The episode starts with three years leap. In Mithila the girls are playing hide and seek. It was Sita’s turn to find her sisters. Being the eldest it was always easy for her to locate them. She found kirti hiding behind a bush. And Mandavi in a tree hole. Only Urmila was left. Sita moved to find her little sister who is clever in hiding. Sita tried every nook and corner. But alas! Urmila was nowhere to be seen. Where has the little girl vanished? Sita thought as she was heading towards the farthest corner of the garden, the only place where she had not searched for her sister yet. Her feet ached as she ran through the path which was covered with partly grass and partly rocks. She stopped as her feat ached too much. She was sweating the sun was blazing in the sky and the heat was unbearable too. Urmila couldn’t have run all this way if she herself could not do it Sita thought. Urmila must be hiding inside the palace she thought as she turned to go back to the palace. Just then she heard the rustling of dry leaves; she went in the direction from where came the sound and was shocked to see a badly wounded squirrel which was in much pain. It should have fallen from the tree somehow she thought. Our Bhoomija who cannot see anyone in pain immediately rushed to its aid. It should have been struggling here for so long she told Mandavi and asked her to bring water for it to drink. Didi it will be alright na? asked our little kirti who was very close to tears by now. Mandavi came back running with water. Sita made the squirrel drink it. She took it with her and headed towards the palace to nurse its wounds. as they reached the entrance of the palace she asked kirti to find mila and tell her to join them in their chamber soon, with that she and Mandavi rushed to meet their father Janak.

In the royal kitchen Urmila who was hiding behind a pot wonders where were her sisters?. Has Sita forgotten me? Or has she gone to tell ma and papa that I’m nowhere to be found? Or is she still searching for me in the garden? Its getting late I should go and check myself. She thought. Just then she heard Mandavi rushing in. Oh my god they have found me thought Urmila. But she was shocked when Mandavi went to the cook and asked for some turmeric for preparing medicine. She sat still, tears pooled in her eyes. Has Sita hurt herself while trying to find her? No it shouldn’t have happened. Sita must be fine. She has to be fine prayed Urmila. She rushed to her father’s chamber for she knew Sita will be there and her father will be nursing her by now. Her mother will be there too. She will be cross with her. But Urmila did not seem to care for anything. All that she cared for is to know if Sita is fine.. she was much relived when she entered her father’s kaksh and found Sita sitting quite alright with Mandavi and her mother. Buit she couldn’t stop herself from smiling when she saw shruthkeerthi telling her father that she was nowhere to be found. She ran and hugged her sister. Sita hugged her back. Where were u didi? asked keerti who was delighted and relived to find that she was safe. I was in the kitchen dear. You were there when I came? asked Mandavi. Yes she said. So my guess is ryt when Mandavi said she’s asking turmeric for medicine u thought Sita was hurt and rushed here didn’t you? asked her mother. Her mother found it like she always did. I’m proud of you all my dear children. The way you care and stand for each other. Today I have won as a mother in bringing you up said Sunnaina. She gets teary eyed and hugs her daughters.

Precap: Raja Sudhanva of Sankasya attacks Mithila.

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