Episode starts with Kushadhwaj leaving for war. Sita says she wants to go to the Battlefield too. Sunnaina asks her why you want to go there? Sita says maa I will work in the rehabilitation camp helping soldiers of both sides to recover. Urmila says to Sita in that case we will come with you too. Sunnaina gets shocked and asks Janak to do something (eye talk) Janak nods and says putri your chote pitaji is going to make peace and if you go with him he will be worried for your safety and moreover you have an important work here in Mithila. Sita asks what is it pitaji? Janak says I will tell you later but first say bye to your chote pitaji with a smile like a good girl. Sita nods and says bye chote pitaji and smiles. Chandrabhaga performs Aarti and Kushadhwaj leaves. Chandrabhaga looks on worried.

In the evening Sita enters her room calling out for her sisters. Urmila is not there. Sita remembers Urmila telling her that she has to go to the river bank to paint it’s beauty during sunset . Just then Siya’s eyes caught sight of Mandavi sitting in the temple praying hard.

The expression in her face made it obvious that she was worried for something. Sita went up to her sister and placed her hand on her shoulder. What is the matter you look so worried? She asked. Didi I heard badi ma telling you once if you leave your worries to God he’ll look after it and put everything right for you Mandavi said. Sita nodded insisting Mandavi to go on. Papa has gone to the battlefield. I want him to be safe. I just don’t want this war to happen. So I’m praying to God so that the peace making efforts become successful. Mandavi don’t worry everything will be alright Sita sounded more confident than she actually was. She too was worried for the soldiers and of course her chote pitaji. She prayed hard in her heart though she didn’t show that she was actually as worried as everyone else. Mandavi plucked up her courage and consoled herself that everything will be alright if her Sita Didi says so.

Next morning Sita came back from Gouri maa temple and gave prasad to everyone. This was her daily routine which she would stop for nothing. But she prayed for so long than usual. After that she went to the garden to feed her pets – two talking parrots, pigeons, fishes, the royal cat and the wounded squirrel which she found few weeks ago. Though it’s wounds were healing it needed special care as it will no longer be able to climb trees. Usually the sisters fed them together. But today Sita had to do it alone since Mandavi was either praying in the temple or was with her mother most of the time and Urmila was always painting something. She found it really hard as for her like everyone painting was not something that would ease her mood. To be truthful she could do a painting if and only if she was happy.

Despite all these fact she had to paint not that she is don’t-carish what most people thought she was. She had to paint for Keerthi, her little sister. She was just 4 years old and didn’t even know what a war really meant nobody wanted to tell her either. But Keerthi seeing how worried and sad her mother and sister were guessed at once that whatever’s happening is dreadful and so very wrong. Chandrabhaga and Mandavi even though they tried hard to be cheerful in front of Keerthi couldn’t help being worried. Sita and Urmila who were sensitive to others feelings and had a kind heart tried their hardest to create an impression that everything is quite alright. They pondered over it as of what to do to cheerup Keerthi.

At last it was Urmila who found a way out. She knew very well that everyone knew that she couldn’t paint when she was mentally disturbed and if she does painting as she used to do when she’s normal Keerthi will surely cheer up and become happy once again. Urmila did her painting mostly outdoors so that she can get Keerthi and herself out of the palace atmosphere for sometime. Outside the palace also the situation was not any better as most of the men in Mithila were fighting in the battlefield. Everyone was hoping the same as those who were in the palace that the peace making proposal should be accepted. It was the longest wait of thier life. And they faced it as bravely as they can, believing in God and praying for all they were worth.

After 3 days Maharaj Janak got a message from the battlefield saying that the peace making efforts were not successful. Janak thought it would be the best thing to do if he would break the news to the family members himself.

Especially to the girls, they maybe his brother’s daughters but as far as he is concerned it was four daughters for him and not just two. Quietly he left the Saba and went to the wing of the palace were the rooms of his family members stood. When he reached the entrance he stood there thinking for a movement wondering whether to call a family meeting or not and decided not to. He then went to his chamber and broke the news to his queen Sunnaina and added that he will have to break the news to Chandrabhaga and she might need her support and a little comfort.

Sunnaina who was in a shock herself sat heavily on the bed. It took a while for her to digest what she had heard and when she understood what it really meant she sat there thinking for a while and stood up suddenly and said you don’t have to go to her I will saying so she left the room and Janak went to find the girls. The girls were in their room Sita reading a book and the other three playing with a ball. Janak stood there thinking what will happen to their happiness after the news was broken. He was not sure of how his children will take the news and how he’s going to break it to them. At last he entered the room and the girls fell silent at once. Sita who glanced up to see what caused the sudden silence saw her father and went to join her sisters. Janak sat down in the bed and took Keerthi in his lap. Mandavi and Urmila sat either side of him and Sita who can understand her father’s thoughts just seeing his face kept close to Mandavi. Janak said dears you know how kind your father is don’t you? Well now its time for the world to know how brave he is. Pitashri do you mean to say the war is happening? Mandavi asked before bursting into tears.

Shruthakeerthi cried too. Dears look here your father is a great warrior don’t you trust his bravery? You know very well how much your father loves you your tears will make him sad and weak do you want that? The sisters nod no. Janak continues I know your father more than you do. He will win this war for sure what we have to do is to just wait and help them I every way we can. But piaji how can we help them? Mandavi asked her sobs becoming long gasps. We can putri but before I tell you how you should promise me that you won’t cry again for your father. I want my daughters to be brave and become a strength to their family not their weakness will you do that? They nod yes. That’s good now wipe these tears off your face and smile like the daughters of a brave warrior. Now listen a warrior’s strength is not only his weapons it is the courage of the people with him, his army and above all his family. So you have to be strong and in addition to that you have to see to it that the people are strong as well. People???

Asked Urmila confused. Yes dear Mithila has never came across any war since so long so you see the people of Mithila are also afraid and worried as you are. So I want you to help them in every way you can. Go talk to them be with them and restore their happiness. But pitashri do you think we can do it? Asked Urmila. Sunnaina who entered the room just in time to hear this said Putri I don’t know whether you know this or not but the fact is the people of Mithila consider you four as their own daughters and if anyone could cheer them up after this dreadful piece of news its you and only you. Sita and Urmila agreed to this. Shruthakeerthi who always wanted to help everyone in everyway she could agreed too. The three of them looked at Mandavi and to their greatest relief she was smiling a trying smile and had the expression of determination written all over her face. Others who knew that Mandavi won’t give up once she had decided something heaved a sigh of relief.

Precap: The sisters meet the people of Mithila. Back to reality.

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