I AM ALL URS – Will u be mine?? (Part 6) By Ahaana

recap- shivaye proposed anika in sso style it was moreover like a deal… but still anika accepted it but being anika she was just fighting with shivaye but she gets shocked to see as she turns she see him knelt down in front of her but then .. Later shivaye discoveres Anika is pregnant. .

Shivaye comes out of the car
and looks for anika..
anika comes from back and back hugs him😍..
Anika- Shivaye… R u HAPPY??Did u liked my gift?? 😊😊..

Anika asked with so much of curiosity. .
but listening to shivaye she gets shocked. .
Shivaye – No… i didn’t liked it ..
with an angry face he exclaimed..

Anika- but shivaye … What Happened. .. Why r u not happy. .

Shivaye- I think we should talk about this matter at home ..
Let’s just go…

Tears started to roll from her eyes … But Shivaye just ignored it ..

At OM ..
Anika- Shivaye stop..we will not go inside .. u have to talk with me over here only .. that’s final..
Shivaye – who r u to order .. Shivaye Singh Oberoi..
Anika- Mrs. Anika Shivaye Singh Oberoi..
Shivaye – What rubbish. .
anika- Why r u behaving like this Shivaye. .. plzz tell me ..U don’t want this baby. .
Shivaye- That’s none of ur business. .. i think we should Go inside..
Anika- i won’t come .. I just don’t want..
Shivaye – so what u want? ?
Anika- i m going. . to my old house..
Shivaye – as u wish…
Khanna Tell driver to drop her .. to her old house..

Anika in car..
Anika’s POV..
my Shivaye he never used to let me cry.. But today i m crying becoz of him… I was so happy to get that news … news of my baby. . but today.. Shivaye y r u doing this …

when she reches her home she get’s shocked to see that her home was….

Guys … I was do overwhelmed by ur all s comments. ..
sorry was not able to reply.
but many of u asked for option A..
So i m going with it . .. but few even asked with option B .. guys i will try to put it also somewhere. ..
Plzz do comments guys..


  1. Shivika1233

    Arre why you stopped there in suspense wanted to know what anika saw in her old house please post next part soon please please

  2. zara

    Superb.plz do post the next part soon and i would be much obliged if you would post a little longer episode next time coz your ff is so good that I don’t feel like stop reading it quickly.

  3. Amayaa


    |Registered Member

    Ahaana di u know what when the page open nd I started reading it
    My head started spinning
    I think u may go with option B
    But de last para gave me much relief
    Thank u for selecting option A
    It’s amazing
    But this is too short
    Post de next 1 soon
    I m eagerly waiting for it ……………..
    I also commented on de previous part

  4. Starlight

    Please update soon dear and if you can then please make it longer cause this is so much lovely that I donot want to stop reading it. Waiting for next. do update soon

  5. nikitajai

    That’s not fair dear… Itna chuto sa update… Plzzzzzzzzzzz update soon a longer one…

  6. Jerry_36


    |Registered Member

    Di, thora zada post kiya karo. We readers are dying out of curiosity. BT coming to the episode, it was really amazing. Post soon☺

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