It’s all about US (Episode 4)


Part 4…..
Swara grabbed the phone and saw that Sanskar is in online.
“What is your problem Mr I have told you not to message me then what the hell is this” Swara wrote and sent.
“Tina why did you wrote like this”
“Malini you know me very well that I don’t like these type conversations that to with boys I calmly requested him not to reply then what it is” Swara said and turn to leave when Nive stopped her.
“Come to Skype Swara I am waiting for you” Nove read what came from Sanskar.
“See I told you he is just an cheap flirt trying to time pass and you both are drooling over him just forget that message” Swara said and rashes out cursing Sanskar.
Here Malini and Nive opened the Skype and called Sanskar.
There in Mumbai Sanskar got Swara’s call and went inside his caravan. He attends it and saw two girls unfamiliar to him.
“Hello Sir”
“Hi you both are”
“Myself Nive and she is Malini”
“Actually sir we are really sorry on Swara’s behalf and on us also we only forced her to message you and these many complications came” Malini explained. Sanskar smiled and said
“Yeah it’s Ok just called her to say sorry because I have also teased her much think some drooling fan”
“No Sir she is not like you think Tina doesn’t like talking with men” Nive said.
“Sir her name is Swara Christina so we call her with names” Malini said and that time Swara enters and saw her friends speaking with Sanskar but he couldn’t.
“You two I am going to kill you both I have warned you not to do anything stupid…..” Swara shouted on them but Malini and Nive dragged her infront of the computer and left from there.
Sanskar got stunned seeing her. Dark black hair which is plaited neatly and left in front her 5’o clock shade on her face with black Kajal around her big eyes above all that she is looking like an angel in her white salwar.

“Beautiful” Sanskar said without his sense.
“I am sorry Mr.Sanskar for wasting your time my friends are just crazy I think talked about lot so bye” Swara and is about to shut that’s when Sanskar got alert.
“Hey bullet train hold on you came and started speaking and now you are leaving don’t know the manners to let the other person speak”
“I think it is unnecessary to let you speak with me and I will speak only if I have a cause”
“Oh smart move escaping from proposals btw thanks for those kind words you sent me” Sanskar said with a grin.
“What do you want Mr. Sanskar”
“Just your friendship” Sanskar said.
“Hello No”Swara said dramatically.
“Heaven Yes Swara” Sanskar said.
Swara pouted cutely thinking about his words. Sanskar just admired her antics.
“Ok but I have rules” Swara said.
“Let’s start”

“First should not call or message me unnecessarily because My brother will find it easily” She said with a frown. Sanskar laughed.
“Second just give me missed call and I will call you”
“Last call me between afternoon 2 to 3 and in night Ok”
“Yes Mam”Sanskar said and saluted her. And both laughed.
“You look cute Swara” Sanskar said and hearing it a dark pink tinted on Swara his cheeks which gets noticed by Sanskar.
“Ok I have work let’s speak after sometime” Swara said and closed her computer.
Malini and Nive were standing outside HiFi each other.
“A love story is going to begin” Both singed happily. That’s when Dharun came up and saw them dancing like a maniac.

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