Why only us – Ishana-Omkara-Gauri- few shots (Shot 2)

Ishana-Omkara-Gauri: Why only us? – Shot 2

So guys I read all your comments, so you all don’t want Bhavya opposite Rudra, but guys I have put her in frame for a very important reason and when it will be revealed you all will like it, and moreover it is about Ishkara and Gaukara, so please don’t show so much disliking for Bhavya, she is trying her level best to win our hearts, I know we all love Soumya and want her back but guys by not giving a chance to Bhavya, we are doing unfair with Mansi di also, she is putting efforts to play Bhavya, but if we say things like this, it’s unfair with the character as well as the actor. I am not a Mansi fan, but I think we should value her efforts.

Back to the story,

Omkara gets a call,

Omkara: Gauri, you join them, I’ll attend this call and come.
Gauri nods and Om leaves to attend the call.

Gauri was walking around, looking at the kids happy faces.

She remembered her own childhood, when her father was alive, he used to play with her, he kept her like a princess but after his death her life changed, her mother left her in an orphanage and all day she used to cry for her parents, but God couldn’t be so cruel with a child and so he sent Mr. Sharma, who adopted her and she got a new family but even then her happiness did not last for long, her foster father also died but her mother loved her even more this time, she wasn’t left alone, although her uncle and aunt would say bad things about her, she would bear all the pain for her mother, who loved her unconditionally. She always worked hard for her mother, at a very young age she accepted the responsibility to run her house and leaving her education behind, she started working with hard work.

She had tears in her eyes but wiped them,

Ishana: Looks like you remembered your own past looking at these lovely faces. (Gauri turned to her side and saw a girl smiling at her, who was none other than Ishana)
Gauri: Haa, actually even I have spent two years of my life in an orphanage, I know how it feels to live without parents.

Ishana: I can understand your pain, even I have spent most part of my life alone, bearing the responsibility of my little sister. (She had tears in her eyes) Life is so unfair sometimes, it gives you so much happiness in the beginning and then slowly it snatches everything back, as if all of it was never meant for you. I don’t understand why destiny plays such games with you.
Gauri: Looks like you have a lot to share, and trust me you can share it with me.
Ishana: I shouldn’t, it will just make you sad, all these years I have lived it alone and I don’t wish to share it.
Gauri: Happiness increases when you share it with others, and sorrow decreases when you share it. Just think you are talking to a friend.
Ishana: You are really nice …

Gauri: Gauri, my name is Gauri and you
Ishana: I am Ishana
Gauri: So, what do you do?
Ishana: I am a teacher at a dance academy, but once in a while I visit these kids and spent time with them. Seeing them smiling, I feel a new energy in me. They are all so sweet, they also love to dance with me, so once in week I come here and teach them. What about you, what do you do?
Gauri: I am just a house wife, earlier in Bareilly I used to run a shop but after marriage, I have not thought about it.
Ishana: Yaa, I know after marriage, life changes, so what does your husband do?
Gauri: He is a….

Before Gauri could complete, Om called her from behind and both of them turned back, Om looked at Gauri and then his eyes turned to Ishana, both of them are shocked to see each other, Ishana eyes filled with tears and Om just stared at her,

Ishkara: You

Gauri is confused and looked at both of them,

Gauri: Do you both already know each other?
Ishana: No, I just thought I know him, anyways I should leave now, I am getting late.

Ishana was about to leave when Om held her hand and stopped her, both Ishana and Gauri looked at Om, shocked,

Ishana: Please leave my hand, Om, please let me go, I had no idea you would be here and please believe me if I knew I wouldn’t have come here, I was not following you, this is just a mere coincidence, this is not my plan, I just….
Omkara: Sorry

Ishana and Gauri looked at Om in shock,

Ishana: What
Omkara: I am really sorry, I have hurted you, I shouldn’t have said all that about your family, and upbringing.
Ishana: It’s not your fault, you don’t have to say sorry, I should be the one who has to be sorry, and so I am sorry for lying to you, breaking your trust, playing with your emotions and taking advantage of your friendship. (Tears were now flowing from her eyes) I am sorry Om (she leaves from there not giving Om a chance to say anything)
Omkara: Ishana…listen to me……Ishana

Gauri was confused by what had happened, she just looked at Om who also had tears in his eyes,

Gauri: So she was the one you wanted to say sorry to.
Omkara looked at Gauri,
Omkara: Haa, I have hurted her also. (He controlled his emotions) let’s go back now.

Gauri nodded and followed Omkara. On the way, neither of them spoke a word. They reached Oberoi Mansion, Om went to his room and Gauri was lost in thoughts,

Gauri’s POV

What is between Ishana and Omkara ji, why were they saying sorry to each other, for the first time I saw Omkara ji like this, he is always so rude in front of me and behaves as if he has a heart of stone, but today he was a different person in front of Ishana. For the first time in so many months, I saw him being helpless, he was hurt when she didn’t recognize him, he wanted to talk to her, but something maybe my presence stopped him, he didn’t want her to go, he wanted her to stop and talk to him, but why didn’t he stop her? I saw a different Omkara ji today, the old Omkara ji about whom Dadi talks, whom everybody misses and whom all want to come back. And only Ishana is the person who can bring that Omkara ji back.

I don’t know what is the bond they share, but it is definitely something we both can never share, something we both will never have, something we may never build, something beyond our bond, it was something that even Chulbul couldn’t build with him, but what is hurting me is that I am not able to do anything for him, no, I am Gauri Kumari Sarma, and I can do anything for Omkara ji.

