om, you don’t have any understanding for her emotions, she has done so much for you and your family and still you don’t understand how much she loves you (Gaukara looked at her in shock) I know Gauri, even you love Om a lot, “Jaise Om ki aankhon mein uska dard dikhta hai, waise hi tumhari aankhon mein bhi tumhara pyaar dikhta hai.” (Just like Om’s pain is seen in his eyes, your love is also seen in your eyes) and I am surprised Om, you who can read everybody’s eyes so well, couldn’t see her love.
Omkara: No Ishana, there is nothing like that, you can ask Gauri, she doesn’t love me, right Gauri (Om looked at Gauri expecting her answer to be a NO)

Gauri just looked at him with tears in her eyes, Om was shocked,

Ishana: Now you get it Om, she loves you and I know slowly even you’ll love her. You both are meant to be together, that’s why destiny got you married. Gauri is your wife and that’s the truth that will remain forever.
Omkara: But Ishana, I love you.
Ishana: Please Om, you’ll understand it soon, “Aksar kuch log hamari zindagi mein aate to hain par hamesha ke liye nahi, unka aana sirf kuch khass samay ke liye hota hai aur jab samay guzar jata hai to unhe jana padta hai” (Some people come in our life for some reason and when the reason is over they have to leave) and I am one such person in your life, we were never destined to be together but you and Gauri are.

Ishana made Om and Gauri hold hands,

Ishana: This relation will never break.

Ishana looked at Gauri,

Ishana: Gauri, you are not happy with my decision?
Gauri: “Patni to Rukmini ji bhi thi par naam to hamesha Radhe-Shyam ka hi lete hai” (Even Rukmini was a wife but people always say Radhe-Shyam) “Gauri, Omkara ji ki patni to hai par log pyaar Ishana aur Om ka hi yaad rakhenge” (Gauri is Omkara’s wife but world will remember only Ishkara’s love)

Ishkara looked at her in surprise,

Ishana: May you both stay happy together always. (She smiled at them and left)

Ishana (thinking):

Omkara: Gauri, maybe I won’t be able to love you the same ever but I’ll love you enough to keep you happy.

He smiled at her and left.

Omkara (thinking):

Gauri: I know Omkara ji, she’ll always be your first love.

Gauri (thinking):

Gauri followed Om.

I would like to say only one thing, true love is not always holding onto it, sometimes its letting it go. True love doesn’t mean togetherness, it also means staying away for each other’s happiness. Love is something that stays forever in our hearts and prevails in our memories and it is difficult to move on. However it is also the strength which enables us to go ahead and make our life.

So here ends the last part. I hope I did justice with all fans and no one is sad. Please share your views through your comments.

Keep reading, commenting and SMILING !!!!

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  1. AMkideewani

    I’m spechless dear and you made me cry??????

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks a lot dear, I hope you liked the end as I didn’t wish to break anyone’s heart.

  2. Awesome… Outstanding….. Extraordinary……. I am speechless. All da shayries was bestest. Luved IshRi 2day. U know, I was kind of hoping dat it will be IshKara but when I read da last para I was awestruck. I was so cute no one gets their true luv but 2 make da other happy they backed off. But I’m sure both IshKara nd GauRa fans r happy. Like me.

    1. ***IT was so cute.

    2. Prajkta

      Thanks a lot Mahi, I am glad you loved it.

  3. Aarti32

    It’s just phenomenal..I can’t praise it enough

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    There cannot be a better ending for this shot than this……awesome…

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    It is awesome dear… Heart touching…

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    Awesome…nice ending

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  8. Amazing!!!!! So emotional yaar!!!! Superb ending!! Loved it!!! ? ?

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  9. Fenil

    U nailed it i expect this only.
    Loved it to the core.
    There can’t be better ending than this…z!!:)
    Rikara Union !!

    1. Thanks Fenil, I hope you loved the shayaris, I wrote them

  10. Is it true
    If guari is leaving am really gonna miss rikara a lot
    But u nailed the scrpt to its core
    It bomb
    Plz I liv om and gauri together

    1. Thanks Ken Fern, I am happy you liked the script

  11. Ankita27

    Beautiful ending… picture perfect… loved it to the core.. and that gauri’s dialogue ‘Patni to Rukmini ji bhi thi par naam to hamesha Radhe-Shyam ka hi lete hai Gauri, Omkara ji ki patni to hai par log pyaar Ishkara ka yaad rakhenge’ phenomenal…. n awesome shayaries… ??

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