The epi starts with Kushadhwaj rushing to see his wife and his newborn baby and the girls following him. Sunnaina smiles and gives the baby to Kushadhwaj. Mandavi goes to her mother. She cries. Chandhrabhaga caresses her face and says don’t cry dear see I’m perfectly alright now. Mandavi continues crying. Sunnaina holds her by her shoulder and hugs her. She says Mandavi see your sister is waiting for you. Won’t you go and see her? Mandavi wipes off her tears and goes to see her little sister. Kushadhwaj shows her the baby. Mandavi smiles seeing her and asks Sita didi she’s very cute isn’t she? Sita says yes Mandavi she’s damn cute. Kushadhwaj goes to his wife. Sunnaina smiles and goes out taking the girls with her giving the couple some privacy. He sits besides his wife. She cries. He consoles her and asks her to rest as she is too tired. She asks were you able to manage Mandavi all the day? Did she trouble you so much? Kushadhwaj says with bhabhi and Sita around to take care of her we don’t have to worry about her at all. Chandhrabhaga nods in agreement.

Sunnaina brings the two girls to their room and makes them lie down in their bed. She says sleep now my dears we have to meet praja tomorrow to celebrate your sister’s birth. She smiles and leaves. Urmila starts crying as she was disturbed in sleep, Sita goes to her and makes her sit in her lap and says no no Urmi don’t cry you know something my Mila has become didi now. We have got a little sister today. You will meet her tomorrow. Now sleep like a good girl as we have to wake up early in the morning to celebrate our sissy’s birthday. She tries to put Mila to sleep. But our cutie was not in mood to sleep. Having no option left Sita was forced to fetch her mother to put Mila in sleep. Sunnaina comes there and sings a lullaby and makes Urmila sleep. She turns and smiles seeing Sita and Mandavi sleeping where they were sitting. She makes them lie down properly in thje bed and covers them with a blanket. She moves out from there turns back and smiles seeing her children sleeping peacefully. She goes from there.

Precap: The child’s birth is celebrated

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