Whom should I ask about them, I should not ask him, he wouldn’t tell me anything, but ek jhap mein dewaar par sata denge. Haa, Bade Bhaiya and Rudy Bhaiya will definitely know, Omkara ji shares everything with his brothers. Bade bhaiya will not tell me as he is also like Omkara ji who will never share his problem with others, but Rudy Bhaiya, if I ask him, he’ll definitely tell me, I’ll ask him.

Ishana was sitting on the stairs where she used to talk with Om,

Ishana’s POV

Why did I meet him today, or for that why did I ever meet him. Every time I look into his eyes, I see the pain of betrayal, his tears were definitely of regret today but earlier it was only anger, pain and a broken heart. I told him to listen to his heart and believe in it and then I only broke that heart which was already broken so many times. I played with his emotions and now destiny is playing with me. He was right, truth is not a luxury but a choice, which he had made correctly long back and I couldn’t ever make it. He was right people chose their own path, it depends on them to go the right way or chose the wrong one and I chose the wrong path and lost everything.

For the first time in my life, someone believed in me, someone wanted to stand by me, he wanted to be my support, he wished to share my pain and what did I do, gave him more pain in return. He is not like all rich people who believe in the power of name and money but someone who could see a person’s inner soul and somewhere he had seen and touched my inner soul. I wish I could have had the courage to face the reality, I wish I could have told him earlier, he would have been hurt but not like this.

Even after all I did he was the one who said sorry, he felt bad for hurting me, for accusing my family and upbringing, why Om, why are you so nice, why can’t you be like others, why are you so different…..why Om….why?

Ishana was crying, her tears were her only companion now, now only they could share her pain.

Om was in his room,

Omkara’s POV

I wish I could have said sorry earlier, I wish I could have met you earlier, I wish I would have given you a chance, I wish I could have understood your pain, I wish…..I wish….but the only thing I can do now is regret, and regret. Why Ishana, you didn’t come earlier, why didn’t you come when I needed you the most, I don’t know why but when I am with you, I feel relaxed and secure as if you will take away all my pain, you will hold my hand and walk with me, you will heal all my wounds, you will stand by me and say Om you are on the right way.

I know I hate lies and liars but no matter how much ever I try I am not able to hate you, “Pata nahi Ishana, tumse kya rishta hai par jab tum pass hoti ho to koi dard mehsoos hi nahi hota”. I feel so complete with you as if your lies complete my truthful life. You were right, “Duniy ko chehra dikhta hai, dil nahi dikhta” even I saw your face but couldn’t see your pure heart, I couldn’t understand your pain, I promised to help you and be there for you but all I did was blame you, say bad things about you family and give you the pain I had promised to heal.

I know Bela’s story you said wasn’t complete lie, somewhere it was your story, Ishana’s story, because the pain was all real.
I am sorry Ishana, I am sorry….I am sorry

Om sat down crying near his bed.

In the silent night, three hearts were crying for each other, they wished to be each other’s companion but all they could do was sit and cry for what they had lost.

PRECAP: Gauri finds Ishkara’s past……….Ishkara meeting

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  1. awesome
    update soon

  2. AMkideewani

    Fabulous❤️❤️❤️, I love it, but I don’t want a love triangle between them three, because it’ll be sad if someone’s love is one sided and I want them three to be happy.

    Sorry dear I’m just like that I can’t see anyone sad or hurt, it hurts me as well. I smile a lot even if I’m hurt?

    1. Sometimes true love is in letting it go


    Dear prajkta
    Mujhe bhavya ki character se problem nahi.mujhe unki jodi se problem hai.mansi se tho bilkul nahi.agar hum unko chance na de rahi hai tho kya makers tho chance de rahi haina.ab show main rumya ko kabhi nahi dekhunga.iss liye kam se kam aise storys pe tho dekh paaungi.main tho try kar rahi hu unki Jodi ko accept karne ko.but rumya ko nahi bool paunga. so dear agar hum unko accept na karongi tho problem nahi makers usko accept karthe hai.main tho iss liye request kiya ki show main nahi kam se kam aise storys pe tho rumya mil jaayengi.meta first fav ishkara jai iss liye main continue karunga.warna tho main comment bhi nahi kartha jiss main ruvya ho.only for ishkara

    Sorry for rude comment???

    Take care

    1. Prajkta

      Again sorry, it’s ok yaar

  4. Mahi-IshKara

    Yaaa..at last she agreed dat only Ishana could bring back our old Om. Epi was very emotional. Really feeling bad them.update nxt part asap.

    1. Mahi-IshKara

      Omm…what kind of dp is dat. It is horrible. Btw I can understand, surely ther will b some reason dat u r making RuVya. At least it’s IshKara.

  5. Superb n its an emotional epi n gauri’s pov is soo nyc about ishkara post soon

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice and emotional dear

  7. Am a rikaraian but as we know a fact that Gauri Kumari Ssarma always mean to love Omkara it was always ek tarfa pyaar and most us (rikaraians ) are sadist we love to see our couple in pain I have no problem if u r going to make end game ishkara
    about this part it was awesome I loved it

    1. Prajkta

      I dont intent to hurt any Rikara fans, it’s just what came to my mind

  8. Aarti32

    Interesting update..btw at last, who’ll be together?? Ishkara or Gaukara

    1. That time will tell, I don’t want to break the suspense

  9. Hey.. it’s just awesome.. can you please let me know who is the female lead…gauri or ishana?!

  10. Hey.. it’s just awesome.. can you please let me know who is the female lead…gauri or ishana?!

    1. That you’ll know soon

  11. Fenil

    Beautiful update.
    Heart touching.
    Loved it to the core .
    Each POV succeed to build up essence in story.

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