UR IDIOT LOVES U – Swaragini


Scene 1

two girls in school uniform were coming near the scl gate

girl 1 Was staring at a guy continously

girl 2: Offfo swara pls stop staring him we all know u love him but dont stare him as if u ll eat him (ya girl 1was swara they are in their 12th std swara is lil fat girl with a boy cut she is shy but good at studies she doesnt participate in any other sports or dance or music her work is oly to study go home eat sleep)

sw: Kavitha pls dont say that wat will happen if he comes to know (ya the other girl was kavitha she was slim and Lil beautiful )

kavi : Huh when are u gonna tell him then

sw : i donno i am afraid wat will he do when he knows i love him

Kavi : i think he also loves u just give it a try propose him

sw was fully confused

on the otherside

two guys were sitting and chatting in the canteen

guy 1 Was continously staring at a girl

guy 2: Arre yaar when r u gonna propose her i have seen u i know u both love eachother but y are u ppl not confessing yaar

guy 1: Hmm ya i know but i want her to say first how many days will.she be the same shy girl anytime she should open up na

guy 2 : Huh watever and stop staring her yaar sanskar

ya guy 1 Was our sanskar studying in 12th std hot cute handsome guy in scl

san : Wat bothers u man i am staring my girl na just shut up sharat (sarat is one of his class mate)

sans who was talking to his frnds got from his seat all of a sudden and went towards place where two girls were sitting (they are non other than swara and kavitha)

sw who saw sanskar was happy as she knows he talks with her freely but the next thing wat he did made her sad

sans went near them : Hai guys i just wanted to say an important thing so are u ppl free

kavi nodded her head in yes

san : Hmm so actually i am here to propose or u can say confess my love (he took kavithas hand on his) haan kavi i love u so much will.u be my gf

swakav was shocked and kavitha was not knowing wat to reply but hearing all this swaara gave a fake smile and went away running sararh who was seeing all this came to him running

sar : Arre pagal hogaya kya instead of proposing ur girl y did u propose kavi

kav : Exactly idiot Y did u do this u know she will feel.bad

sans : Huh cool.guys i just did it wantedly

sarkav : Waaaaattttt but y

sans : i want to confirm whether she loves me or not and so i did this to see her reaction when i proposed the other girl

kav : o god pls she will now be crying yaar tell her the truth now
sans : Naaa not now tomoro

sar : Y tomoro

san : because its my moti angels birthday i wanna make that day spl and i ll propose her tomoro

kav : Hmmm not bad ok ab challo lets go

the trio left to class but didnot find swara there sans was sad but he knows where she will be he went towards the library to see her looking into a book with blur eyes as she was crying

san came and put his hand around swas shoulder : hello my dear moti wat are u doing

sw wiped her tears and gave a fake smile : Nothing just reading book

sas: Acha i thought ur eating Ab challo lets go

sw : no u go i have some work

sans : Oh mam i am not asking u i am telling u ok come now

as they both were talking there were some guys who spoke something which made swasan angry

boy 1: Hi have u heard something our scl heart throb is no more single

boy 2: Achha who is that lucky girl

boy 1 : She is our kavitha

boy 2: Waaattt but i thought he loves swara

boy 1: Huh stop kidding buddy have u gone mad have u seen swara such an ugly fat girl with big specs and boy cut yuckkk who will propose her and this sanskar he is tho so handsome how will he yaar

this was it for sanskar he just got up and moved towards the boys and gave them tight slap and was abt to beat them but he was stoped by swara

sw : Stop it sanskar y are u beating them

sans : Sw cant u see they are telling bad abt u i ll just kill them now

sw : So

sans : are u mad dint u hear wat they said abt u

sw :(shouted) Haan wats Wrong in that sach Tho karahe hai wo donon who will love me i am ugly fat irritating an idiotic book worm

sans was numb hearing to wat she told he was totaly broken inside

sw : I am leaving sanskar bye

without even leting sanskar speak she left the place she went away running in tears here sanskar was also in tears shouted swaras name but no she had left she had left him alone

