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Hi guys…


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(Again I know but for my new friends)

I m from Karnataka, India…. I m 14 years old and studying in 9th std… Consists of 3 members family that me, my mom and my dad… Don’t have brothers and sisters but have many friends including u all…. Loves to make friends…. Crazy about twinj aka sidmin… Loves sidhant gupta and armaan Malik…. Big fan of doremon, shinchan and hw can I forgot ffs… Actually I m obsessed with them… Loves singing and fashion designing…. Hobbies are many depending on my mood… Fav songs are many but bol dona zara…. Currently liking kaun tujhe…..

G-mail address- tamannasirin92 [[at]] gmail [[dot]] com

Any thing else u want to know u can ask me in the comment section…


Monoher n rt are frnds n both working as a general officer in army…one attacker leaves the photo of twinkle to rt by warning him that he will kill twinkle…RT getsshot…he tells monoher to protect his(RT’s) daughter twinkle n dies..monoher being a loyal frnd asks his son kunj to go to twinkle nprotect her…he also tells him that she should not get to know about his(kunj) true identity that is being in army…kunj agrees to him… it shows that tw have gotto know about rt being dead n is shattered…here kunj comes to railway station where our twinj meet.. kunj gets to know that she is twinkle RT’s daughter whom he have been searching for…tw comes to chinki who tells her to keep PG at home to look after her NGO ..It is revealed that twinj where childhood besties.. kunj comes to twinkles home as her pg…where twinkle misunderstood him to be stalker…ku tells her that he is her childhood bestie n he came here a PG…both hugs eachother… some cute moments between twinj… Yuvraj luthra’s entry as their neighbour…One month leap where kunj had fallen in love with twinkle whereas twinkle confesses that she loves uv to kunj and asks him to get to know if uv felt the same… Uv proposes tw and she accepts him… Kunj cries… One day twinkle goes to meet uv in his college as he is a lecture… Where he ignores tw and she feels hurt but our kunj who cannot see her in pain sings the song main hoon na and ends up crying at one corner where he hears gun shot… He sees the attackers and fights with them (gun fight)… He kills almost everyone of them… But one of the man points the gun towards twinkle but uv comes in between and he gets the bullet… kunj carries uv to hospital… Twinkle gets angry on kunj for not telling her the about him being In the commandos and asks him to leave them (Twinkle and uv) alone… Kunj has some friendly talks with uv where he says that he is leaving and asks him to protect twinkle… He first gets a shock when uv asks him if he loves twinkle than accepts it.. He leaves recalling tw Nd his moments while the song humdard plays in the bg… He is travelling in the train where he gets a call and he states shocked “WHAT?????”

To be continued…..



Uv: wo tujse pyaar kartha tha twinkle… Lekin tu buddhu hai twinkle… tune uske pyaar ko nahi samjha aur tune use gusse me aakar jaane ke liye kehdiya…bichara teri khushi ke liye tujhse dur chala gaya…

Twinkle listens this being guilty and cries thinking the mistake she have done…

Here on the other side…

Kunj is still in the train…He gets a call…

Kunj: WHAT!!! Aisa nahi ho saktha… Shayad tumhe koi galat femi hui hogi…

*other side*

Kunj: are u sure… Kyunki mujhe nahi lagtha…

*other side*

Kunj: okay… I m coming…


What situation made uv to tell the truth to twinkle?? How will twinkle react?? Will twinkle and kunj reunite?? With whom was kunj speaking on call?? Why he got shocked after listening to the other side?? Where is kunj moving now???

So many questions??? If u want answers there is two options first is of guessing and other is staying tuned to my ss that is ‘ UR wish, MY command’ …

So guys… My ss is going to end soon… I guess only 3 to 4 parts are left… And I wanted to ask you all if u want epilogue or u want me to wind up my ss soon.. If u want the epilogue pls do tell me in the comment section…

Actually I wanted to write this ss as a os but thought that it won’t bring the feel which the ss would… Truely to say I have cried many times while thinking, imagining and writing this story… I seriously didn’t know that if I’ll be able to put it into words… But I m glad that I was able to do so… I again apologize for making u all cry…. I m so sorry…

Aur ek baat after winding this ss I ll be starting a new ss… It would be a different one from this except the one sided love… I ll post the prologue after winding this up if u all want… I m warning u first it’ll be a emotional as same as this…as I enjoy writing one sided love….hehehe…

Okay enough… I m srry I didn’t posted my ss bcz I had to post two os…


Any confusion and any suggestions regarding this ss… Plz do ask… I would surely clear it out…


If u wanted any scenes in this ss u can tell me… I’ll surely try to add it here…


links of all the parts of this ss:


Link for all my os…

Only for ur happiness…. Twinj os







SACRIFICES only for u….twinj OS



Hope all the links work…
Love you all ….



