Hi friends ur friend DIVYA SHANKAR is back with an os firstly I wish advance happy birthday to my darling friend ” VINI” and my cutie friend “JOYA”
A special wishes from my side may god give u heart full of happieness wealth health etc hv a great future

Then friends I wish u very happy friendship day every day is friendship day every one r my friends and like my family..thank u for coming to my life hope dis journey continue with same passion love u friends….???

Let’s begin

In dis story a two great buddies they r neighbours they r heartly care for each other let’s c how they both care for each other…

Group of boys playing football opponent team kick d ball our hero just raise his body and kick tat ball and reach d ball all audience cheer up as sanskar maheshweri d team captain..he is football player his passion is to participate in international football team..but for second ball opposite team cheated him and make him out..tat time his friend sahil lead d team and makes win..and while receiving trophy he says dis award goes to my friend sanskar..once sanskar hearing head set and moving on d track without noticing train tat point of time sahil comes and push and fall down while falling down he one leg got hurted..sanskar feel very baf for him he says no worry ur thier to fullfill my all dream and then u shd promise me u shd not tel dis matter to any one u shd always be happy…sanskar feels very happy they hug each other both r very good friends from childhood even Thier parents also a good friends just like brothers…
Once sanskar waiting for auto he calls auto same time a angel with free hair also calls same auto as they r going in same way hero agree to share auto and convince driver to drop in same way…while sitting in auto hero heart beat raises he can’t able to c heroine face by her loosen hair her stop came she get down..but our hero also get down and says excuse me she turns and says wat he says dis envelope is Urs she replies no he says k at tat point his heart beat raises as we all call it as love at first sight….??? She is our heroine swara gododia she is staying with her grand parents her parents died she has one sis her jiju is found of money…??

Next time sanskar is practicing he cheer up sahil to kick d ball all team boys cheer him to kick d ball by his inspiration he just kick d seeing dis scene she feel sympathy for sahil…?? And she move off.swara jiju ask her money which Thier grand pa kept for her marrriage then she convince to give tat money to him..atlast while she was bringing money from bank one thief elope tat money and she give complaint to police also but god grace her bag get back with money and one tat letter here two lakh rupees is Thier pls check it if it is correct..she gets impressed..for tournament they went to goa here swara frnd take her to goa by saying they would go for temple..but at same point they r in same hotel hero sees her and show to his friend..I told know girl which my heart got impressed whom I love point time he try to talk with her he say hi I. M d captain of football team tomorrow tournament is Thier u shd came to c his wish she came to c tat match he won it later he says I won due to ur wish while coming some boys tease swara she just ignore it went off then sanskar comes Thier and scold them and he says she is my girl..??
Later she comes to her place her family fixed marriage she agree by seeing dis sanskar heartbroken. .on marriage day Swara day some boys says she has affair with football captain he only says us he loves her even they both come to goa..later marriage broken her grand pa died sanskar comes to convince her but she slap him and told him I don’t know who r u just stay away from me and don’t show ur face to me..from tat time sanskar used to avoid his face from her but destiny his different she join same coll but sanskar thought to leave tat college but sahil force him to stay Thier..for his approval he agree and stay Thier only once competition is Thier for tat prg sahil also comes swara sees him and gives seat to him and talk with him later he move off..sanskar acted as crazy man and won d prize all r asking autograph to him at tat time Swara also comes and congratulate him by shaking hand.without knowing tat he is sanskar .by tat onwards his love again grew up..he used to visit her home without noticing once he heard swara jiju telling tat he want money other wise u shd marry widow man tomorrow itself tat time sanskar ask many people for money but he didn’t get so he robbed money from his house and give to one boy to give dis parcel to swara gododia..she takes tat money in tat one letter is Thier in tat letter I know u don’t know me but I know u want dis money urgent pls take dis money ur not alone I’m always with u..she just start to love him..later once early morning she just open d door and c d scenario her house outside decorated with full flowers in tat he keep one letter and c d she just play tat he hear one song tat sang by swara totally flat for sanskar he ask God pls show once his face to me…here sanskar and his gang celebrating holi sahil also comes Thier whole gang take him up and putting holiday to boy tat give money parcel to swara says di tat day one bhai gives parcel know he is in dis group..she says pls show who is he…sanskar catching stick of sahil tat boy shows sanskar but sahil comes outside holding stick she mistakes him and thought sahil is his dream boy..then she told dis news to grandma tat she got his helping boy..later grandma fixed marriage with sahil all family his so happy tat sahil his going marriage especially our sanskar is so happy he decide to make his marriage with full ritual sanskar sahil goes to girl house for engagement..girls house comes at tat movement he just get shocked without knowing her friend is going to marry her love..he not able to get down bec swara says don’t show ur face to me.but sahil doesn’t know sanskar love towards swara..he says I will bring gift u go inside but with force sahil takes sanskar inside..sahil asks how is my girl he says nice best pair but his heart just pains while having lunch sanskar sitting alone having food.swara comes Thier and says bec of u my marriage broken for ur friend sake pls allow dis marriage to happen..sanskar heart just broken without saying he came from Thier he comes onside d room and take all photos of swara and try to burn but tat instant sanskar father comes Thier wat is dis u r hiding something with me..they c swara photo and ask she is d girl whom ur loving he say s but and he says infornt of my sahil she is nothing to me..papa do u know today I. M alive only bec of his sacrifice he sacrifice his happiness to me…today I. M playing or my dream is fulling only bec of him..tat day he save me and make his leg wound and promise me not to tell to tat dis is nothing papa..god has given very humble caring friend i.m ready to sacrifice my love but I m not ready to leave my friendship..I want his happiness his life should glow with happiness…so promise me not to tell anyone..his father agreed sanskar just hugged him and carried whole heartedly.sanskar friends asks sanskar to tell all truth to sahil and stop dis marriage but he disagree and take promise from them..

