Urmila ke Lakshman -1st Episode

Hello everyone.I want to thank you all for your wonderful comments.That encouraged me to write this story.So here goes.

A young woman is shown reading a book.Then ,she thinks to herself Bhagwan Shiv and Parvati Mata’s Jodi is so good.They have so much equality and they love each other so much.But I don’t want a husband who only loves me.I want him to perform all his responsibilities then love me.Her thoughts are interrupted when Sita comes and says Urmi You are always busy reading this book.She turns around and it is revealed to be Urmila.She says Didi , I only hope you get a husband who loves you as much as Shivji loves Parvati ma.Sita says even I hope you 3 get husbands who love you .Mandvi comes and says didi without you the food in the kitchen won’t be tasty.Besides from tomorrow we won’t be able to eat food made by you.Mandvi and Urmi shed a silent tear.Sita gets emotional and says no matter how far we will go we will always be together.Shrutakirti comes and says all of you are crying.This is not good.I say we should have a group hug.They laugh and hug.

Two men are shown sleeping on the floor
One man says bhaiya I know my Bhabhi will be just like ma.Your wife would be just like you.The other man says Lakshman how do you know?Lakshman replies Ram bhaiya it’s my gut feeling.Ram says I don’t know how she will be like but I hope she is just like how you described her.But tell me how should your wife be ? Lakshman says whoever she is she needs to know her responsibilities and not hope for love from me.Ram is shocked and gets up and says finding such a girl is impossible.He replies don’t worry bhaiya I will find her.

Sita is shown cooking when Urmila comes and brings a glass of water and says didi please drink this.You will get thirsty.Sita says you are very responsible Urmi.Probably your future husband will be just like you.Mandvi says how about my husband didi.Urmi says Mandvi didi your husband will be cool unlike you.He will tame your wild anger.Sita bursts into laughter.Mandvi takes a ladle and says wait Urmi how dare you and she runs around the room chasing her.Urmi dodges her and hides behind Sita and says didi please protect me.Sita says Mandvi don’t be so angry.Mandvi throws the ladle and hugs them both.

Precap:Sita goes to pray in Parvati temple when she sees Ram and they have an eye lock.Urmi bumps into Lakshman and he holds her.They are attracted to each other

Please do comment and give me ideas regarding the next parts and stay tuned to Tu for more updates
Jai sri ram

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  1. Aman

    Loved it

  2. Aman

    Hey I read somewhere and saw in a video that ram has 2 sisters-shanta & kukabi, can anyone tell from where kukabi story come from who is her mother please see- http://hindi.webdunia.com/sanatan-dharma-mahapurush/the-history-of-lord-rama-116041400076_8.html

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