It’s all about US (Episode 3)


Part 3
In Mumbai…..

After a hectic day Sanskar came to his house and saw Ap sad and Dp consoling her.
He signed think about his mother and sat beside her.
“Maa are you angry on me” Sanskar asked cutely hugging her side ways.
“Ji I am not going to talk with him”Ap said.
“Maa it’s not like I am not going marry I didn’t find any girl who makes me feel like she is the one whom I wanted to spend my whole life” Sanskar said calmly.
“Is it and when will you find like that girl in your 60’s”Ap asked curtly for which Dp and Sanskar chuckled.
“My dear Maa Ok give me two years in this two years if I didn’t find a girl of my choice I will the girl you say” Sanskar.

“Papa Promise”
“Arre from where did I came between you Mother Son God Plz help me” Dp said and all had a fun time.
In night……
Sanskar lied on when suddenly Swara’s thought strikes him. He opened his phone and saw her notification.
“Yes I am not your fan just an admirer and Plz don’t message me again”
Sanskar’s mind starts to revolve around those words “not your fan just an admirer”. In the period of his career none told him like this. All the girls shouts looking at him that they are a very big fan etc. But this girl is feeling sorry for her friends act may be she is acting that’s why he thought to tease her but now it’s clearly proving that this girl named Swara Christina she is something different.
Sanskar again read the message and then the last line strikes his mind.
“What does she mean all the girls are dying to talk to me but she…… She is ignoring I will see till how long you will be ignoring me Swara Christina” Sanskar said and slept with a determined face.

Next Moring
In Chennai……
Swara got up early went to Chapal inside her house. She prayed to God keeping the dancing anklet in front of Jesus.
“Jesus today I am going to start a new beginning plz always be with me and show me the right path”

After prayer some children came and she started her dance class. Dharun and Sumi stood on the stairs watching Swara.
“Dharun what if she got college in North India who will I be without her” Sumi asked.
“Maa it’s her passion let’s see what happens it that’s the case let her study for two years then it will be easy to change her here you don’t worry” Dharun said and left to office.
Here Sanskar messaged Swara more than 50 times but nothing returned. Alia who saw Sanskar frustrated thought to talk to him.
“Sanskar is everything alright” She asked. How everything will be alright when the thing he thought is not happening.

“Nothing yaar just a bit mood off” Sanskar explained which is a half truth.
“Sanskar other than co actors we are friends right share your heart may be I can help” Alia said and Sanskar with a defeat explained her everything.
“Alia it’s freaking me out that girl just playing drums in my mind since previous night”
“Sanskar I think she is right at her place her friends played a prank and she apologised and then you thought to tease her and she replied genuinely. For that admirer part I don’t know what to say so better you don’t take it personal” Alia adviced and left but how can a girl hurt his pride and ego with her simple words.
In the eve…..
Malini and Nive came to see Swara who teaching knitting to children. After her class all went to her room.

“So Tina how was your day” Nive asked grabbing Swara’s phone.
“It was awesome morning dance evening craft I am enjoying it” Swara said arranging the thing when she heard The duos shout.
“Swara you got 85 messages from Sanskar” Malini said shaking Swara.
“Guys stop it Yesterday I have asked him not to message me then how” Swara questioned thinking.
“Swara what message is this you said sorry to him and then he gave you his personal account to message then you directly hurt his ego” Nive said.

“Girl you directly asked him not message when thousands of girls are dying to talk him doesn’t this hurt his ego” Nive explained and Swara sat with a thud burying her face in her palms.

#A/N; Sorry friends due to Vardha Storm I couldn’t post the story I came to my native place so that’s why I uploaded it and Plz comment

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