It’s all about US (Episode 2)

In Mumbai……
Sanskar is seen romancing with Alia Bhat.
“I will follow you till the end of the world to conquer your heart Peert”
“Cut good shot Sanskar” Director said and Sanskar sat down with Alia.
“Yaar Sanskar what an acting man once I thought you are someone” Alia said and grabbed his tab.
“Well that’s called performance mam and what are you doing with my tab” Sanskar asked sipping his drink.
“Nothing just seeing what new message you got” Alia said and saw Swara’s message.
“Sanskar this one is interesting man”
“And what is that”
“You hear Hello Mr Sanskar Mehra I am following your Insta and FB page and my friends saw one of your casual pic and they said you are cute and they are big fan of yours”
“What are you serious who is that” Sanskar asked and Alia showed him Swara’s pic who is looking cute in pink and sliver Salwar. Sanskar smiled looking at her and asked Alia to message as he said.

In Chennai……
Swara came from her party and changed herself in a comfortable cloth and went to kitchen to help her mom.
“Swara how was the party” Sumi asked.
“Maa it was awesome we had lot of fun and clicked so many pics I will show you and thank you for allowing me” Swara said and hugged her.
“Ok now help me fast Dharun will come now or then” Sumi said and they were indulged in the work.
In the dinner Swara exclaimed about her party and Dharun teased her for her madness.
“Ok Chris tomorrow is your exam right go and sleep” Dharun said and Swara went to her room and slept hugging her teddy Hedwick.

Next day……..
Swara finished her exam and her friends gathered outside.
“God knows who made paper what and all they asked yaar” Nive said and all laughed.
“Ok Guys so one month leave what you all going to do” Swara asked checking her phone but suddenly she gasped making all to worry.
“Tina what happened…. Swara you Ok….”
Swara started to beat Malini and Nive with her bag and they tried to to stop her.
“Swara stop it yaar Plz Aah girl just stop what is the matter” Malini asked.
“You both idiots because of you I am in this state how embarrassing it is” Swara said and gave her phone to them.
“Hello Miss Swara it is so sweet to hear from your friends but I have a doubt are you not my fan”
The duo started to laugh making Swara even more to fume in anger.
“Chillax girl he just sent it to make sure he replied his fans so leave it” Shruthi said and Swara somehow calmed down.

In Mumbai……
Sanskar is having his lunch when Ap and Dp sat down beside him.
“Beta we have to speak to you about….”
“Maa not again how many times I have told you not speak about marriage”
“Then till when you are going to be like this see your age boys all are married” Ap said with anger.
While speaking he saw the notification sign and took his phone immediately.
“Papa I got to go and plz stop this marriage talks”Sanskar said and left.

On the way…….
Sanskar opened his phone and saw message from Swara. After reading it he started to laugh.
“I am really really sorry Mr Sanskar my idiotic friends to tease me sent that message and no offence plz I am really sorry” Sanskar imagined her expression while typing it and thought to tease her.

In Chennai……
Swara came to home and started to help Sumi in kitchen.
“Swara what happened how was the exam”
“It was tough Maa but I think I will pass fingers crossed”
“So what are you going to do in this one month”
“Maa I thought to take dance and craft class in this way I will not feel bored” Swara said.
“But before that you should ask Dharun if he allows then I am ok” Sumi said and both had their lunch.
Swara came to her room to take a small nap that’s when she saw the notification in her phone. She opened it and started to read.
“Aww I can imagine your face haha and by the way it’s not the answer for my question are you not my fan and plz if you want to message then send it to my personal account”
“What the hell does he think of himself I think he is totally mad I have to do something” Swara thought and wrote something before sleeping.

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