UR Wish, MY Command….Twinj (summary n part-4)


Hi…I m back…I know mai firse late hun lekin exam tha na yaar so couldn’t post…lekin now I have finished my exams n I have got holiday….lekin holidays hai… mere cousins ayenge so I will nt be able to post regularly…lekin jabhi mujhe time milegana mai zaroor post karungi…

Thanks fr cmmnting….

shanaya plz do tell which part is confusing I will surely explain.

sayeeda- y will I mind…infact I loved the name…really missing u..


Monoher n rt are frnds n both working as a general officer in army…one attacker leaves the photo of twinkle to rt by warning him that he will kill twinkle…RT gets shot…he tells monoher to protect his(RT’s) daughter twinkle n dies..monoher being a loyal frnd asks his son kunj to go to twinkle n protect her…he also tells him that she should not get to know about his(kunj) true identity that is being in army…kunj agrees to him…

In first epi it shows that tw have got to know about rt being dead n is shattered…here kunj comes to railway station where our twinj meet..

In second epi kunj gets to know that she is twinkle RT’s daughter whom he have been searching for…tw comes to chinki who tells her to keep PG at home to look after her NGO ..It is revealed that twinj where childhood besties..

In third epi kunj comes to twinkles home as her pg…where twinkle misunderstood him to be stalker…ku tells her that he is her childhood bestie n he came here a PG…both hugs eachother…


Link for my previous epi-


Recap-twinj cute nok jhok n tw gets to know that kunj is her childhood bestie n nw her PG…

Nw lets begin…

Twinj comes upstairs…tw shows her house to kunj…nw they both leaves to thier rooms…

After sometime twinkle comes to kunjs room..she knocks the door n calls out fr kunj…bt she gets no response…she gets inside..she starts finding him..then she hears the opening of the door..she turns around..

Tw: aaaa…


It then shows that kunj came out of bathroom wrapped only in towel around his waist…tw sees this n turns around..

Tw-(showing her back to kunj)tum kapde pehen ke nahi aa sakte??…

Ku-aur tu knock karke nahi aasakthi thi Kya??(nw sarcastically) mujhe lagtha hai ke yahan meri izzat khathre me hai..mujh se door raiyo..

Tw-(turns to face him) TUM…(again turns back) tum pehle apna kapde pehenlo…

Ku- kya tu pehnade gi??


Ku-haan…tu yahan tehri hai tho mujhe laga ki tu mujhe kapde pehnana chahthi hai…(tries to control his laughter…but couldn’t control n starts laughing)hehehe..hehehe..

Tw-(full on angry mood) jitna hasna haina has lo..tumhe toh mai baadme dekhungi..(goes out of the room)
Ku-ab to tu gaya

Kunj closes the door n calls someone…

Ku-hello chinki..thanks yaar..tumne mera kaam kardia…

Ch-koi nai kunj..mai tw ke liye kuch bhi kar sakthi hun…yeh tho bohot chotisi baat hai…tw ki jaan khatre me thi aur mai uske liya itna tho kar hi sakthi hun…aur mujhe bharosa hai tum meri tw kuch nahi hone doge…

Ku-(smiles)aisi bff sab ko mile…chal bye..


After sometime he opens the door n comes to twinkle’s room..suddenly a pillow hits on his head..he looks towards the source from were the pillow has been thrown..its none other than our siyappa queen oops kunjs siyappa queen…she keeps laughing…her hair are flowing…she is looking so cute…kunj gets lost in her before a pillow again hits him which brings him back to his senses..he catches a pillow which was about to hit him…

Ku-Ab tho tu gai siyappa queen..ab is marksmanship se kaise bachegi… [marksmanship noun- the ability to shoot skilfully] (realizes what he said *remember he is a well trained soldier so he bymistake says that he is expert in shooting)

Tw-what??? (Shocked n questioning face)

Ku-I…I mean…haan…mai aankho se accha shoot katha hun..meri ek nazar pe ladkiya marthi hai..(he winked at her before mentally patting himself)[mujhe pata hai dailouge worst tha]

Tw-hwww…flirt kahinke….(again throws a pillow)

They both get into pillow fight…pillows tear up releasing its feathers all around the room….

Screen freezes….

To be continued….


Aaj ka boring tha patha hai mujhe…lekin I m out of ideas aur specially summary ke liye likha tha…

Drop ur cmmnts…whether +ve or -ve..any confusion do ask me…suggestions are always welcome…if any mistakes pls ignore…


Love u all…


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  1. Twinjfan pls one os one romantic pls pls

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      will surely write one as an idea is popping in my head…I m working on it now…thanks fr cmmnting….bye..

  2. Amazing epi.. loved their cute Nok jhoks and their pillow fight??.. wasn’t boring at all.. do cont soon ?

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks sidvee…

      love u…

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna


      love u..

  3. Awesome

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      thanks payal…love u.

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi

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  5. It was awesome…

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      thanks yaar.

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  6. Ranabulbul

    When I saw ur cmnt on my ff I was like ye wapis aagi …thank an post karegi Ab karehi ….
    But finally u posted now ..amazing yr ourane epi yad aagye …
    Jaldi post kr dena meri tamanu

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks bulbul…im glad u liked…I recieved ur message n have replaid too…

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  7. Chiku

    Awesome ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Sweeite it’s awesome
    If udont mind can i call u sweetie?
    Loved it
    ?????? funny thain
    Mazaa agyaa
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    Live u❤️❤️

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      thanks yaar…its so cute name….u can surely call me sweetie…

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  8. Paavu

    wow tamu it was nic i was waiting for so long for this ff and now i m happy pls do cont aspa

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      really paavu u were waiting fr my ff…I m really so so happy…thankyou so much fr this wonderful cmmnt…

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  9. Kritika14

    Loved it! post the next one soon x

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  10. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..tamana amazing episode…..loved it to the core…..

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  11. SidMin

    Loved it Tamanna 🙂 I know I am late but never mind I Loved it 🙂 The dialogue you said was the worst was very sweet according to me tho there can be 2 things 1 I don’t have a good sense of dialogues or 2 You are underestimating yourself So I guess the 2 option is right Love you 🙂

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      sidmin plz don’t say like that…ur dailouges are best.. I would go with second option kyunki mai first option tho undoubtedly wrong ….anyways thankyou so much fr such kind words… I really happy now…thanks once again….

      love u..

  12. Superb….

  13. Tammana…i really loved it…
    n kunj dialogue were funny…loved it
    n pillow fight too…
    love u…???

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks sujina…

      love u too..

  14. Romaisha

    Really very cute!!??
    Their fights were amazing yaar! Loved it!

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  15. Ramya

    Hey tamanna
    Finally u r back n I hope u write ur exams well
    N so sry fr late commenting as I was busy
    N episode is amazing dear Loved it n love u

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      thanks ramya…yah it was a bit tough bt have written it..

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