Urmila is awake !!


Finally, Ram, Lakahman siya were back from Vanvaas. Everyone were very much happy and obviously need to be. Everyone was present to welcome them in the gateway of the palace except one. Yes. That’s Urmi. Lakshman’s eyes were searching for Urmila but she can’t get up until Lakshman’s wakes her up. W

hen he stepped inside the palace, Urmila lying started to awake as it was her time to wake up!! He stepped into the room where Urmila was sleeping. Siya was very much exited to see Urmila than Lakshman’s because she had did a great sacrifice even though being a woman.

When Lakshman’s hand touch her hand she waked up finally. Hee eyes were so reddish!! She opened her eyes and saw ram sita first and fell in their legs. LAKSHMAN got emotional went outbof the room. She met everyone and when she was searching LAKSHMAN she saw him going out. But dunno how her tired legs got strength to run very fast. She catch hold of LAKSHMAN and fell in her legs and hugged her. ? This immense love is immortal and precious. Is it not?

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  1. Hello guys !! My ending was simple !! I didn’t get much idea !! But I just wanted to let to know the amount of love of Lakshmila !!?

  2. superb malvi .i just loved it….

  3. Tiyasa


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      Thank u

  4. Very good writing.the emotions are awesome.

  5. Padmaja

    Hey dear it is nice…. i loved it dear…

    1. Malvi

      Akka thanks

  6. nice ☺

  7. Malvi

    Really? Thanku

  8. Anya

    This ff was so nicely written with its essence.i liked ir

    1. Anya

      Guys don’t mind but the message just came out twice

  9. It’s nice dear..

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