In Mithila five days have passed since child birth. All these days Sita and Mandavi took good care of their sister and mom. Chandrabaga was looking after the palace works and the duties of the queen on behalf of sunnaina as well as the family. Sunnaina has got back some of her strength and has started moving around slowly with the help of Chandrabaga. The people of Mithila were very happy when they knew that their queen has given birth to a princess. Sita and Mandavi are very excited today. Sita is decorating Sunnaina’s room with flowers. Mandavi comes and says I’m so happy today we are going to meet the people and the baby is coming with us too. Sita says yes Mandavi for the first time the baby is coming with us and I’m excited. Chandrabaga comes in and says you are not only going to meet the people today it’s your sister’s naming ceremony go get ready fast. Sita and Mandavi get ready for the saba. They go there with their mothers. On seeing them the people rejoiced. Janak lifts the baby with his hands and shows her to the people. Janak sits on the throne. A daasi puts the baby in the cradle.

Janak says thanks for all who came to wish the child. Today with all your permission and blessings I request Maharishi Yagnyavalkya to name the child. Maharishi Yagnyavalkya comes near the child she smiles seeing him. He takes the baby in his hands. He says this child will be full of emotion so I name her Urmila means waves of passion\ uncontrollable emotion. The people say Rajkumari Urmila ki jai Nagaraj janak ki jai etc… The family member are very happy. Sunnaina takes the child and says she’s my Urmila Sita and Mandavi join her. Sits says Urmila and smiles. Suddenly there comes a voice behind the crowd MAHARAJ JANAK.

Everyone turn around shocked. It’s Gargi. Sunnaina gets tensed seeing her she comes in Everyone gets tensed seeing her. Gargi asks Maharaj Janak girl child is considered misfortune for a family then why are you celebrating her birth??? A girl child is the swaroop of Devi lakshmi . when a female child is born the house will be filled with happiness only she has the power to give life to someone Gargi asks I agree what you said but won’t Maharaj Janak want a male child for his kul ???Janak says a male baby can only increase the prestige of his own kul. But a girl will increase both the prestige of her and her in-laws kul. I have only one wish that Janak’s kul should be known all over the world by his daughter’s name. Mahadev says thadhasthu \ so be it. Everyone smile. The celebration ends all go back to their houses the royal family sleeps in their chamber

Precap: Mandavi and Mila’s 1st cute fight

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    Wow epi was grt and waiting for next epi because of the precap……..

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    Sorry it’s Maharaj not Nagaraj

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