It’s all about US (Episode 5)

Part 5…..
Dharun came up and saw Malini and Nive dancing crazily. Both stopped once they saw him and slowly moved inside the room.
“All her friends are mental” Dharun said.
Like this Swara and Sanskar started to speak with each other. They came to know about likes and dislikes of each other.

After few days…..
Sanskar called Swara on Skype and the call got on. He saw Swara and another guy shouting in each other.
“Dharun dare you keep the dog in the house”
“Hello who asked you for permission this is my house and I will keep whatever I want”
“You blo*dy I will kill you” Swara brings her hands near Dharun but he twist her hand.
“Bhaiyu Ahh….Leave my hand plz its paining”Swara cried and He left.
“If you want be in the room it’s self but my German Shepherd will be in the garden only”Dharun and left.
All the whole Sanskar kept silent and showed the show. He saw Swara rubbing her hand, stomach and shoulder.

“Swara…Swara” Sanskar called her. Swara looked around and saw Sanskar on the computer.
“I told you not to call me before noon” Swara said and sat before him.
“Just thought to anyways why you and your bro are fighting” He asked.
“You know I am afraid of dogs it’s not like I hate them but I always fear to go near them and this he brought a German Shepherd when I went out of my room It directly came and started barking at me I was like crying as No one was there” Swara said and thinking about it tears started to flow from her face. Seeing it Sanskar started laugh making her angry.
“Here I am telling about my helplessness and you are laughing from now onwards don’t call me bye” Swara said and ends his call.
“Aree Swara….” But it was too late. He tried to call her but she didn’t attend it. He thought she was not serious but Swara is Swara and she was damn serious about it.
After few days……
Sanskar was constantly checking her update as she was not speaking to him.
“Hey young man what happened” Alia asked reading her script.
“Nothing just a small fight with Swara and she is not speaking with me” Sanskar said and widen his eyes seeing something.
“What happened Sanskar” Alia asked watching his reaction.

“God damn Alia Swara is in Mumbai” Sanskar literally shouted making all the crew members to look at him
A/N: Hello friends after a long time I am posting it and I am seeing that you all don’t like my stories because in the start all are giving good response but slowly it is getting low but I won’t stop writing And Plz comment

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