Three months have passed. In Mithila’s palace the situation is like the child could be born at any moment. Chandrabaga is lying in her room. Sunnaina is with her. Chandrabaga asks didi will everything be ok? She’s tensed Sunnaina holds her hand and says everything will be fine don’t worry I’m here with you.

Mandavi is in her room. Siya comes and is shocked to see Mandavi crying. She runs to her and asks Mandavi why are you crying? Mandavi asks didi I’m really afraid nothing will happen to Maa Na will she be okay? Sita asks Mandavi what made you think that something will happen to choti Maa nothing will happen to her. Mandavi says didi Papa was worried for Maa. I have never seen him like this before. She gets worried again. Sita tries to cheer her up but fails.

Sunnaina comes and says come on both of you come and have your breakfast. She takes them to dinning room. Janak is there. He asks where is Kushadhwaj. Sunnaina says he’s with Chandrabaga. He had breakfast already. Janak says OK. They all have breakfast. Sunnaina feeds Mila. Mandavi sits staring at the plate and is not eating. Sita notices it and asks her to eat. She feeds her. Mandavi says no didi please you all eat I don’t wanna eat now. Sita says no Mandavi please don’t get upset again . Sunnaina asks what happened putri why are you upset? Sita says maa she is worried that something will happen to choti maa. I tried to explain her but… Sunnaina says Mandavi come here. Mandavi goes to her. Sunnaina makes her sit in her lap and feeds her while a well fed Mila walks to Sita who has finished eating quickly today. Sita who was busy embroidering a duppatta for Sunnaina just smiled and caressed her hair and continued her work.
She said dearie Mila I’ll finish this duppatta soon until then my cutie sister will be a good girl and play with her toys. But Mila had other plans. She wanted to play with her Sita didi not with the toys. She threw the toys away. Sita who thought she threw them for fun got them back to her sister. Mila threw them again this time on her Sita didi. She pulls her Didi’s clothes. Sita says kk fine wait I’m coming we’ll play together. She keeps the dupatta aside and plays with her cutie pie sissy.

Sunnaina asks Mandavi, putri you know something? You’re gonna have a sibling today. She’ll look up on you. She’ll play with you and do whatever you ask her to. Mandavi asks like Mila does with Sita didi? Sunnaina smiles and says yes. Mandavi sees Mila and Sita playing and laughing. She says hurray than it’ll be really superb She asks badi maa but why was pita shri tensed for such happy news? He was telling someone that he was worried for maa and to make sure that nothing happens to her Why is it so? Sunnaina wonders what to say. Janak says putri it’s just because your pita shri cares for you and your mother alot. Mandavi smiles. Sunnaina hugs her.

Mandavi goes to Siya and Mila who are playing with a ball. Sita is relived to find her happy. They started talking. Mila waits waits and waits. She pulls sita’s dress still no use. She tried to get their attention but no they are still chit chatting and didn’t notice her. That’s why Sita was left speechless when she heard a sweet voice calling her DIDI. She ran and took Mila in her hands swung her in the air, kissed her again and again, told everyone she saw that Mila called her DIDI, for this is the first time Mila has called her that. She rushed in Sunnaina’s room Mandavi following her and said maa you know something Mila…Mila she… Sunnaina cuts in wait wait putri it seems you’re very happy today but please take a breath, relax and then say. Sita says maa Mila called me didi wow I’m so happy today. Sunnaina gets glad she kisses both Sita and Mila and hugs them. Mandavi thinks in mind it’ll be fun and happy to have a sibling I was so silly to worry about it. She joins in the hug. They all smile.

It’s midnight Chandrabaga screams in pain. She wakes kushadhwaj up. Kushadhwaj calls ayurvedhini. He shouts bhaiya… bhabhi…please come Chandrabhaga is screaming in pain. They come. The girls come too. Sunnaina goes to Chandrabaga. Ayurvedhini and daasis rushes in and out many times. Ayurvedhini says the child will be born soon. Mandavi who can’t see her mom in pain cries. Sita consoles her. A baby’s sweet cry is heard in room. Ayurvedhini comes and says it’s a girl child. Kushadhwaj hugs his brother. The sisters hug too. Everyone smile

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  1. Awesome thanmathi akka . It was too good . Loved the scene in which Mila calls sita as didi .wow keerti is born . Update next episode soon . Cant wait more .

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