@gadodia mansion

sw came running to her house : Maa papa ragini dii

all came running to see wat happened to her as she never shouts she is always silent

shekar : Arre kya hua beta y r u shouting any problem

sw : papa i want to leave to aunts house

sumi was shocked : Waattt but y
sw : Maa pls dont ask me anything if u ppl atleast love me then book my tickets i am leaving today itself And get tc from scl i ll continue my studies in aunts place (saying this she ran to her room rags followed her)

sw was packing her stuffs rags came to see her : Shona kya hua
sw : Nothing di just want a change thats it

rags knows she will always keep.her sorrows inside so she dint ask more and went to call some one(rags is 2yrs elder than swara and they are living with their mom and dad they are equally rich as maheshwaris)

as soon as rags went swara stood in front of the mirror and saw her in it and started speaking her self : huh the topper SWARA GADODIA but loser in a real life see urself fat ugly with the bloddy boy cut huh even ur love doesnt love u shame on u swara chi (she turned back) No no no i am not a loser i am not

soon swara left for her aunts house


sans was fully upset but was just having a hope that tomoro he will make everything fine and went to his room and saw his brother standing

sas : Hi lucky bhai u here any thing important

ya lucky is sanskars brother elder to him of 2yrs

lak : Wat happened between shona and u

sans : Huh did bhabhi call u (ya rags called laksh to ask y sw was upset Raglak were in love from 2yrs oly sanskar knows they both are in relationship swara knows laksh is raginis frnd but doesnt know he is sanakars brother )

sans dint think further and told everything to him

laks was shocked : Wat are u really an idiot now u know wat she is going to her aunts place

sans : Hmm let her go na she would have some work (casually eating snacks)

lak : Awwweee my sweet chote u know where is her aunts house

sans : How will i know baba

lak: Then hear me out she is flying to her aunts house

sas : Y shuld she fly they have car na

lak hit his forehead In irritation : Idiot her aunt is in US

sans: Uuuuussssss this cant happen i m calling her now itself
lak: Too late yaar she already left

sans sat on his bed with a thud : All because of me She left me bhai now wat will i do i hate myself its all because of me

laks : Shhhh no nothing is because of u or her its all fate if ur destined to be together u both will be together ok now challo wipe ur eyes lets go somewhere

sas : No bhai i love her and i ll.keep on loving my moti

laksh smiled seeing his brothers pure love

scene 2

in airport all were sending off swara even kavitha was there as she was swaras bestie everyone was crying and talking kavi went to attend a call but dashed on to a guy

guy was shocked to see her

kavi : Idiot cant u see

guy flirting way : Omg wat a beauty

kavi stamped her foot and moved towards swara guy was watching all her antics and soon left the place Swara also left to us

after 4yrs


sumi : Ragini did u send driver to pic shona

rags : Oops no ma wait i ll send u dont worry

lak : Hoi rags looking very happy today haan wats the matter

rag: Y not finally my sister is comming na after 4long years

laks : hi thats because of me if i would have not convinced her to come to our marriage then she would have not come here

****raglak have been engaged but swara was not able to come due to exams and now for marriage she is comming as laksh had ordered her if she doesnt come he will pospond the wedding)

rag : Huh just shut ur mouth and send him soon to pick shona but dont tell anyone that i gave an idea of sending him ok otherwise she will kill me (interepted by a voice and there stood a fair and handsome guy with a wide smile on his face)

guy : dont worry babhi when sans is hear not to fear (ya the guy was sanskar)

rags tensed : Pls sanskar u dont know abt her she is not the old shy swara if she comes to know this she will kill me

sans : Hahaha bhabs i know to handle her leave that to me

rags : Ok now i ll send u her pic wait

san: Nooo dont send i ll find my moti myself

rags was abt to tell something but laksh stopped her

rag : Hi lucky tell him she is become

lak: Cool my darling let him find her himself (winks at her)


there was a girl coming in an elevator slim and s*xy with a messy bun wearing pencil jean and a tshirt with a jerkin on her hand checking her mobile with a boy of her same age

boy : hi jaanu where is ur driver

girl : Huh dont know but rags told he is wearing red tshirt and blue faded jean

boy : Hmmm

soon they both started walking near the enterance girl took a deep breathe

girl : I am back kolkata missedd uuuuuuu soooo much (shouted like hell that everyone stared at her )

boy : Shona just shut up Everyone is seeing u (ya the girl was shona)

sw with attitude : I dont care

boy : u never change ok now where did the driver die

sw : Dont know sahi (ya the other guy was sahil)

sah saw sanskar who was standing like a statue seeing his lady love who was now.changed so much to a beautyful girl but sw was still on mobile dint notice anything

sah went near sanskar : Hello Sanskar rags sent u rite

sans : Hmmm ya yaar (still looking at swara)

