Upz and Downz (Epi 6)

Soundariya Velsamy

Downz(Love dreamz <3 😉 ,Thrill 😮 ,full of suspense 😮 ,Love <3 ,Truth 😉 ,Relationship 🙂 ,etc…

Honeymoon twistzz 🙂 …

Escaping from Jova's room,a unknown shocked when he saw Riya & but he called her by name Julie **…
Piya gets up and catch his leg tightly…he falls down & his helmet put off from his head..

Piya got shocked!!!because an unknown person was like her college senior Jack** … 😮 "" & Jova too shocked because he was Anny''s brother…&Jugal turns his head to Riya because that unknown person called her as Julie*** :EE…

"""Julie breaks up her relationship with jack when he left her alone in danger @bomb blast…Then she cut all the contacts from him…& change her name as Riya** & shift her to another place with her mother..
28 yrs back…at dark night one pregnant lady standing at hospital in military camp …Her husband was a Head military officer…Some terrorist entered into the hospital with guns & shoot many them & too that lady's husband..
By the shock,that lady drops down & births two twins…***

That unknown person was at unconscious..
Jugal & Julie going to bed room together..now they two has two bad past.
.they two don't speak anything but see face to face with no words ,they understand their heart <3 …Jugal hold her hand & took her to terrace it was 5:59am onwards..

Jugal::First its my Life like this dark after Ancy…Its 6:00'o clock sun shines!!…Jugal::But now your my sun shine dear & he hugged her & his mouth on close to her ear & he kissed her ear & say sorry for all & "I love Ü my dear""" ..

…Jugal,Julie & Piya tied hardly that unknown person with thread in chair.& Then questions him..who r u ?how did you know Ancy?? & Y you angrily talking with Jova?..

He replied ''I am Yash**,Suddenly one girl with mask enters the room by breaking the windows ''''she try to escape the Yash from there…Jugal with wood breaks the girl's leg…Somewhere hear that girls voice & it's was a voice of girl singing at over the town…He Opens her mask…Oopzzz she is Ancy 😮 Jugal shocked…Yash shouted:: Plz leave Yami***

She is Yami or Ancy???

Then Yash & Yami started to tell there story :::
When the pregnant lady falls down into the floor & she died…And born twin boys alone & there too another pregnant lady she too births twin girls..The terrorists after gun shoot they take many babies from there & too take one boy one girl from twin babies…

Twin girl,her mother as another twin girls mother & another lives at military camp…
And twin babies were Me & Yami,Yash.
From childhood we are love each other & lives with terrorist…6 yrs back we went to vacation there we saw a person looks like me & he was with very happy life(Job,Girlfriend & everything)…then Yash, I must be his brother because One day my terrorist head you had twin brother..
Then I kidnapped him & replaced in his place…While me & his girl friend Julie was at car there was sudden bomb blast so I ran to save Yami out there….& at another day when we saw one girl like Yami we too shocked…& then we know that she is Anny…some enemies to ours were killed her instead of Yami…then we knows that she was Yami's own sister…
Yami,then I am very depressed…& 1st when I think jova killed my sister but today at terrorist meeting only I know she killed by terrorist..so I ran here to tell to yash …& I came with Jack**& called him to come in..

Now:: Julie shocked because she thought that her boyfriend Jack left her alone 😮 😮

Jack enters the room…& hugged Julie 😮

Jungal or Jack

Jack readying for Marriage…
Julie & Jugal relationship??meet @ nxt ep
Don't miss Episode 7th is more suspense than other Episodes 🙂

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