I AM ALL URS – Will u be mine?? (Part 5) By Ahaana

recap- shivaye proposed anika in sso style it was moreover like a deal… but still anika accepted it but being anika she was just fighting with shivaye but she gets shocked to see as she turns she see him knelt down in front of her but then ..

Shivaye while hugging – u know it pains yrr when u kneel down …
anika- Billuji make it as ur habit now as daily u have to bend now ..
shi- ok so u have full plans to make me sit on my knees daily for u ..
Anika- no …but..
shi- ok .. i will be pleasured to bend in front of u Anika..
i will be glad to do it ..
Anika- not for me shivaye…
Shivaye- then for whom??
Anika – shivaye .. it 12 ..

still in position of hug
Shivaye kisses her forehead…
shivaye – Anika where is my gift??
anika- Hmmm…
she kisses his cheek.. slowly goes upto his ear.. slowly whispers in his ear..
anika- shivaye … i told u naa that now u have to bend daily on ur knees…
shivaye- yess…
anika.- ab mai naa itni moti hone wali hu toh aap ko hi mere pair pe nail paint laga ni padegi naa.. 😯..
shivaye – but why u will become moti ..
anika- aannh shivaye… accha let’s go back home .. and u try to think ..

In car…

shivaye goes to sit at driver seat
but anika is still out of car ..
and suddenly he finds…
a beautiful gift..
he unwraps it..
and is shocked to find..
a small box with a letter
” Dear Daddy,

Did u recognized me ..m ur little baby. . .. now u decide u want me to be ur prince or princess……
i m gonna make ur love stronger💑
ur days shorter💚. .
Ur nights longer💛..
Ur savings smaller 💜..
ur attention divider💙..
ur home more happier 💞💝💟💗..

Shivaye comes out of the car
and looks for anika..
anika comes from back and back hugs him😍..
Anika- Shivaye… R u HAPPY??Did u liked my gift?? 😊😊..

Anika asked with so much of curiosity. .
but listening to shivaye she gets shocked. .

Shivaye – No… i didn’t liked it ..

with an angry face he exclaimed..

Hey guyss hope u all like my work most probably NEXT part will be LAST. if u want me to continue then let me know through ur comments. .plzz one option among two ..
A .. anika’s tantrums, drama, craving and happy sort of…
B… something senty types of… like shivaye not agreeing and khoon khaandan and rubbish. .


  1. sidd

    I would refer u nt 2choose both a and b bcoz a wll be seem to be dramatic abd b wll nt match with ur track as we all readers know that shivaay has accepted anika with her unnamed identity. I like ur ff nd please update soon with an unique idea.

  2. Kanfi


    |Registered Member

    Heyyyy ahaaana,,,its just fabulous,,,plzz continue it yarrr,,,
    Why shivaay get angry,,??
    Ofcourse A,,no senty drama,,,
    Loved todays part

  3. Amaya

    U r really unique Ahaana di
    Nd ur ff toooooo
    I only prefer option A
    Please go for it
    Nd post de next part soon
    Please di don’t stop it
    If u dare 2 do that then I’ll not leave u
    Just kidding
    Please don’t be angry with my stupid jokes

  4. Surbhi Sharma

    It’s amazing . Plz continue. And option A , plzz . I am really fed up of twists and turns in real wala ib . So here nothing like that plzzzz . A happy family. Plzzzz .post soon.

  5. zara

    OMG! Finally your ff is here and i was dying out of curiosity to know what will happen next.It’s an awesome part.plz continue with option “A” coz I hate negativity.plz keep entertaing us with your unique way of writing.

  6. Shivika

    Awesome….Too cute…
    I want option ‘A’ coz no negativity….already lotsof it in d serial…..
    waiting fr d nxt…. 🙂

  7. Shivika


    |Registered Member

    Superbbbb…..the letter was so cute…..ur choice make it as u decided …….would love to read it gurther no matter wat comes

  8. Jerry_36


    |Registered Member

    Ahaana di, yaar it was amazing. Was eagerly waiting for it. The letter was my favourite part of the ff😍Loved it !! I think option A will be better but its your choice😉Post soon……

  9. Arpita

    Hee dear, A is the last option. I don’t want that rubbish Sso NKK IDEOLOGY. Plz 0lz plz don’t make option B.

  10. Viratian_wattoholic


    |Registered Member

    Oyiiii…chotu kya bola end karegi tu mujhe apne big sissy bolti h na toh plzzzz end mat kar.plzzzzzzz.. Plzzzzzz
    Aur main option 1lungi..about this episode it was awsm
    Luv u..

  11. Archisha


    |Registered Member

    Wow paraya dhan. That was an awesome one. And paraya dhan, sunno. Option A is necessary or I will not talk to you. Sachi muchi.

  12. nikitajai

    It is awesome dear… Go with option a…. Waiting for the next update please post ASAP dear

  13. Mishika

    Of course options A ….and ahaana plzz post your new ff asap….yaar itna wait to episodes dekhne ka bhi ni hota….jitna ff padhne ka hota hai

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.