Sita says I love you too. Everyone smile. Chandrabhaga says to Mandavi and Sita you both should be hungry come I’ll feed you. Sita and Mandavi go with her. Chandrabhaga feeds them and takes them both to their room. She says sleep now both of you. We have to meet praja tomorrow They both lie down. In no time they were fast asleep. At night the baby cries. Sunnaina wakes up hearing the cry. Janak wakes up too. Sunnaina sees the baby and cries. Janak gets teary eyed too. Suddenly Sunnaina asks where is Sita? She won’t eat well unless I feed her. She tries to get up. Janak stops her. She asks why are you stopping me? Janak says don’t worry Chandrabhaga will take care of them. I know but… Sita says Maa. She comes in and stands near the bed. Janak lifts her and makes her sit near Sunnaina. Sunnaina asks Sita did you eat well? Sita says yes Maa Chandrabhaga Maa fed me. Janak asks it’s late night Sita Why are you awake at this time? Sita says Papa I heard mom and you speaking so I came here. The baby holds Sita’s clothes she sleeps peacefully. Mandavi comes in with food. She is too small to carry it she couldn’t hold it but still she goes in and keeps it in the table. She says Maa you didn’t eat anything till now please have this food. Sunnaina says come to me. Janak makes her sit near Sita. Sita and Mandavi feed her. She eats and cries. Sita wipes her tears and asks why are you crying? Sunnaina says nothing these are tears of joy. I’m blessed to have daughters like you. She hugs her daughters. Janak says come on it’s getting late I’ll tell you story. He tells story of Maa Anushya. The children sleep. Janak makes them sleep properly and keeps the baby in cradle. The baby still holds the cloth. They sleep.

Precap: In Mithila all are celebrating the child’s birth. Gargi comes to the saba. Sunnaina gets tensed.

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  1. Padmaja

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  3. Eagerly waiting for the time when lakshman will come in urmila dream☺??

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    Nice one tanu di its fabulous ur thoughts r good,no no they r toooo good

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