once upon a time…. When villain meets his angel…. Chapter-9 *sanlak jode swaragini k risto ke sur… part_1*

Hello guys ur heena once again here…sorry guys for the irregular update… I knw that the combination of five letters isn’t inf bt still i m sry… I m really very tensed and busy these days as i m nt getting n proper house at lease and only 6 days r remaining for me to vacant this house any ways leave it i also write swasan five shots here is a link to it do read it_


Here we go,

Recap- laksh finding out the singing girl is ragini, laksh in confusion and singing song in jugalbandi wid ragini and laksh getting passd in it…

*Sanlak Jode Swaragini Ke Risto Ke Sur…part_1*

In music room_

The screen starts wid raglak hugging eachother unknwingly…(janam janam plays in bg) Laksh grip becums tighter as he is still nt in senses..

Ragini’s point of view_
Don’t knw what suddenly happnd to him he was all in pain, he doesnt shows it bt his eyes never lies…i could clearly see the pain… Pain of loosing sum1, pain of being alone, pain of being ditched… He started singing song it was clearly visible that it was hìs way to vent out his frustration…he was out senses he completed singing.. He got passd in it bt still he was in pain i could understand… After everyone went i unknwingly hugged him he too hugged me back… His grip got tightened as if he is afraid of loosing… Laksh what has happnd to u i asked him..

Laksh’s point of view_
i was still hugging her out of senses i tightend the grip, after few mins ragu called me laksh kya hua her angelic voice brought me again in sense god what m i doing kya hua ragu i said wid breaking hug n making my face again happy laksh tum khus nahi ho kya,hum sath me padhenge kitna maza ayega hai na lagta hai tum khus nahi ho she said to me are meri rago kisne kaha tumhe yeh or waise swara bhabhi kaha hai… As i askd her expressions they changed in a min no no in a sec…
Mujhe kya pta kaha hai shona huh?she replied bit sad n shockingly.. Oh god ab yeh kaunsi nai musbiat hai…i thought,
are ragu kya hua tumhe ? Kuch hua tumhare or swara k bich i askd her curiously… Ha main bohut gusse me hu us se, laksh tumhe pta hai usne mujhe ek cl nahi kiya cultural prgm k baad,maine kitne cl kiye mgr nahi recive kiya or gayab hai aj tak… Mujhe nahi baat karni use laksh.. main naraz hu shona se… She said angrily… aww how cute she looks..when she is angry.. Her cheeks turned red due to anger…
Rago magar kya pta woh koi musibat me ho…i said her teasingly…
Woh.. woh laksh.. woh koi musibat main ho..hogi t..t..toh sanskar hai na…she said bitting her nails… Suddenly my fone started ringing..
ragu tum yeh rakhdo tab tak me ata hu thik he na rago… I askd her…Haan laksh me yahi tumhara wait karungi… I went and found sanky standing there.. Congrats bhai akhir pass ho hi gya tu.. He said… are leave all that do u knw ragu she is so angry wid swara… he got tensd after listening dis.. Yar same is wid shonu yar now what will we do… He askd wid tensd face…idea i said n jumped in joy…
The screen freeze’s on laksh smirking face

To be continued…


Guys i will update next part by 6pm… Plz do cmnts guys plz…plz..n really sry for a boring chapter, Thank u for bearing my boring chapter and reading.. 🙂

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