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  1. Sohi

    Hmmm after reading promo it made me more eager to read next part and ya I want epilogue one request in your next ss the one side love is of twinkle or kunj if it’s kunj’s one side love for twinkle then iam very much excited to read your next ss do post next shot soon

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks sohi… u ll get to know…. n I m sure I ll nt disappoint you…

      love you

  2. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Tamana (di??) Actually you are 1 year older than me so if I call you Tamana will it be fine with you 🙂 Anyways I have read all of your OS but none of your SS but I must say that you have an amazing mind 🙂 I am loving it like anything .. so please post soon 🙂 But I have a slight confusion .. That do Yuvraaj and Twinkle both love each other? If yes then how come Yuvraaj let go his love when both love each other and if Twinkle truly loves Yuvraaj so why will he leave him for a guy (Kunj) whom she never loved? Sorry if u felt hurt 🙁 Just wanted to clear my confusion xx
    Loads of love and support ♡♡♡♡

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      zuha yaar u call me whatever you want… n I m so happy that u asked me to clear ur confusion… I never felt hurt… don’t worry ur confusion will be cleared in the next epi…

      love you..

  3. Sameera

    Wow tamanna amazing yaar loved it soo much do cont soon ur epi as I’ll be waiting for it and yeah sry I had not read ur previous thanks for giving summary loved it soo much promo shocking well do cont soon

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks sameera for commenting…

      love you

  4. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….tamana…..loved it….promo is really exciting….. Waiting for it….do post the epilogue…..
    Ur next ss would also be rocking

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks rashi… Will try to post soon…

      love you

  5. Awesome promo.. after reading it I’m very much eager to read the next part of the ss.. n thnx for the summary though i remembered the story 🙂 do cont soon ❤

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks sidvee for always supporting me…

      love you…

  6. Paavu

    Tammu thanks fr giving summary I axtually needed it vry mich bcos I was knwing d stry bt was nt connected wid tu frm sme days si bit missed thanks ab sari pata chal gayi and pls dont end give epilogues and about scenes I would like to see train scenes jst like ek villian if u can pls and oh u r younger than me I m 16 bt we r sissies ok bye love u and pls dint end it its my fav yaar

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      I wrote it for I only actually u asked me na aur mere reader mujse kuch mange aur mai une wo na doon… yeh scene thoda tough hoga add karne lekin I ll surely try… sacchi I m on cloud infinity when u said that this ss is ur fav… thank you so much…

      love you…

  7. Kritika14

    Well, your promo has made me even more curious to read the next part now! So please, post it soon okay? Also, thanks for the summary! Loves! x

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      Thank u so much monica… Will try to post soon…

      love you..

  8. Amazing yar promo was so interesting can’t wait to read the episode plz post asap

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks yaar…

      love you

  9. Hey tamanna I’m commenting for the first time on your article but trust I have read all your OS and this SS too and it’s amazing…love it to the core…promo seems very interesting…damn excited for the episode…dear plzzzzzzzz try to post episode as soon as possible…if it’s possible post it by today…

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks yaar… but it’s not possible today bcz I m going to granny’s house…but ll try to post soon…

      love you

  10. Ramya

    Hey tamanna I’m shocked dear tum Sach mai 14 years ki ho lekhin phir bhi itne ache se ff kaise likhti ho see
    N promo was awesome loved IT bohat questions hai jaldi post karna
    Ek bad news ki tu yeh ff end kar rahi hai aur ek gud news hai ki u r starting a new one so dear plsss asap Loved it

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thanks ramya for always supporting me… I m really happy I liked it…

      love you…

  11. Chiku

    Woaaahhh such a horrifying promo. I am very excited to read further. Post soon
    Love u?

    1. Twinjfan.tamanna

      thank you yaar chiko… I m really glad…

      love you

  12. SidMin

    Oh ho surf 14 sale ke ho 🙂 So sweet I would like to be your friend wait I am already your friend right
    The promo was too good Kunj ko jho call aaya hai its a bit scaring
    Post soon can’t wait Love you 🙂

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