Seven months have passed it is Chandrabaga’s godhbarayi function today. The palace is decorated well. Sunnaina gets Chandrabaga ready. A daasi comes in and says maharani ji princess Urmila is crying. We can’t stop her. Chandrabaga says go didi daasi will get me ready. Sunnaina goes. She finds Mila crying because of hunger she feeds her and says now my Mila will smile like a good girl. Janak comes in and says Sunnaina what are you doing here? we have to welcome the guests come let’s go. Sunnaina says you go I’ll come in a minute. Janak says OK and leaves. Sunnaina calls daasi no one is there. She wonders how to leave Mila alone. She goes to Chandrabaga and asks where are all the daasis. Chandrabaga says I don’t know didi but it seems everyone is busy. What will I do now how can I leave Mila alone? Chandrabaga says alone??? But where are Siya and Mandavi?. sunnaina says don’t know they said they are going to get your gift. Chandrabaga asks gift??? Don’t know what they are up to now. She says it seems I’m the only person who don’t have any work now. I’ll take care of Mila. She tends to go. Sunnaina says no no you stay here I’ll bring Mila here. Sunnaina leaves. Chandrabaga smiles as the baby kicks her.

Sunnaina comes she gives Mila to Chandrabaga and says don’t trouble your choti Maa. She leaves. Sunnaina joins Janak in welcoming the guests. Sita and Mandavi return to their room. They hide their gift. Mandavi says let’s go meet everyone otherwise Papa and Mama will be angry. Sita says before that we should freshen up look what a mess we have done with our dresses. If anyone finds us this way They go to see Chandrabaga after freshing up. Sita calls choti Maa. Chandrabaga says come my dearies what have you two been doing? Siya signals Mandavi not to say. Chandrabaga makes them sit on the bed. Siya wonders how to change the topic. She says choti Maa you look very beautiful today. Chandrabaga says I’m your choti Maa don’t try to act so clever with me. Siya says no no choti Maa you look really beautiful Urmila crawls and goes to Siya. Siya smiles seeing her. Sunnaina comes in. She says everything is ready let’s go. She sees Siya and Mandavi and asks you both have come? Anyway let’s go. Sunnaina helps Chandrabaga and takes Mila. They go to the function hall.

The celebration starts everyone blessed the child. The women dance and sing. Everyone give gifts to Chandrabaga. Siya and Mandavi come with their gift covered by a red cloth. They give it to Chandrabaga. She removes the cloth. It is a statue of Siya and Mandavi holding little Mila and a baby in their hands. Siya says whatever happens we four will remain united forever choti Maa. We’ll be supporting each other like you and Maa. Chandrabaga hugs them both. Everyone smile. The celebration ends everyone goes back to their place.

(3 weeks later ) It’s our cutie pie Mila’s 1st birthday today. Sunnaina dresses her beautifully. She feeds her kheer ( sweet). She remembers the night when Mila was born tears roll down her cheeks. Siya comes in. Sunnaina wipes her tears. She says look your didi has come. Sita says birthday wishes to my choti sis Mila. She feeds Mila kheer too. Kushadhwaj, Chandrabaga and janak comes in they do the same Chandrabaga who can’t find Mandavi with Siya goes to her room and finds her sleeping. She says Mandavi it’s our Mila’s birthday today come on wake up now. Mandavi says no Maa I’m too tired. Please let me sleep. Chandrabaga tries to wake her up but fails. Siya who was standing in the doorstep comes in and says choti Maa let her sleep come let’s go have breakfast. Maa has prepared soo many sweets and delicious food items. No food will be left if she comes late. But what to do she’s very tired right now. She turns to leave.

Mandavi wakes up startled. She says wait I’m also coming. She gets ready hurriedly. She says I’m ready let’s go. Chandrabaga laughs. Everyone is waiting for them in the dinning. They all take their place. Mandavi is about to have food. Chandrabaga asks won’t you wish your sissy before having food? go wish her and then you can have food. Mandavi wishes Mila. After having food they all go to temple.

A special pooja is arranged Sunnaina sings the pooja song. They all do pooja. Food is served to the poor. They all bless Urmila to live long. Our cute baby Mila looks at everything with her big big round eyes. She stretches her hands to go to Siya. She smiles as Siya takes her. The scene freezes on their happy faces.

Author’s note: sorry I couldn’t catch up with the precap. And sorry if I had bored you.

A request from my side: I know that you guys are from different localities states and regions of India. So if you can please tell the freedom fighters of India who are from or famous in your place if you can.

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  1. superb di . my face just lit up after seeing this post after so many days . mila’s birthday celebrations , the last scene where mila comes to sita , everything was awesome . mandvi getting up was very funny . loved the last scene where urmila comes to sita . eagerly waiting for the next one . update soon

  2. NABANITA626

    I will like to tell about the freedom fighters soon.
    By the way today’s scenes are awesome.

  3. its really super waiting for please update soon

  4. Nice fic!
    Freedom fighters frm bengal(I’m frm west bengal) r: kshudiram basu, pritilata waddedar, masterda suryasen, and if i remember more, I’ll post!

    1. NABANITA626

      Bhai bengal’s freedom fighters are uncountable…………
      It can not be ended any more to say their names.

      1. NABANITA626

        Proud to be a bengali?

  5. Padmaja

    Wow amazing dear..loved it… amd siya mila davi scenes were awesome… loved dem a lot.. especially the last few lines of siya n mila loved it…

    1. NABANITA626

      Nice dp☺☺☺

      1. Padmaja

        Thank u dii 🙂 🙂

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