sah : sir if u have finished seeing ur lady love can we pls move

sans hugged him tight : Thank u for taking her here

sah : Arre pagal no thank u and no sorry in frndship (ya they were frnds once when sahil came to india swara told him to stay in her house where raglak and sanskar became close to him so sahil very well know how much swasan loves each other)

sans shook his head and went towards driver seat but sw still didnot see him

sah : jannu Car came come on lets move

sw : Haan coming sahi (soon they both sat in passengers seat still swara dint see sanskar and sans was messmerised to see her so he dint have any words to speak was just staring at her from mirror )

sw Was smelling something : u blo*dy today also u have put that perfume na i have told u not to use that

sah : Which perfume yaar i have used axe today

sw : no i can smell it dont know y but its his perfume smell

sah confused : Whose

sw : huh that idiots

sah : Oh sanskars(winked at sans)

sw : just shut up and stop using that perfume ok

sah : y is there any rule that oly he can use it no na then

sans was smiling seeing her antics as he knows its her favourate perfume and she doesnt like anyone puting the perfume apart from him even her father bought the same perfume but she broke the bottle and told him no one should smell the same as her sanskar

sw : Watever

sah : If u love him so much y cant u tell him that

sw : Who said that i love him rubbish

sah : No i have seen in ur eyes u love him

sw : Kuch bhi just shut up ok

sah : Ok then tell me then y ur wearing the payal gifted by him till now

***sans when they passed 10th std bought swara a cute payal and swara gave him a silver bracelet which he still wears***

sw (with an evil smrik): Oh is it where is it show me

sah saw towards her legs and was suprised : janu where is it have u lost it how can u do.that u loved to wear that rite

sans was totally broken to hear that she had not worn the payal he gifted and a drop of tear came from his eyes but soon he smiled thinking something

sw : No i have not lost it but just kept it somewhere

sah : but u never remove it or keep.it away from u na

sw : cant u just shut ur mouth

soon they reached mm

sw shocked: Y are we in sanskars house

sah thought to tease her : Omg esa tho nahi ki instead of raginis marriage have we come to sanskars and kavithas marriage

sw was totally numb and a tear drop came from her hazelnut eyes : W w wat wat are u telling

sah : Ya i think (before he could complete raglak came running towarda them)

swara hugged them both happily
sw : Wo di why are we in this house

lak : Oh mam this is my house so obviously marriage is here tho u ll be here oly na

sw : But its sans sans sanskars house na (hesitently she asked)

Someone from behind : oh not bad u still remember ya its my house oly

sw turned to see her eyes widended seeing sanskar and was abt run and hug him but the way he proposed kavi came into her mind and stood quitely

lucky came and side hugged sw : Hmmm so my dear shona meet my brother sanskar

sw opened her mouth into O : Wat ur brother

sans came and hugged her tightly : Ya my moti i am ur sisters one and oly brother in law and now close ur mouth (saying this he released the hug)

sw was still in shook everyone took her inside and showed their rooms

@guest room

sw put her luggage in a thud

sw : Huh wat the hell god y did u do this to me y did he come in my life again u know na i hate him aagggghrrr i hate him so much

sah came in saw her blabbering : No u love him

sw Strted hitting him with her tiny hands : U know this na stupid cant u tell me duffer dumbo

sah ran away from her room to safe himself Saying : rags called u she wants to meet u itseems go soon

sw : I ll.kil u once i get u in my hands dont u dare to come infront of me (shouted at sahil)

@dinning table

everyone was present full maheshwari family and gadodia family with sahnis and was having dinner

rags saw sw dreassed in blue chudi but still tied her hair in bun : Swara i am seeing u from the time u came u have tied ur hair in a bun y any reason

sw who was eating started to cough but sanskar.was looking at her lovingly

sah : Arre di she never opens up her hair no one even knows she has how much hair she either puts a bun or covers her hair with scarf

sumi : because she doesnt like long hair beta thats y

sans: Aunty she doesnt like or she doesnt have nice hair hahaha (he wantedly teased swara)

sw who was now angry got up to go to her room : I am full good night everyone

@guest room

sw came into the room angrily and was pacing in anger sans came to the room with a winning smile and stood in front of her

sans : Hai my love (saying this he pulled her from her waist)

sw was shocked : Wat the hell idoit leave me

sans whispered in her ears : if u shout i ll tell the reason of ur bun

sw grifted her teeth and showed him a fake smile : hai sanskarrrr

sans : Thats like my good girl come its been years lets talk for sometime

sw With fake smile : jiju told me to help u In marriage decorations and preparing list thats y i am helping u other than that i am not interested in u did u get that

san: Achha (with a naughty smile removed her bun and her beautiful black long hair was bouncing on her back

sw : How dare u

sans came near her ears by carressing her hair : Hmmm not bad my moti ur hair is long and beautiful i wanted a girl with long hair oly u know na and thank u for keeping up ur promise (saying this he inhaled the fragnanceof her hair which bought shivers in her body) And u can now keep ur hair free no need of keeping a bun i have seen it fully ok (winked at her)

