Upz and Downz (Epi 7)


Suspenseful Honeymoon!!! —-Soundariya Velsamy Jugal & Julie???? Jugal shocked 😮
…Jack hugged Julie with smiley face and
Jack,”I feels so happy my dear julie, atlast I found you !!”…
While jack hugging Julie,Julie “I’m married”…He Knows already that marriage marriage & he still hugging her & say to her,You are mine’s Julie & II’m yours…why you interfer some others here??.. Jugal get angry & slaps jack,…its happenz at few seconds…Suddenly,Jugal:: How dare you hug my wife??..And he catch tightly jack’s neck with his hand …Julie stops jugal & try to help Jack…*

“””Yash & Yami continue they story,after bomb blast & Ancy death,we two go to meet Jack…At that time Jack left his job & in home alone..When Jack saw Yash & Yami,he shocked!!..& asked them,Who are you two??looks like me and Ancy…& Yash and Yami explains about old stories..Then three of them together at Jack’s home …***

After Jugal & Jack’s fight,..
Yash,Yami & Jack slept at one room,..
Jugal & Julie walks together to their room;while entering & after enters, Jugal closed a door & he hardly push her to corner of the room,,try to kiss her & kissed her because he feared that Jack never leave her…Julie too fears on her,if her mind too support jack only then what happens to her & Jugal relation??..so he pushed her to the bed & asked a question, if jack called you to marry him??what you do??…Julie Smiles & say OK**…Jugal falls on her & at morning Julie slept on Jugal…

***Few years back,when jack knows Julie gets married he irritated & Yash,Yami were together plans to kill both of them for Jack & Ancy’s happiness but still loves Julie…In their honeymoon by create a new big town with huge Lodge***

At Jova’s room,Jova tell to Piya ,I am too partner of Jack…because Jack helped him in all matters for his property he too accept to kills his brother…
When Piya knows the truth,then I too be a yours partner…She tells to Jova:::When Rova meets Riya I too see Rova only after you safe me & I am yours then only I know Riya loves Rova sincerely, I helped her to can’t find Rova but after few years he came..but never I expect that..**
Jack hears all & he enters the room…now jack,Yash,yami,Java & Piya were all together to kill Jugal & Julie…

At morning..

Jack and Julie together at terrace..
Jack shouted all to come to terrace & asked Julie,

Did you marry me???….Jugal,hey!!she is my wife…
Then Jack asked her,You divorces Jugal & marry me…

Julie::: OK***
Jack laughed a lot… Hahahhhaaa… 😀
Jugal shocked…Then jack readying to his marriage…
Jack & Jugal <3 <3 ?????

See You All @next episode…Ep 8??

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  8. Episode 8–Final episode…See u all @next episode

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