Hi guys sorry I didn’t meet your expectations in the last episode. Plz do criticise me and point out my flaws just because I’m a member of this family that doesn’t mean you have to give only +ve comments.

The episode start with Sita waking up from sleep. She finds her sisters sleeping. She goes to Mila and wakes her up by caressing her hair and calling her name in her gentle sweet voice near her ear( as per the customs of those days) Urmila opened her eyes and saw her sister and smiled a sweet smile. Sita pressed a soft kiss in her forehead as she always used to do. She got her ready. She went to Mandavi and shook her. Mandavi shivered in her sleep. Sita says enough sleep now Mandavi it’s already getting late. Come on do get up now. Sita pulls off the blanket that covered Mandavi. Mandavi got up and just then realised that it was a special day her sister’s birth celebrations. She took her bath as soon as possible. She was dressed in pink and white. They left for the celebration with their parents. Happiness spread everywhere and in the hearts of the people of Mithila when Rajarishi Janak announced the birth of a baby girl in his family. The poor and needy where served food and cows were given to Brahmins with their calf’s. Special pooja was arranged in temples. And great sages were invited to the palace to bless the child. The royal family got back to the palace after taking part in the pooja. Every nook and corner was illuminated with diyas and was decorated with fine floral arrangements. Delicious food was served to everyone. Maharani Sunnaina has cooked the favourite foods of her family members with special care. Sweets were given to everyone.

In the royal court yagnayavalkya comes with his wives and blesses the child. Janak asks him to name the child. He sees the birth kundil of the baby and says she’ll always spread goodness around her whatever comes to her knowledge she’ll see only goodness of it. Even in the deadly darkness she’ll see the bright light ahead. So I name her Shruthakeerthi

Precap: 3 years leap the children are playing in the garden. Sita hears a sound and finds something hiding behind the tree.


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    wow thanu akka it is sooo good yay shruthakeerti is born i am so happy. waiting or the next one

  2. Vanshika


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    Aww akka y special thanks, ehhh….?? It’s my duty to Mk sissy happy na.. Precap interesting can’t wait.. Btw Mb ff part 39 is posted if you have nt read yet…..

  3. Padmaja


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    Hi tanu dearie it was a awesome one dear… just loved it totally… pls update the next asap… precap is interesting…

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