**** Ya he was correct she doesnt show her hair to anyone as once in scl days when sanskar told her he loves long hair she has promised him when she has long hair she will show him first****

sw : No nothing like that i like keeping bun thats y

sans puled her cheeks : awwweee cho chweet still u dont know to lie

sw in mind : how did he found out i am lieing

sans : Dont think much i know ur lieing otherwise who will like to tie this luxurious hair in a messy bun by the way i am impressed (saying this he kissed her forehead and went out of the room saying her to take rest)

sw was angry blushing happy sad and wat not she was having every feeling she was angry because he found out her truth and happy that still he remembers abt their scl days soon she dozed off with a smile and leaving her hair open as this is the first day she has slept keeping her hair open as she wants him to see her long hair she mostly keeps a messy bun

next day morning

as it was raglak marriage after 4days they all decided to go for shoping after break fast all where discussing but Soon everyones eyes widened when they saw swara coming down in pink anarkali suit with open hair

sah : Di just pinch me once am i dreaming

rags : Arre u pinch me first is it my real sister or anyones booth

sw came and pinched both of them

raghil : Ouch wat was that

sw : U both told to pinch and i did that

sah : Huh leave all that (he came and started walking around her)

sw was confused : Wat

sah : No is this ur real hair (pulled her hair)

sw : Ouch stupid yes

rag : But y were u hiding ur hair all these days

sw (stamering) : Wo wo haan wo ya actually wo

sans (who saw swara tensed): if ur questioning session is over shall we have breakfast

sw took a deep breathe and thanked sanskar through her eyes where in sans smiled and wnet near her

sans whispered to sw : U should sit beside me for breakfast orelse i ll say the reason y u were keeping ur hair tied

sw was tensed but didnot show It to sanskar : Wat is the reason behind it nothing i like putting messy bun so i did ok

sans : Ok no problem (he shouted ) Bhabs u know y sw(before he could say anything she closed his mouth with her hands With a pleading look) thats good

rag : Wat sanskar

sans : Nothing

swasan sat together as she was abt to have her breakfast she opened her eyes wide before she could take her bite she was having a peice of roti on her mouth ya sanskar feed her with his hands without anyones notice

sw : Wat was that

sans : Wat

sw : Y did u feed me

sans : My wish

sw : Idiot

sans : Ur idiot

sw gave him an angry look soon everyone finished their bf and was abt to go for shoping
but again our heroin was least interested

sw was checking her mails in her mobile while walking towards her room but suddenly she dashed with someone due to which they both fell down swara on top of the person

sw without seeing the person : Sorry sorry sorry

the person : Awwee its my pleasure shoud say ur so beautiful before also now also

sw : Idiot leave me

but the person was holding her tight throught her waist with his both hands

per : Not bad but my gift will be looking more in this place than ur legs

sw : Wat the hell ur blabbering leave me sanskar

ya it was our sanskar who banged her wantedly

sans : If u told me u want a hip chain i would have bought u a new one wat is the need of this

sw was shocked : Wa wat

sans: Y ur wearing the payal in ur hip (still hugging and touching her payal which is there in her hip as hip chain romanticaly through her top)

sw in mind : How did he know i have attached the payal in my hipchain and wore it how did he find it

sans : I know everything abt u so stop thinking ok and pls ur so heavy can u getup from my top and if u want to romance with me we ll do it in our room

sw saw their position and got up Quickly : Romance that to with u if u wanna romance go and do it with kavi ur so called beautiful gf ok

sans was sad But was lil happy atleast she is jelous : Hmmm lagtha hai somebody is jelouse

sw : Jelous my foot

sans : Ok so let me introduce u to my gf

sw was sad : i dont wanna see her

sans without listening to her dragged her to his room and made her stand in front of the mirror and hugged her from back and kept his chin on her shoulder

