Upz and Downz (Epi 1)

At 9:00 o’clock Moring sun shines with its own hotty power spread through her bus stop.She was simply stands near the stop with her friend near fruit shop because her friend mom was in serious condition at hospital.Her friend dad died when she was 10 year’s old & then her mom care for her.

At bus stop,she heared some bomb blasting near main road.She shocked and her friend run to help the peoples whose at danger.But she didn’t open her eyes.And the second bomb blast in her bus stop.

Riyan,he was a simply smart guy.He was just 6 feet with perfect body & with handsome look.He was a final year.When he was waiting at bus stop to his brother,there was a bomb blast.He was shocked and helping a girl,Riya.Because Riya just get unconscious by the sound of blast.

When Riya got conscious,Riyan gave some water & he dropped at her home.

At home,at college,at shop & also too at dream she seen riyan face only.**When he met him at shop he ran near to him closely sooo closely.. with full of love & hugged him tightly ,Riyan kissed her neck then her mom calling her & slapped her!! Oopss! She opened her eyes it was a dream….Then after taking rest she gone to find Riyan,but she can’t find him.

5Years passed away…

Riya’s mom shown to her many boys photos to her marriage.But she still thinking about Riyan.But her mom in very serious condition she agreed to marry who mom will choose.

On sunday,When the two family members gathered at hotel.Riya met her friend after her college.Her friend hug her & wish her,but Riya with sad face.

Her friend Piya asked Riya,why di?..oh my God you still waiting for that guy who helped you at fruit shop that day.Riya,Ya di..
Piya,Don’t worry for me when i too trouble that day,Jova helped me with his helping mind.Now too we are secret lovers.
Riya,Why secretly?..Piya,Because His family hates love…uff…

When the boy arrived,Riya’s mom came and said to sit in sofa.The boy’s mom saw her face And tell his son “Hey Riyan ,she was soo pretty”…

Riya was happy & looks with joyful face to him but he is not Riyan,that she met that day…oh! shit…

But the boy,his brother looked very shocked.Because he too sight her when he met her bus stop & loved her when he saved her.But he cant find her.So he only lived for his family’s wish.

Because he was Riya”s its *Riyan*..
Piya got shocked because her boy friend next near to Riya…
Riyan mom told
-He is my elder son Jova Riyan & he is my younger son Rova Riyan.

Riya & Piya ***Two Riyan’s All at shocking face….

Then Riyan’s tell my elder son not interested at marriage & so my Rova is a boy to came to see…Did you Like him Riya ?there asked Riya..
Simply Riya shaked her heads…
But my heart she feels dancing dancing singing with loud voice with happiness.

Riya’s mom said To Rova’s mom,we discuss & tell…
Riya shocked.

After 6months…

Riya&Rova at Honeymooรถn… ๐Ÿ™‚

Honeymoon twisttz!!
Piya&Jova love story??…
New person____
To be continue…next episode

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