I AM URS– Will U Be Mine ? by Ahaana part 13

ll Anika feels sudden pain in her stomach…
she tries calling everyone but feel lack of voice and is not able to call and due to excessive pain she faints….

After 10 mins Shivaye arrives and see her like this he get panics
takes her in his arms to hospital..

Shivaye followed by omrupri reaches there…
A few minutes later, the doctor called out for him. Nervously, he joined them. Anika was laying down on the bed and the doctor was getting the sonography machine ready.

“There’s nothing to worry about Mr Oberoi” she smiled gently at him.
As i told u earlier Mr. and Mrs. oberoi that u are going to be blessed with twins so it might had happened that both babies had kicked her at same time so due to excessive pain she might have fallen unconscious…

Both Shivika smiles…
Doc- Mrs oberoi u take rest.. I ‘ll just take a leave to see other patients. .
Shi- Yaa sure doctor..

As soon as doctor disperse
both shivika laugh like maniacs
As they remember the day when they come to know about their babies…


Would you like to hear your baby’s heartbeat?” Doctor asked .
Shivika replied in excitement
shivaye took Anika’s hand and held on.
Doctor smeared the gel on Anika’s belly and started the process. Shivaay and Anika’s eyes were stuck on the machine. This was the first time they would see their baby together. A heartbeat was beating so fast, which both could hear but then realised it wasn’t theirs .
Both in Unison Said

My Baby.. but then both corrected themselvesand said

That is your baby’s heartbeat. Sounds good and strong” the doctor said and then got a funny look on her face. Shivaay started to panic. “Is something wrong doctor?”
She patted his hand. “Not a thing, Mr Oberoi. Your wife is doing great. I just want to check something on the ultrasound” she turned to Anika and smiled. “We should get a better idea of your exact due date with it too. She moved the stick around and while she did, she began pointing out things to them. “See here, this is your baby’s head, the legs, see the heart beating there?” Shivaay and Anika were engrossed in the image. It was so beautiful. “Hmm looks like your are about 5 months along. Ah here’s the reason why you may be feeling some strong movements and kicks, there’s not much room for maneuvering in there, with baby number two taking up extra space. Let me see…”

Shivaay and Anika froze. “Did you say baby number two? I think I heard you wrong. Repeat that please” Anika started to panic. “You said something else, right, and I misheard you”
Doctor smiled. “Nope, you heard me right. Looks like you’re carrying twins. I thought I heard a second heartbeat earlier, and this confirms it. Baby number 1 looks like a boy. I’m trying to get a clearer picture of Baby number 2, but it’s kind of hiding behind baby 1”
“Twins!” Shivaay squeaked. He looked at Anika, who had a huge grin on her face. “I can’t have twins. No, only one baby at a time, thank you very much. Check again doc. This is a joke right? Anika, tell her,only one baby allowed at one time” Shivaay was heading for a full force panic.
Anika grinned wider. “Oh Shivaye! We are having twins!”

Just then Doctor said, “Or triplets for that matter.” Shivaay mouth flopped open, closed, opened and he nearly fainted when the doctor laughed. “I’m just teasing you. There’s only 2. And I’m not going to be able to see baby 2. It’s in hiding and won’t come out to play.” she laughed and turned to Anika. “Let’s get you cleaned up. I’ll print some pictures of your babies to take home. Knowing it’s twins, I want to get a few tests set up for you. It changes things a little, but not much”
Anika was on cloud Nine but shivaye was hell shocked


Shivika laughs
anika- U were looking funny shivaye …
Shiv- but now i m really excited.. some where more than u…
anika- oh really
shi- accha u made my fun right but i think u forgot that scene where ..
anika (with fake innocence )- which ..
shivaye- Awww… let me remind my jaan..

FLASHBACK starts. .

2 Months later…
Shivaay was now more excited for his babies than Anika. It was like they had a role reversal. As if a clarity descended over him and he was jumping.
However, Anika was a little scared now. She had been excited when she found out but the more she thought about it more scared she was. How would she give birth to two babies in one day? Granted, a lot of women do it but she was terrified. She was standing in front of the mirror, sideways, checking her bump.

