Upz and Downz (Last Episode)


At last Peaceful Honeymoon 😉

Final Episode..

~Soundariya Velsamy~

Next morning…
Jack gets readying for his marriage to marry Julie…

In Jugal’s room,Jugal asked Julie,Why you accept to marry him??..then she tell the reasons… that Now Jack with terrorist if I didn’t accept to marry him he will kill you dear…& he shown me a time bomb if I didn’t accept him he must blast it..

At marriage hall..Julie on the stage and jugal stands down there…with sad face both.

After a long time…Jugal and Julie were only at marriage hall in the Lodge…
Then they both searched for Jack…at Jack’s room he was at slept dead & in Jova’s room jova and piya also died…Yash & Yami too died at their room…Someone kill all of them…

Jugal and Jack ran out of Lodge…Automatically the time bomb blast it…A lodge at full of fire..

Jugal & Julie confused..while standing outside of Lodge,Jugal seen Ancy at terrace of lodge & she smiled & say Happy married life 🙂 ..then she invisibled..

Jugal and Julie::It’s better to enjoy our honeymoon in City 😀 :D…

**************The End**************

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~~~~Jugal <3 Julie~~~~~ 🙂

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