ur my heart baby (swasan) OS

Hai my next os.

Sanky: wake sanju, dad’s prince is still sad no never. U know today is ur mom’s
sanj: i know dad today her first death anniversary. Don’t feel hurt i’am fine. Am going to ready for ur surprise.
Sansk:(( himself) may be iam unlucky. Before 5 years everthing was nice . My parents done my marriage with aastha gadodia along with raglak marriage. I ragini and aastha trio made many fun , but everything go fade when i lost my dear aastha on our princess 3rd B’day. My rivals killed her like ….. No no my annu is here she is not dead. After that my parent urge me to marry my dewdrop sis but i’nt. But today for my dil my sanju i’am ready to sacrifice my feelings.
Sanju: papa pls kya koya?.
Sank: come down baby.

In hall both mm and gm present.
Sank; attention pls i’am yes am ready to marry her.
Sanju;Dad u made me happy.
That day ownwads shona intazar shuru huyi. Day and night sanju imagine about her new mom.
sanj: dad did u here thatpapa…that..that.
Sanky: calm baby . Tell what happen. She is coning my mom is coming .
Sumi: ha beta shona is one the way she don’t need a huge marriage. U just fill her manng. She is aastha’s better half and soul sis. She resemble aastha so much.
Suj: haa chora just fill her mang.
Rad : di will fill.

Sanju: my heart.
That conversion long till her arrival.
Sw: hai i’am here.
Sanky: hai nice to meet u.
Sw: i’am not ur partner in business so be casual.
Rag : di ur here.
Lucky: luk bro she will rule. Becz she is my cutiepie.
Ap: do the marriage don’t waste time
. Marrige is our . 2 week past. Swasanju bond increase.
One day:
swara in hall: i want to tell u somethng.
Suj: haa chori bol.
Sw: idon’t want to be sanju’s mom and also don’t want to known as swara maheswari.
Sumi came forward and slap her.
Sanju: mom.

Swara run from there.
Sanj: dadi u spolied our plan i hate u . Dad why don’t u protect her. Did abyone hear her ful.
Raglak: she is ri8
all head to swasan room.
Sank: what u want to tell.
Sw:iwant to be her maa and swarasanskaar maheswari.
That day ownward swasansaju began to enjoy life. They go for long trip. Atlast one year pass.
In night. Mens were out of the house. Some goon come and shoot sanju. Immediately shona take her to hosp.
Sanskaar and others rush their.
Sw: poochipayi is not waking up.
San: she is fine.

Doc: sry she is no more.
(did doc know only this much english)
swara fal down. Poochipayi wake up by telling she fall down. Doc: sry(oh god again sry)
she is in trauma .(thank god)
Swaara slept for one week forgetting surounding.
They do sanju’s funeral.
Wait for second part soon…………………….

Sry its ts

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