urmandvi two shot (a cute sisterly relationship) first shot (siya ke ram)


Location: The palace of mithila..
The beautiful daughters of Kushadhwaj and RajRishi Janak are fully educated grown ups, still playing blissfully, merrily in the open garden outside the palace. There’re sita and shrutkirti, who’re fully loaded with politeness and on the other hand there are Urmila and Mandvi who though full of love, are full with lots of fight even now.. This story has the sweet and sour love n war relation of urmandvi, through a completely imaginative story..
Kirti-lets play hide n seek..
Mandvi -nice idea. We’ll hide n Urmila will find us.
Urmila- why me?
Sita-someone will have to find na.. Otherwise play some other game. Okay you hide, I’ll found you.
Urmila -okay.
They go n hide. Urmila hides behind a tree ?. Mandvi comes to a tree besides her. ?.Urmila gets angry ?. Don’t hide here, if we both hide here then jiji will find us.
Mandvi -No it’s impossible to find me.
Urmila -shut up.. They both start fighting. Siya hears the noises n catches both of them. Urmila shouts on Mandvi. I got caught cos of u. M-no you’re responsible. Y did u hide behind this tree?
U-you came afterwards n started arguing.
Siya – stop arguing. Lets find Kirti. Urmila -I’m tired ? u find kirti n take her (Mandvi) along with u. I’m going..
Urmila goes.
Mandvi -where do u think jiji kirti may be? She’s nowhere in the forest.
Siya-did u search near the ponds?
Mandvi -hehe… Nope.. Okay lets go, that’s your n her fav place.

They go near a pond in which kirti is staring at two white swans, perhaps a lovely couple spending some nice moments together.
Siya-Kirti I’ve caught u‼
Sutkirti -okay….
Mandvi-what okay…?? Wat r u doing? Come, lets go, food would have been ready..
Kirti-yup lets go.. Hottt food is waiting.
⭐⭐⭐⭐ Inside the Palace ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sunaina- Daughter sita where’s Urmila? Doesn’t she wish to eat today?
Mandvi gasps- she isn’t here..
Siya-she said that she is unwell, hence wants to rest n is going back.
Kirti-she should’ve reached here.
Chandrabhaga-but she hasn’t…
Mandvi -she’s in some danger…… I’m feelin it.
Kirti-you.. N tension…. OMG…
Sunaina-where did she go? How did u let her go? Where’s my daughter?
Janak-Don’t b tensed. I’ll ask my men to find Urmila. After all where’ll she go? She’ll come back. May b she went to Mata Gargi ashram. Or perhaps the farm. We’ll find out. Don’t worry. First finish the food.
Sunaina-how to eat without my daughter?
Mandvi (thinks)- how can I eat without my sister…. That demoness is not a demon.. She’s my sister first of all n I’ll… I’ll find her at any cost. Hope nothing.. Happens to her… Mila.. I’ll find u..

Sita feeds Kirti while Mandvi just stares the plate, lost in thoughts of Mila.. Her childhood memories flick in her mind. Sita looks at her n says – why animosity with food Mandvi?
M-jiji how can I eat? Mila would b hungry. Then..
S-if we’ll eat, she’ll not get hungry. We’re sisters na.. See, I’m also eating, that doesn’t mean I’m not worried fr Mila, we’ve to eat well and then only we’ll b able to search Mila, m I right?
Kushadhwaj-Yes.. Siya is right. Eat well and then we’ll search your sister, where will she go after all?
Sita feeds Mandvi n Sunaina. Bhoomija….. plays……
⭐⭐⭐⭐? It’s night ?⭐⭐⭐⭐
A man informs Janak that Urmila isn’t anywhere… Janak n Sunaina get tensed.
The sisters r sleeping. Mandvi wakes up suddenly. She isn’t able to sleep n is determined to find Urmila at any cost.

Precap- Sita sees Mandvi going somewhere n asks her where she’s going. Mandvi finds Urmilas anklet in the deep forest. Later, she finds Urmila unconscious in a dark place n asks her to wake up.

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