urmandvi two shot (a cute sisterly relationship) second shot (siya ke ram)


Recap- the sisters r playing hide and seek. Urmila is nowhere to b found in the whole rajya. The sisters get tensed. Mandvi is determined to find Urmila.
The episode starts with mandvi getting out of the bed n Sita seeing her.
S-where r u going??
S-then y did u get up?
M-actually …… I ….. Yes.. I was going to the balcony to see the stars ?..
S-okay. Sita closes her ? eyes.
Mandvi goes in the balcony n thinks how to get out. Jiji will spot me if I will open the door ?.. I will make a rope n get out of the balcony, if jiji sees me I’ll say that I was seeing the ? stars. She takes out dupattas from the shelf n turns to go to the balcony when a vase falls down. Kirti gets frightened n gets up. “What’s it dii? What’re u doing??” “nothing” “so many dupattas??” “”Actually there’s very cool outside in the balcony soooo” “but what’ll happen with these dupattas??” “Actually….. Hey you ask so many questions. There’s nothing actually…” “actually what???? Di what’re u upto??” Siya gets up hearing the commotion n Kirti tells her everything. M-pls let me say something… Actually… I was feeling bored so I thought that I’ll embroider these dupattas sitting in the balcony.. N u..

S-okay dear we’re going to sleep ?, u embroider ur stars. Kirti goes to sleep. Mandvi makes a rope by tying the dupattas n goes down.. To her relief there weren’t any guards there coz RajRishi Janak never felt the need fr guards. Mandvi took a firestick n runs towards the forest. She carefully searches fr any evidence among the tiny grasses.. She spots sum thing shining among the bushes. Its Urmilas anklet‼‼‼‼‼ her favourite anklet ‼ … She sees sum red drops on the anklet n gets shocked..
Tears drip from her eyes ?… The anklet falls from her hands.. ???? Mila….. My Mila…. Where’re you…… Mahadev pls help me out. She notices a long trail of blood drops n gets shocked.. She takes the anklet n follows the blood drops trail.
She spots a piece of dupatta of Urmi n gets shocked…. I’ve been walking from so long and m unable to find Mila..pls lord help me ??.. She sees a cave n enters in it. There’s a tunnel in the cave n she falls down walking the tunnel. She gets hurt… She Luks around herself n heaves a sigh of relief seeing urmi in a corner. She’s unconscious. Mandvi asks her to wake up bt she doesn’t…Mandvi gets tensed n her eyes fall on the wound on her head. She cries ?. She tears off her dupatta n ties it on Urmilas forehead . While doing so blood drops from the wound on her hands on Urmilas face. She opens her eyes n gets shocked to c Mandvi there..
M- R u Fyn?

U-what’re you doing here??
M-I should ask you the same. what’re you doing here?? How did u get hurt so much??…. Ohm.. I’m so mad.. I should first of all take u out then start this questioning.. Bt how’ll we get out??… She stands up n supports Urmila. Urmila points towards a door from the cave..
M-oh no….. I dint see it.. Let’s go..
Mandvi helps Urmila n they reach the palace.. The sun rises. Sita and Kirti along with their parents r standing there waiting for them.. So u were lying Mandvi??? U could lie toooooo much fr a demoness… Everyone laugh. The sisters take Urmila in her room. Sita applies herbs on her forehead. Urmila opens her eyes. Mandvi scolds her. How all this happened??? How?? This is hw v rest?? Don’t u hv even a pinch of common sense??? How did u hurt yourself?? U know hw v were worried??
K-jiji, even Mata gargi never asked us So many questions while taking test..
M-shut up..
U-what shut up?? She’s saying the right thing..
M-now u… U’ll tell me what’s right what’s wrong?? U cnt even take care of urself n u’ll tell me what’s wrong…
U-I can take care of myself.. Who asked u to find me?? I would have reached home myself. No need of such foolish companions.
M-who’s foolish? You’re foolish
U-see I’m very intelligent otherwise u wouldn’t have seen me alive here.
M-ooh really?? What such did u do??
FB shows Urmila crossing the forest to go towards the Palace. She feels hot n tired ? n gets unconscious. The sun is shining above her ☀☀ FB ends
M- so this is intelligence to faint in the middle of the forest.. N that too guards dint find you?..
Fb shows a big lion who turns into a ferocious demon ??.
M-but there aren’t lions n demons in mithila forest.. That too in daylight..
U-there’re.. N y u kip on interrupting the story..
M-okay .. Continue..

Fb shows the demon laughing loudly n approaching towards Urmila ??. She gets afraid ? . The demon strucks her hand with his sword. She shouts in pain. Blood starts dropping from her hand. She runs and falls down. Her anklet drops ? down.. She sees the demon whirlpooling sand dunes all over n gets an idea. She runs n runs n runs n runs…. Her mind is set to see a water body somewhere.. N to her delight she sees a cave along the riverside.. The demon throws a rock towards her n it hits her head. The demon laughs ferociously. Urmila holds her head determined n takes another rock n hits the demon from behind the demon falls into the river ??.. Gone .. Urmilas vision blurs.. She’s unable to see anything n starts walking ? in the opposite direction.. Towards the cave.. N faints there… FB ends…..
Everyone is hearing shocked ?????… Mandvi caresses Urmilas forehead.. You’re indeed my lovely sister Mila…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ THE END ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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  1. Padmaja

    Wow a cute stry aand loved the careness in fights btw dem…

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      Thnx alot Padma di.. I was really worried whether anyone will lyk d plot or not..

  2. Wow..awesome vanshu dear….?

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    Thnx alot tharu di ?

  4. Aman

    nice ☺

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      Thnx Aman bhaiyya fr commenting

  5. awesome

  6. Anushya

    the most lovely fanfic ever vanshu…. just love it…. continue writing others….. youve got great talent…..

  7. Anushya

    i loved the plot….. so emotional

  8. Vanshika

    Thnx anushya dear.. Love u.. I’ve more such plots to continue… One on Lakshmila next?

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