It’s all about US (Episode 1)

It’s just US
This story is about Swara Christina and Swara Mehra how their love bloomed with just a single mistake.
Let’s get into the story.

“Chris….. Chris….” shouted a guy wearing a business suit waiting impatiently.
“Yes Dharun coming….” Swara said wearing a earring and running down the stairs.
Let’s introduce Swara Christina 12th graduate going Coaching for her Medical Entrance. She is a Tamilian. Loves her Mom Sharmistha and Bhai Dharun so much. Hate her Father Shekar because he thinks she is a burden so maintains distance with him.
“Chris how much time will you take to get ready” Dharun asked.
“Bhai today is the last day so we fends are planning for a party so….”
“What who gave you the permission haan” Dharun asked with anger.
“I only gave her permission and Dharun give her the card” Sumi said caressing Swara’s hair who is standing with a pout.

“Dharun in these many did she asked anything No na then give her make sure you pick her up”Sumi said and Dharun gave the card. Swara hugged both of them and Dharun dropped her to the coaching institute.
After 3 hours…….
Swara and her friends Shruthi, Sherlin, Malini and Nive having a gala time in the near by hotel.
“Malini, Tina is having rare pics of Sanskar….” Nive said
“Sanskar Mehra” Swara and Shruthi said in union.
“Wow Swara God from where you get his pics He is so handsome and hot yaar” Malini said with dreamy eyes. Swara, Shruthi rolled their eyes while Sherlin looks confused.
“Whom you all talking about” Sherlin asked.
Swara took her phone and showed a causal pic of Sanskar.

“He is Sanskar Mehra age 31 Bollywood actor currently rumoured of having affair with Alia Bhat” Shruthi said sipping her drink.
“Wow look how cute he is Tina you are following his official page right” Nive asked with naughty eyes.
“Yeah” Swara said and saw Malini and Nive typing something.
“Guys give my phone back” Swara asked but they didn’t so after many tries she got her phone and what she saw made her shocked to the core while others giggled as the duo told what they did.

“Hello Mr Sanskar Mehra I am following your Insta and FB page and my friends saw one of your casual pic and they said you are cute and they are big fan of yours” Swara read and looked at them.
“What is this you know I don’t like to message any men then”
“Swara calm down yaar you see the Sanskar Mehra himself is not going to message you ok I think he won’t even see this so chillax girl” Malini said but somewhere Swara got a negative thought that this is not going to be a simple one.

A/N Hello friends so it’s been quite a long time isn’t it so thought to give this short story hope you all like it

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