Why only us – Ishana-Omkara-Gauri- few shots (Shot 1)

Ishana-Omkara-Gauri: Why only us?

Hi guys, I was just thinking about love triangles when this thought came to my mind, I mean if Ishana returned in Om’s life after his marriage with Gauri, how he would handle things, how would Ishana feel knowing Om is married, how would Gauri feel knowing the bond Ishkara share, how would their lives be affected, will things change. So I decided to write a few shots on this topic, the story will revolve mostly around the three of them, other characters might just be supportive role.

So I’ll give you the background of the story, Om and Gauri are married, everyone except for Om has accepted Gauri, Om doesn’t hate Gauri but he just isn’t able to give her the place of wife. There is no Shivika separation, Bhavya is opposite Rudra, Buamaa is positive, and Tej has changed for good. So the Oberois are back to a loving joint family.

Now let’s start with the story,

Oberoi Mansion, Dadi’s room,

Omkara: Dadi, you called me?
Dadi: Haa Om, actually I have a small work for you, will you do it?
Omkara: Dadi, why are you asking, just command and I’ll do it.
Dadi: You know that every year we give donations to different NGOs, this year also I have sent all cheque but one is left, I wanted Billu to go but he has to go with Anika to Sahil’s school and Rudra and Bhavya have gone out, so will you and Gauri give it.
Omkara: I’ll go Dadi, but why Gauri?
Dadi: Because she is a part of our family and she should also know all this, just like Anika. So it’s my order, you’ll take her along, anyways it won’t take much time.
Omkara: Ok Dadi, I’ll take her with me. (And he leaves)

In Gaukara’s room,

Gauri was arranging the cupboard, Om comes, and he looks at Gauri and thinks,

Omkara (thinking): Gauri is doing so much for my family, even when I was so rude to her, but still she never said anything against me, it’s been 6 months and she is doing all her duties with full dedication, she does everything that a wife, a DIL should do, she respects my family, should I give her a chance? She deserves a chance, after all she did everything under Kali Thakur’s fear, she did all this for her mother’s safety, I think she should get a chance. But how will I talk to her, how should I say, and what will I tell her, why I am giving her a chance, and what reason I will give her?

Omkara was standing at the door still lost in his thoughts, Gauri finished her work and saw Om standing,

Gauri: Omkara ji, why are you standing there?
Omkara (coming out of his thoughts): Nothing, I came to tell you that we have to go out, I have some work and you will also come with me.
Gauri: But where are we going, why should I come with you, has anyone told you to take me, if you don’t want I’ll not come, you can go alone.
Omkara: How many questions will you ask, I said we are going, and that’s final, get ready and come down, I am waiting. (Saying so he left the room)

Gauri was surprised by his behavior,

Gauri (thinking): What happened to him, why does he behave so strange sometimes, I am living with him from 6 months but still I don’t understand him sometimes, I will never be able to understand some things about him ever? But now I should get ready otherwise, he’ll again get angry.

Gauri got ready and came down,

Gauri: Omkara ji, I am ready, let’s go.
Omkara: Ok, come.

In the car,

Om was busy driving and Gauri was looking out from the window,

Gauri: If you don’t mind, can I ask you something?
Omkara: Yes, ask.
Gauri: Why do you behave so differently sometimes, I mean sometimes you are angry on me that I came back, sometimes you care for me and sometimes you behave as if I don’t exist? I find it hard to understand you.
Omkara: I don’t know, but it is really difficult to understand me, when my own father didn’t understand me, how can I blame the world, I know I behave rudely with you, but sometimes I just get so much frustrated by life that I take all the anger on you, you must be hating me for this.
Gauri: No, I don’t hate you, in fact no one can ever hate you, you are so different, you behave like that because you are hurt, I mean anyone can behave like that, and some fault was mine also, I shouldn’t have lied to you. It’s because of me, that you had to take enmity with Kali Thakur.
Omkara: It’s not your fault completely, I should have let you explain your problem once, I blamed you without knowing the truth, I repeated the same mistake twice.

Om thinks of Ishana, he had given her no chance to explain herself, he just blamed her without knowing the truth, he cared nothing for her, he not only accused her but also questioned her upbringing, he was hurt but he had also hurted Ishana.

Gauri: Twice?

Gauri’s voice brought him back to reality,

Omkara: What did you say?
Gauri: You did the same mistake twice, what does that mean, did you MU someone else also?
Omkara: Nothing, I was just saying that I am sorry for hurting you.
Gauri: Please don’t say sorry.
Omkara: I should, I couldn’t say it earlier but this time I am saying sorry.

He just smiled at Gauri, for the first time with his own wish, Gauri also smiled back. They share a cute eye-lock.

(O Saathiya plays in bg)

They reached the NGO and go to the main office, Omkara gave the donation cheque and they come out. Gauri was happy seeing the kids there, playing, running, smiling, and having fun. Om noticed the pleasure in her eyes.

Omkara: Gauri, if you want we can spend some time here with this kids.
Gauri: Sachi, thank you so much Omkara ji.

They both again smiled at each other.

PRECAP: Ishana meets Gauri……thier talk

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  1. Dhar

    Interesting part dear ?? plzz do post the next update ASAP


    Dear prajkta
    Mujhe tho ff ka wall pic dekh kar hi laga tha aap hoga iska writter?but jab aap Rudy ki opposite bhavya ko daala tho main upset hogaya?.I know OmRi IshKara imp hai.main ye nahi bol raha hu bhavya ka character ko nikhalo but Rudy ki opposite soumya ko daalna please???main bhi ab wahi ff padthi hu jiss main RuMya ho.wo agar ShivIka based ff ho ye nahi dektha main ye dektha hu RuMya Hai ya nahi.agar RuMya nahi bhi ho thabi bhi padthi hu.but Rudra Hai tho uski opposite soumya hona chaahiye nahi tho main wo ff padthi bhi nahi.so main aapse request kar arahi hu rudra ki opposite soumya ko add kijie please????nahi tho okay but RuVya scene math dikhana.Ishkara hai iss liye main continue karunga warna tho main stop kartha.

    I hope aap meri request ki accept karengi??

    1. Hey,UF. We never talked b4 but I also agree wid u. I luvd RuMya alot. When Ishana was gone. I watched IB only 4 RuMya. But now they r also gone. I don’t like RuVya or Bhavya. I read ff which contains IshKara nd RuMya.
      So,Prajakta I’m also requesting would make Saumya opposite of Rudra. But if u dow want 2 dats ok but plz don’t give their scenes.

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear

  4. Superb dear n post soon

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  6. AMkideewani

    Superb, I like the concept of the story???

  7. Aarti32

    Very good thought dear..aur tumne sab ko sudhar diya?? good good

  8. I knew dat da writer is gonna b u.BTW it is a new concept. Nd it’s very good. I liked dis.keep going. Nd no IshKara 2day, it’s ok ,no problem.

  9. Ankita27

    Great start dear… waiting for the next update n one request if possible pair saumya opposite Rudra…

  10. Awesome.Keep writing dear.

  11. Fenil

    Dost ne likha ek naya ff.
    Ek trikon pe rakhe pyar ke 3 chehre.
    Kaise suljhe gi yeh love story.

    Awesome start.

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