Upz and Downz (Epi 5)

Upz & downz at Honeymoon 🙂

Two years back…
after a gun shoot,only all knows jugal & ancy’s relation breaks -:/|]]]…one side,jugal at coma..Ancy’s dead body can’t find anywhere!!…
Jova was drunker!!..& too psycho 😮

One dark night,Jova gone to his military friend Jack’s get together party…while jova dancing,there he saw many boys gathered a girl…when All of them shouted *Anny*,*Anny*,……..!!!…
She stands up to the floor;;jova attract from her perfect beauty figure…when he watched her face…
Jova shocked!

She dance & rockz the floor…after her dance..Jack’ ups to the floor & intro to all them she is my cute sister Anny*
Jova confused because she looks like Ancy”…
then when jova walk close her,& intro himself to her…but her attitude’s different from Ancy…Jova loves ancy by her beauty only…so he try to have commitment with Anny…then after few months they had secret register marriage ,when he knows his Anny is Ancy…He hide her*

After military camp,Jack came back only for her girlfriend Julie*…while passing beside a river he saw one girl dead body floating he jumps into the river & bring her out of water…she can’t breathe & he took her to hospital!!!

when she is in conscious,she forgot everything…so jack tell to her : he was her brother…
at before vacation camp,,Jack & julie were lovely couple…they enjoyed the camp with much enjoyment…while they beside lodge at car they take drinks & talks some funny 🙂 …there was bomb blast & she locked into a car but he left her alone ;( …After this situation Julie left him 🙁 ;;;;; Julie & Jack relation breakdown :EE

Piya shocked!…jova get unconscious…Piya cried a lot & runs to its room then packing all of her clothes…Riya asked where r u going piya!???…it almost night time,why u doing this?? & advice her ::All of them has Past…So don’t do this to him…
Piya replied Ok”

Riya gone to her room & jungal hugged her & told I think ancy had angry with me because I left her alone…when she remember the past,she must search for me Riya,Jugal…Jugal <3 Riya life started 🙂 after many troubles…then there at bed..Riya closed her eye & jugal touch his finger softly 🙂 and
Piya knock the door!..
Then Riya,Jugal & Piya were talking at room…
Awwww..(someone shouted at Jova's room)
All three run to jova's room…there is someone with helmet talking to jova::Ancy devil never leave you idiot!!!!
When three of them entered the room,a person scared & try to escape from them..when he see jugal ,he attack's his leg & pushed piya…

& then Riya* try to catch him…
A person shocked!
& called her Julie! Julie!""""…. 😮

Julie <3~<3 Jugal relation???
Piya tell the truth…

Jova'shock 😮


Meet at next episode 6…comment ?

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