sans : u dont want to see but i wanna show my gf to u

sw started to shiver sans holded her tight

sans : U know wat we both met in our 5th std she was so cute chubby girl with a big specs she came and sat near me and was crying the whole day when i asked her y she told she missed her dodo (sw saw him through the mirror in a shock) I was feeling jelous but then when i went to her home on her birthday i came to know it was her dog (sw stared at him) Ops sorry she doesnt like if anyone calls it as dog she even bet me with stone see the mark is still thr (sw smilled seeing the mark on his hand) i dont know when i fell in love with her ya she was my first crush i thought to suprise her on her birthday when we were in 12th std i wanted to know she also had the same feeling for me or not so just to know her reaction i acted as proposing her frnd but my pagal moti thought i loved her frnd and went far away from me but my love is also not so weak i waited for her to come i thought she will come here she is but one thing is missing (sw gaving a questioning look) she was cute and chubby and her cheeks was so cute it doesnot mean she is not cute now but i loved her more when she was chubby she was the one who thaught me love should come by seeing the inner beauty not the outer appearance finally my love is standing infront of me(showing the mirror) Ya swara i love u oly u ur idiot oly loves u

sw was in tears she turned and hugged him tight but then she realised wat she has done and pushed him sans was confused

sans : Wat happened shona

sw : I hate u

sans : Wat the hell are u in nuts

sw : Idiot how can u propose kavitha

sans : It was just a prank

sw : Oh is it then if u see me propose someone wat will.u do

sans : i ll kill him and as far as i know u oly love me

sw : Who told u that i am in love with u

sans : I know that (with attitude)

sw In mind : I am angry on him instead of convincing me he is showing attitude let me see i ll not say ok to.him till he does something spl to me (to sans) No i love someone else

sans was shocked thoda tho he knows she loves him but then too he was afraid to lose her

sans : Wat who is that guy(clencing his fist)

sw To herself : Ab aayega maza u made me jelouse na now see (to him) Sahil

sans laughed in his mind : Ok then tell him to accept it

sw : Y not come

swasan went to meet sahil

sw (winked at sah He understood) : Hmm sahi tell him u love me

sah side hugged her : Ofcourse sanskar i love her (sans while sahil was telling just moved a bit seeing the person at his back sahil was shocked and started to sweat on the otherside the person was staring at him)

sw who saw him sweating saw the source y is he behaving like this and her face got bright : Kavithaaa (she went and hugged her ya the person who was staring sahil was kavitha)

kavi : Hai swara how are u

sw : Too gud u

kavi : Hmm fine but i think ur bf is not fine (showing sah)

sans was laughing holding his stomach where in sw was cofused

sah : baby when did u come

sw widened her eyes : Baaabyyyy is she ur baby

kavi : Get lost u blo*dy dont ever call me that sw told this to jelouse sanskar but wat happened to u if anyone comes and asks u then u ll say them i love u is it

sah : No no.baby its not like that let me tell u i oly love u from the day i saw u in airport (ya the guy who dashed kavitha in airport was sahil He was staying near swaras aunts house and Swara and him became close frnds)

sw : Oh so u came to india for her haan

sah : Haan tell her na yaar see she is angry on me

kavitha stamped his foot and went out sahil also went out followed by her to calm his gf

swasan was laughing like hell

sw : Omg wat was that but nice pair

sans pulled her towards him : Not more than us

sw pushed him slightly : I hate u stay away (said with attitude and went out)

sans : Hmmm tho madam is angry on me let me see till.when


everyone was sleeping but sw was bored so she was watching movie she was so indulged in movie that she dint even see sanskar coming inside her room

sans silently went near her and shouted : Boommm

sw who got scared hugged him tightly closing her eyes : Ahhh booth booth pls pls dont kill me i am innocent i dint do anything i dint even get married i have not even kissed sanskar once pls i want to live dont kill me pls (soon she came into sense by a laughing voice)

sans was laughing will hugging her : ur so funny swara when booth comes will u hug him

sw : Idiot ur really an idiot get lost i was scared (saying this she hugged him more)

sans sensed that she was really scared and hugged her more tightly : Hoi moti y are u sacred so much and wat were u lieing that u dint kiss me

sw : Ya when did i kiss u

sans : awweee lier

sw : No i dont lie

sans : Remember u kissed me when were in 10th std

sw : Chi that was by mistake my leg got twisted and i landed just giving a peck on ur lips ok thats not kiss

