The episode starts with the girls talking in their room. I’m so happy today we are all lucky to get Rishi Vishwamithra’s blessings Sita said smiling. But didi I heard he was a king before is it true? Asked Shruthakeerthi. Ya I have heard about it too but don’t know much about it said Mandavi. Urmila nodded in agreement. I have an idea then today when pitashri tells us bed time story we will ask him to tell Rishi Vishwamithra’s story said Sita her sisters agreed. Ok then now let me go and finish the idol of Gouri Maa Sita said and left while Mandavi resumed with her book and Urmila and Shruthakeerthi together went to complete the painting.

In the evening Sita comes to her room with an idol of Gouri Maa and her dress muddy again. Mandavi looks up from her book and says wow didi its so awesome Sita smiles and keeps it in the table in her room. She goes to freshen up herself. When she came back Urmila and Keerthi were in the room. Urmila have you finished your painting? You said you are painting your favorite scene na? Urmila says yes didi I have finished it and we are going to show it to father. You too come with me didi I want to show it to everyone. Truly thus is the favorite painting I have ever drawn. Sita smiles seeing Urmila happy. But at the same time wonders what is in the painting. The four sisters go to their father’s chamber. Sunnaina asks them do you want anything dears? No ma it is just that urmi wants to show us her brand new painting which is her favorite so far said Sita. Oh what’re we waiting for then come lets see what it is said Janak. A maid brings the canvas in which is covered by a red cloth. Urmila asks Janak to uncover it, Janak takes the cloth off and in the canvas was a painting of Janak and Sunnaina holding Sita and in the background was the idol of Mahadev which is in the temple wing of the palace. Chandrabhaga says it so nice and beautiful urmi. Kushadhwaj says Urmila is a born artist bhaiya. Urmila interrupts them and says choti ma choti pa half of the credit goes to Keerthi too she helped me with the shades and choice of colors. Everyone praise Urmila and Keerthi Sunnaina hugs her daughter and says I’m proud that I have daughters like you. Janak says I hope you stay together forever dears.

At night the girls come to Janak to for their bed time story Janak asks them what story they want him to tell. Sita asks him to tell Rishi Vishwamithra’s story Janak agrees and tells them about Rishi Vishwamithra being Maharaj koushika the conflict he had with Brmharishi Vasisht, his penenence to become bramharishi., his encounter with Maharaj Harichandhra etc. But he purposely omitted his relationship with Menaka the apsara and his rejection of his wife and his newborn baby girl sakunthala after knowing that Menaka came to him only to fulfill the bad intensions of Indra. The girls sleep

In the morning Janak summons his courtiers for an emergency meeting. Sathanand sys that the news is correct that Sudhanva the king of Sankasya is going to attack Mithila. Kushadhwaj seeks permission to take Mithila army with him to stop and defeat Sudhanva. Janak says Mithila always believed in nonviolence and peace but it doesn’t mean we are weak he ads that he allows Kushadhwaj to take army with him but insists to try to make peace to save the lives of many innocent people. Sita overhears it and asks Janak do we have army in Mithila? Janak says yes but they were not needed so far as we don’t believe in violence. But now the situation is different raja Sudhanva is advancing towards us thinking we are weak. Dear remember something always this life is given to us by god and we are all equal and nothing before him but when someone thinks himself superior to everyone he loses his capacity to know the difference between right and wrong. But whatever we are doing now is not because we want to prove ourselves superior. We are just defending ourselves and fulfilling our duty towards our motherland Kushadhwaj seeks permission from Janak and leaves. Sita looks on.

Precap: Kushadhwaj is leaving for war Sita comes and says she will go with him to treat wounded soldiers from both sides. Everyone get shocked. Janak says Kushadhwaj is going to make peace and if she goes with him he will be worried for her safety. Moreover you have an important work here in Mithila.

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  1. Padmaja

    Lovely episode dear!!!!! And awesome painting by urmi and kirti… and loved the aadvice of janak… waiting for the next epi…

    1. Thanmathi

      Hey dear it’s actually an off screen pic which I depicted as a painting u can see that in my g+ DP happy that you loved it

  2. NABANITA626

    Yes agree with padma……
    Janaks advice is really good…….awesome epi….
    Waiting eagerly for next episode☺

    1. Thanmathi

      Hi Di thank you so much for commenting

  3. NABANITA626

    Hi I am thinking to write a ff regarding May be sri ram,Mata sita and hanuman ji took birth in kaliyuga in our india in the form of Sri ramkrishna,maa sarada and swami vivekananda in the 18 th century,but we have not identify them…..it is my personal perception…may it be true,may it be not,I will tell you all in this short FF why I am telling so……
    Not I can not acqueing such bravery to write a ff first time in such delicate topic…
    Please tell guys……i seriously need your all advice………

    1. Vanshika

      Do write it di, I told u in my ff pg also u should surely write…

    2. Preethi12345

      hey naba di u should definitely write your ff since it sounds great. plz do write it

    3. Thanmathi

      Go ahead and write it down vl be waiting for it

  4. Astra

    Awesome dear

    1. Thanmathi

      Thanks for commenting dear

  5. Vanshika

    Oh my god,,, I’m lyk in deep shock… You’ve written it pretty good di.. Hats off to ur retyping.. U r so talented..

    1. Thanmathi

      Hey vanshi if I’m talented so are you dear and you are right when we see the comments all our stress goes away

  6. Preethi12345

    hats off to u thanu di amazing ff and in the precap u have menioned tht there is an imp work for sita in mithila
    i wonder wht work is that
    plz do write the next one

    1. Thanmathi

      Hey cutie thank you soon much for commenting dear and i vl update it next Thursday only so I can’t reveal the precap dear

  7. Amalina

    Awesome epi! loved it especially the sisterly bond between urmila and keerthi and how urmila didnt let her parents praise her alone but praise keerthi too! plz continue sis!

    1. Thanmathi

      Sure vl continue

  8. nice to read it……….very nicely wrote it by you…………keep it….

  9. Anil

    Nice epi..

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