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Everyone sleep in their chamber at night. In the morning a messenger comes to Mithila from Ayodhya congratulating the royal family for the child’s birth. Janak reads it and says Ayodhya has supported us on all the hardships we faced till now hope this continues forever. Sunnaina agrees. A daasi comes in and says Maharani ji Maharani Kaushalya has sent gifts for the baby. Sunnaina smiles and says get them in. They bring a big wooden box full of toys. Sunnaina says the queens of Ayodhya are kind hearted. Janak says not only the queens their sons are also kind hearted especially their eldest son Ram. He says I heard that Ram has broken age old customs and is giving importance to common people. Let’s see how far it continues.

Six months later Mithila’s palace is decorated with beautiful flowers. It’s holy today our cutie princess’s first holy. Mithila is going to celebrate it in a grand manner. Sita and Sunnaina are chasing Mandavi to apply colours on her. Mandavi continues to run. Since morning Mandavi is escaping from them. Sita says stop Mandavi. She says I won’t didi. Sita and sunnaina stop as they couldn’t run anymore. A dasi comes in taking the baby with her who is beautifully dressed. Sita tends to chase Mandavi again. Mandavi says no didi you can’t apply… Oh what have our cutie done she has spoilt the colour bowl in Mandavi’s dress. Sita shouts happy holidays Mandavi. Sunnaina laughs. Mandavi cries and says what have you done. Urmila laughs and makes some noise as if she’s fighting with her. Mandavi says you spoilt my dress and now you’re laughing at me. Mila still laughs. Sunnaina and Sita laugh. Mandavi joins with them and says when you grow up I’ll make fun of you more than you did today. Poor child she doesn’t know our cutie is far more than she can imagine. They all celebrate holy happily.

At night they are having dinner together. Chandrabaga faints. Sunnaina says who’s there bring Raj viedh immediately. She orders a daasi to bring water Mandavi cries and says mom please wake up. Sita says Mandavi please don’t cry nothing will happen to her. She hugs Mandavi. Sunnaina says my Mandavi is a brave girl Na then why’s she crying? Daasi brings water. Sunnaina revives Chandrabaga. Mandavi hugs her and cries. Chandrabaga says Mandavi don’t cry dear see I’m perfectly alright. Mandavi continues to cry. Sita says to sunnaina ma Mila will laugh so much if she sees Mandavi crying na let me bring her here she tries to go out. Mandavi wipes her tears and says no didi I won’t cry. Raj veidh comes in and greets everyone. He tests Chandrabaga and says congratulations a child is going to be born in this palace soon. Everyone get glad. They congratulate Chandrabaga and Kushadhwaj. Janak hugs his brother. Sita says Mandavi w are gonna have a little brother or sister soon hurray. They all smile happily.

Precap: Shruthkeerthi arrives

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  1. Very nice writing.For a long time I was waiting for that…..

  2. Anushya

    So nice thanmathi di

  3. Padmaja

    Wow tanu dear it awesome and i loved the cute fight btw mandavi and urmila… And a interesting precap..

  4. Padmaja

    Wow tanu dear it awesome and i loved the cute fight btw mandavi and urmila… And a interesting precap.. And waiting eagerly foe next epi… ???

  5. wow nice episode di . eagerly waiting for shruth keerthi’s arrival

  6. Anil

    Superb… Waiting for next epi..post as soon as possible..

  7. Sreevijayan

    Aww..my baby urmila is sooo cute

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