I AM URS– Will U Be Mine? By Ahaana Part 9

Anika’s POV
I m just ordered by my husband to rest .. if i will dare to step down of my bed he won’t allow me eat pani puri then … so i have to follow it..
I m so happy to get u billu ji in my life .. since seven months u r taking my care same as mother take care of her child .. i m so glad that i got u .. but this is not fair na shivaye becoz of baby shower u think i must be tired but i m not u shouldn’t had ordered me …??.

i still remember just the day after our wedding anniversary…
normal people wake up at morning but i woke up at afternoon…
but still whole family not even uttered a word… i thought they r angry becoz i m bahu …
but then daadi came and patted on my back and told its ok .. in pregnancy it happens. ..i was so happy but then my darling devars omru with my cute hubby shivaye entered from kitchen
i like a dumb asked ohh wow breakfast is ready then shivaye replied haa afternoon wala breakfast which normally is termed as LUNCH is ready ..
but i was so glad that everything cooked was my favourite…
i was so busy in thinking about sweet memories suddenly i heard the sound of my hubby ..
shivaye – Anika where r u lost ..is everything alright. .
Anika- yess ..
shivaye let’s go and sit near pool naa plzz…
shivaye – anika u should rest now..
anika fake crying – i know shivaye u don’t love me anymore u only take care of baby .. no one cares for me ????…

suddenly anika felt that shivaye is trying to lift her up but she resisted his moves.
Anika – no shivaye i want to go to pool..
shivaye – m taking u there only. .
Anika – i love u shivaye. .
shivaye – Aww…

shivaye makes anika sit near the pool anika puts her legs in pool
and anika puts her head on shivaye ‘s shoulder. .
suddenly she feels a pain in her womb..
Anika – Aaaah..
shivaye concerned.- what happened. .
anika- baby kicked..
shivaye – u should have told me naa i would have put my hand to feel it ..
anika- shivaye how u would have known..
shivaye – point..but again i missed it..
Anika- Aww …

and after few mins suddenly a smile crept on Anika ‘ s face..
shivaye – Kya hua itni khidkitod smile..
anika- kuch nhii just remembered my second month of pregnancy. .
shivaye – how can i forget that…

Plzz comment guys..
i feel i m dragging it.. what u guys think..

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  1. Awesome epi

  2. Awww..cute and lovely..want more scenes…

  3. Amazing..

  4. AditiB

    Kya hua that 2nd month pregnancy me…..I want to know and please you are not dragging it….I just love the way you are portraying my fav couple….wish we could witness them on screen…

  5. Archisha

    Awesome. Paraya dhan toh chaa gyi ??

  6. Amayaa

    Dragging ???????,
    Now I got 2 know
    Here all ishqies r crazy like me ……………..
    I m waiting for more scenes Ahaana di Nd u updated such a short part
    Not fair ha
    Next time post de next part long long long

  7. Awesome

  8. Not at all dragging…its really cute…
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt…

  9. Gayathri.visu

    Hey how can u say like this Ahaana?? Its not dragging okay!
    Aww!! So cute…. But what happened in that second month? Eagerly waiting for next part.

  10. Fantastic epi.I am really impressed by your unique way of portraying emotions.so plz don’t even think that you are dragging it & write more……..

  11. Awesome….
    U r not dragging it….
    waiting fr d nxt… 🙂

  12. Shivikaanshi

    U r not dragging….plzz post soon….u have an amazing vocobulary……

  13. Ruksy

    Plz Update soon loved it

  14. Awesome

  15. Alekhika20

    Wonderful part

  16. Aryaraju

    Superb.. Loved it ??

  17. it’s was an amazing episode. It’s was not dragging. I’m eagerly waiting your next episode. I’m want to know what happened Anika s second month of pregnancy. update soon.

  18. Surbhi Sharma

    Di dragging , not at all . Loved it . Plzz post soon .

  19. Awesome update..

  20. It is awesome dear… Plz make it longer…

  21. Dragging???? Noo…. not atal dear….. want more sence….. & What happen in 2nd month pregnecy???? Eagerly waiting 4 nxt post asap…..

  22. Jerry_36

    Hey Ahaana di !! Its always a treat to read your updates. They are always unique just like you. Be happy di. I will always comment on your ff as I am in love with them☺

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