sans : Oh so wat is kiss then

sw : Kiss is that which ranveer gave to deepika in ram leela

sans (inocently) : awwee but i dint see that movie na how will i know

sw Got up from the bed : No problem lets watch now (she innocently started to play the dvd But did not notice sanskar smiling naughtily)

sans came near swara : Swara

sw who was busy seeing movie : Haan sanskar

sans : I dont want to see that in movie i wanna experiance it with u

sw : experiance wat sanskar

sans : This (saying this he kissed her lips hard she was shocked dint take part in that he started to bite her lips hard due which she gasped he started to explore her mouth with his tongue both were playing with their tongue which was oly showing their love both parted away due to lack of air and was staring eachother with lots of love it was not enough for sanskar he again leaned towards her and kissed her hard he was fully on her due to which she lyed on bed and sanskar top of her again they parted away and was having a romantic eyelock sanskar leaned towards her and kissed her forehead cheeks and nuzzeled in her neck and was biting her and kissing her

sw : Ssss sanskar

sans Kissing her neck and biting her : Hmmm

sw : we r yet to get married

sans came into sense and got up from bed : Wo wo i i am really sorry (went out without seeing her )

sw was Blushing hard and slept happily

@next morning

sanskar got up and came out getting ready but to his suprise whole house was silent and no one was thr

sans : Ajeeb hai yaar where did all go maa papa bhai (no response)

he was abt to go out but got a voice msg

voice : Hello my dear idiot dont be scared everyone is fine and safe i just wanted to spend some time with u so if u wanna see me first go to ur room and wear the dress which i have kept
sans : Oh so mam has planed something not bad (he went to his room and wore the dress which she has kept And was looking so cute again he recieved a voice msg

voice : Hmmm not bad haan looking very handsome ok so challo follow the arrow marks from ur room and u ll find me

he too followed the arrow marks and was stunned to see the decoration full terrace was decorated with lots of candles roses and main part was it was fully like night not like morning with stars and a small moon and there she stood in front of him with a knee lenght red color frock with a bunch of red roses in her hand sans was totaly flat seeing her seeing him standing she came near him and gave him roses with a cute smile

sw saw him still standing still and not responding her and seeing this she hugged him tight and gave him a peck on his lips which made him come in sense

sans : Swara wat is all this how is it possible

sw : Shhhh my dear idiot stop.questioning and let me speak so here me out waise u talk alot na now let me tell u

sw released the hug and stood in front of him smiling : Hmmm so u told me u dont know when u fell in love with me but i fell in love with u from the day i saw u ya u were my all time love u know when ever i see u with other girls i became angry i dint know that time but i came to know when u gifted a pen to kavya (one of their class met in 6th) U know i even i broke that pen (sans smiled at her looking at her lovingly) But u idiot when u proposed kavi i was totaly broken and the way that boys spoke made me irritated and i went far i am solly will u forgive ur shona (holding her ears Cutely)

sans came and hugged her tightly : I am sorry

sw Whispered in his ears : I LOVE U SANSKAR ur my sweet idiot and i love this idiot

sans released the hug : And UR IDIOT LOVES U MORE

sw : ur my idiot and i love u more

sans : huh ok we both love each other more ok happy

with that they both kissed passionately but soon parted away by hearing claps

voice from back : We tooo love u both

all maheshwaris and gadodias where standing at the back of them swasan was embarressed after a year they both got married and lived happily ever after

Hope u like this sorry if u ppl are disapointed

If ur thinking who am i let me tell u i am lakshmi writer of Y DO I STILL LOVE U hope u like my os

#thank u


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    Loved it…

  12. Wow yar it’s awesome… Truly loved it.. ?????????

  13. Alia

    It was amazing ..fabulous…..can’t express in words

  14. Mahjabeen

    Amazing dear….loved it soo mch

  15. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome … can I update it on watty … I will give the credit to u ….

    1. Lakshmiraja

      Thank u so much and I am also there in watpad da if u want i can update the same ????

      1. Sanjanaagrawal

        Actually in watty I made a book named SWASAN IMAGINARY WORLD – ONE SHOTS …. so in that book I upload one shots updated on TU after taking the writer’s permission … so I want to upload in that book …. if u will say yes then I will upload it and if no then its ok …. ??

  16. Lakshmiraja

    Guys i am not able to reply some of u so i am commenting here thank u sooo much guys for loving my work love u all ???

  17. More than awesome

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