Marriage day sanskar and his happily do party dance masthi then dressed sahil beautifully..then sahil got letter tat sanskar is selected for international football match tomorrow..he told dis to sanskar but sanskar disagree bec he don’t want to miss marriage of his close friend sahil says no prb ur dream is full filling don’t miss dis chance where ever u Thier ur heart is always with me without any sanskar agree and departure to groom and girl ready for marriage..sahil father searching something but he found d photo of sanskar with swara…sanskar parents says nothing they might be friends but sahil parents went to swara ask about sanskar loves her..but swara says I don’t know him bec of him only my marriage broken he says he loves me but I don’t like him I just hate his face…?? Sahil says swara mind ur language tat time tat boy came to swara and says di tat day a boy given parcel to u is tat bhai not dis sahil bhai..swara just broken down..I. m really bad without knowing I hate him I want to c him where is sanskar. .sahil u come with me I will show him..they both goes….here sanskar sleeping in stadium alone..then hear song of a girl which is sang by him he just get up to c her swara sahil is coming to him swara comes to him she touches his leg and do Namaskar to him and thanks for coming to my life…sahil says ur my true frnd our friendship is so strong I. M lucky to have u as my friend and he go off …swara hugs sanskar and says I love u..I love u forever..can u be my friend my lover my life partner I love u sanskar..I love u too swara..they both hug each other and leaves happily…

So dis is d best film i like most many scenes I cut and dialogue also I didn’t understood many thing I just wrote by myself pls try to watch dis movie songs r beautiful film name is NEE SNEHAM… silver jubli it’s best model film for friendship so I wrote dis one..morning i saw dis film now i.m writing it…then as I
M not feeling well from past one week I just wrote it pls forgive me and again I. M wishing u a very friendship day..
“Remember me ever ”
“Forget me never ”
“Dis is my prayer ”
“To u my dears”


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  1. Rabia

    awesome 🙂

  2. nice..and continue ur ff..

    1. Divyashankar

      Thx u always support me r u in fb

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  4. This is Telugu movie right ,so u r from Telugu even me to

    1. Vyshu10

      me too…

    2. Divyashankar

      No dr I. M from karnataka but I love uday Kiran dr so

  5. Vyshu10

    Nee sneham is a nice movie….especially d songs?

    1. Divyashankar

      Hey I hv all song especially marriage party song superb dr Veni kanulatho veni chostuna very difficult lyrics

  6. Soujanya


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      Thx dr u always supports me

  7. Nice story…good to read such stories …thank you Sis…keep rocking…

    1. Divyashankar

      Thx darling it means a lot then i.m waiting for ur new story..then friends call me rock star only so I. M rock star only

  8. Wow suprb divya… tc dr… nd sahil nd sanskar frndshp ws awesom…keep writing dr

    1. Divyashankar

      Thx madam ji I will write definitely dr

  9. Meghs

    Wow?? divya rocked haa superb stry i loved it though i not seen movie but i think its awesome movie?

    Keep writing

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