“I have grown as big as a house while they act like my belly is their own personal playground. i can’t walk, I can’t sleep and I will have to give birth twice” she shuddered, thinking about it. “There will be 2 of them crying at the same, feed them both at once, satisfy both their dreams, buy 2 of everything, pay for 2 colleges, get them married… ” she was hyperventilating.
“You think too much” Shivaay hugged her from the back, startling her.
She frowned and he kissed her cheeks “You look beautiful” he turned her to face him.
“Don’t lie” Anika said..

“I’m not. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Our babies’ mummy looks yummy” he joked and she chuckled hitting him.
“I’m scared Shivaye” she said, getting in a serious mood.
“I know but…”shivaye pacified
“Can’t you do it?” she whined.

“Do what?” he was confused.
“Give birth Shiv, what else?” Anika replied
“What?” shivaye with bits of shock..
“Yes, you give birth for me please as now we are going to have twins so for one u give birth and other i ‘ll give..” Anika said excitedly
“Anika, if it was possible then I would have jaan” he hugged her.
“Not fair” Anika on the verge of tears…
“I know” shivaye with innocence. .


Both of them again laughed

Omru enters…

omru- what happened bhaiya why u both r laughing. .
shi- woh anika is fine..
omru- thank god
ru- but bhabhi huya kya tha..
anika- no need to worry guys..

omru- ok …
om- accha i ‘ll bring car. shivaye u bring her to parking.
ru- i ‘ll come with u om.. let this love birds ne alone ..
shivika threw an angry glare while they both left chuckling..

Shi- what will happen of them when they ‘ll come to know…
anika- but we will not disclose it.. let it be the surprise. .
anika – yeah sure..

hope U all liked it guys…
and according to ur alls wish i ‘ve decided to let it go smoothly but somewhere drama going on…

plzz drop ur views…


  1. Shivika

    Shivika r adorable….
    Shivaay’s reaction was too cute…
    waiting fr d nxt… 🙂

    • Ahaana



      Thanks Dear… u too really motivate me by commenting daily … m really glad u liked it… will try posting next soon dear😊😊

  2. Mishika

    Awesome…both the flashbacks are amazing… shivika’s reaction on twin babies is cute… thanks for writing a long ff ahaana

    • Ahaana



      Thanks Dear… u too really motivate me by commenting daily … m really glad u liked it… will try posting next soon dear😊😊…

  3. Arthi

    Ha ha dear it was awesome and Anika asking shivito give birth to be honest I myself thought y oly females shd gv birth and y not male…I knw am stupid enough jokes apart and today it was awesome dr I loved shivay when he was shocked to knw it is twins superb dr……Next post soon dr….

  4. Vivikhta

    This was cuteness overload Ahaana di….its awesome…..looking forward to the next one….Update ASAP! I really love the way u write….shivika having twins….so cute!

    • Ahaana



      Thanks vivikhta…
      m really glad u liked it… keep reading and commenting dear…
      will try posting soon 😊😊…
      m really glad that u love my portraying too.. it really means something gud dear..😊😊


    Hai ahaana sorry for not commenting your previous part. Today episode was an awesome lovely super cute episode dear. I like the reaction of shivika when they know about they have twins.The entire episode is fantastic. I’m waiting for your next episode update soon……

    • Ahaana



      it’s ok dear…. i understand …

      u too really motivate me by commenting daily … m really glad u liked it… 😊😊…
      will try posting soon. ..

  6. Vaishalijha


    |Registered Member

    Ahaana dear this was the cutest part/episode ever, the way you expressed every scene was simply mind blowing, Loved Shivay and Anika’s reaction about the twins.. ♥♥
    Cant wait for more, Pls post soon 🙂

    • Ahaana



      Thanks Vaishali…
      m really glad u r liking it…i will try posting soon. ..and yes even u rock wid ur ff wid its uniqueness 😊

  7. Lakshmi Krishna

    Some part of the story you took it from another ff ehasaas.complete flash back scenes..but I loves the update…

    • Ahaana



      Yes… As i loved that FF.. so i thought to share it with u all too….so just copied..
      Thanks dear…
      keep reading and commenting. .😊

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