once upon a time…. When villain meets his angel…. Chapter-5 (part-2) (to return or an excuse to meet ? Part_1)

Hey guys ur heena again here happy wid ur responses,guys my viral isnt getting cured and i m turning weak day by day,i m nt allowed to update bt still sumhow i took permission,and all the swasan fans today i hv a lill scene of them by sanky pov. do tell me did u likd or nt ?,so guys pls 4gìve 4 mistakes and short updates.. So here we go… Zum zum 😀 hehe nt to go sumwhere bt wid my epi 😛
recap- raglak going 4 dinner n swasan at kappor mansion…

¤chap-5, part-2¤

*to return or an excuse to meet, part1*

kapoor mansion*
sanky’s pov.
I told everythng to mom, after my confesion swara blushd as she came 2 how much i lv her, inni cute lag rahi thi ,bt wait yr sanskar cntrl i said to myself i dnt knw what wil happn bt inna pakka ki aj kuch to drama shama hoga hi , and to my witness shit god , y she moving towards shona , mom suno its nt her fault, mum stop yr plz i rqwstd her more than 100tyms bt in vain and here shona was biting her lower lip standing freezd as she got nervesd , oh god wah nw, my mom forwarded her hand shit she wil slap her i thought and stood infrnt of shona hatt jaa varna bohut marungi tujhe , saying this she pushd me away and again she forwarded her hand i got scard clsd my eyes and scremd shona , what happnd sanku i heard her voice , whoa wow? I mean how? Mom was hugging her happily…
Thank god… Suddnly we heard knck on door ? We all got scared?
Sanky’s pov ends*—

laksh pov.

We went down where maa papa where already waiting 4 us, we sat down on our chairs, when maa papa coughd seeing me sittng next ragu , still they r teasing me god help me, are aunty uncle wat happnd ? R u ok she said while quickly 2 glasses of water 4 them 4warding 2wards them , aww my how innocent is this girl? Laksh were r u lost huh see naw ur maa baba r coughing r here u r sitting ? Are beta , he seems to be lost since he came 2 home he na beta? My papa said while smiling, really laksh what r u thinking tell me na pls she said while pouting Oh god wat nw? Woh ragu i was think u should eat first ? Aunty would be waiting na ? Oh yes laksh thanks 4 reminding me… And startd eating god this girl is making me mad? Help me i was in thoughts when mistakely i droped all sauce on her dupatta , shit beta u r gone? Laksh i thínk uncle was ri8 u r lost what will i tell to maa god she made face as if she will cry? Ragu sorry i m really dumbo, plz 4give me? Ok then nw tell y were u lost? Woh ragu i was think abt u..r dupatta wait i will be back i left towards my utts rum, u idiot what were u gonna say , i was cursing myself 4 speaking out widout thinking, opend the cupboard n took her dupatta wid same clr n walkd towards dinning rum, ragu take dis i said while pointng towards dupatta, aunty uncle oh my i cant believe him pointng 2wards me i gave her confusd luk my parents too?

Rags pov.
He gave me a confsd luk , where as same did his maa baba, what happnd beti aunty askd aunty laksh plays teacher teacher and ghr ghr till nw( funny tune plays ) how do u handle him aunty i askd her in 1 breathe, his maa baba laughd while laksh was making faces and stammering lyk a kid hehe how cute laksh mujhe pta chal gya razz tera , ragu stop that na are aunty y he turnd sad , what wrng did i said , he is hving dupatta wid him so what it means huh ?

Laksh pov.
Really like , maa n papa were laughng lyk anythng, ragu dis my sisters dupatta yr i said again stammering , maa replie still laughng yes beti unfortunately he is ri8… Aww sorry laksh she gave me a side hug , i felt numb and got meltd by her act, my parents were smiling seeing her innocence,god this girl she huggd me infrnt of mum dad seriously so innocent, acha thats ok ragu, uncle aunty tysm 4 treating me lyk my family, she touchd their feets took blessing huggd my maa she got tears in her eyes, are beti dnt cry u can cum anytym at home aftrall its also ur home ri8? She noddèd her head in yes, how emotional it was even i felt sumwhere hurt afterall i m going to drop her at home…
We again argued on how she will go home bt 2 her suprise i told her that after she got unconscious i askd driver to take her scöoty at her home while my bike at my home..She beated me wid her soft hands and she walkd towards car , again she stumbld while walking i supportd her to walk, we lookd into our eyes and lost urself , soch na sake song plays i bg*k teri aur mujhko leke chale duniya bhar k sab raste,
me tujhko kitna chahta hu,
ye tu kabhi soch na sake*
we broke the eyelock and sat into car, soon we arrived at her building… Laksh cum na she said pleading me bt i did promisd to cum in mrng to at her house , she walkd bt soön turnd and came running 2 me laksh give ur no na , oh god this girl , i gave her ty laksh bye i will msg u she said hopefully , yeah ragu nw go n tc take ur meds, n cl me if u need sumthng she gave a angelic smile askd me to tc wavd bye and went..
To be continue..
No precap
Guys still there wil be part 2 of to return or an excuse so stay tuned

Credit to: heena


  1. Orvana

    Hey dear I’m sunehri school mate … she told everyone to read ur ff , nusz and zuha too ur ff is fantastic. …. I read all epi today … u rock 🙂

    • heena

      hi orvana dr, thank u so much for reading my ff, and really glad 2 knw that u lykd my ff dr…and yes dr sunheri dr told me y’day that she askd every1 2 read ff… Thank a lot dr…ur cmnt means alot 2 me

  2. Adharshika

    So sweet ff …. I too read sunehri ff she told everyone to read it … and ur ff is very nice stupendous. .. Everything is understood clearly and u write beautifully. … and both sunehri and u too are suffering from fever and typhoid! !!! My god take rest …..

    • heena

      yes dr even i m 1 of the reader of sunheri dr ff.., all credit goes 2 her she is the one who askd me to write ff… Thank u so much adharshikha dr… It was really a beautiful compliment 4 me and yeah we both got fvr n typhoid together only… N yes dr we wil take rest…

  3. Gauhar

    Woah !!!! This is one of the best ff which I have ever read …. Sach me ….. hats off … u really explain everyline …. and it’s understood too … plz dear … atleast u take rest …

    • heena

      thank u so much gauhar… Its really a very big compliment 4 me dr…. And yeah i would surely take sum rest… 😀

  4. Drashti thapar

    Good one … looking forward to the next episode. … and u too dear … plz don’t strain ur self …

    • heena

      thank u so much dr darasti…. Ur cmnt means alot 2 me and thanks dr i wouldnt take strain 😀

    • heena

      thank u so much sunheri dr…. Yeah i would get cured after all ur wishes r wid me … Lv u too loads 😀

    • heena

      thank u so much swati dr… Glad to see that u guys are lyling my ff keep supporting and cmnting it encourages me to write better… 😀

    • heena

      thank u so much lovely dr… Ur cmmt means alot 2 me… Thanks alot dr 4 supporting and cmnting daily… 😀

  5. Sonali jhadav

    Extraordinary performance. …. sanky pic was very nice and laksh was the main hilight … I like the title of the story …. very good

    • heena

      thank u so much dr sonali… Thanks alot for such a beautiful compliment dr…glad to knw that u lykd sanky pic and the tittle… and dr the main leads are raglak so dr their scene would more

    • heena

      Thank u so much dr sathiya (sweety) glad to known that u enjoyed ff ur cmnt means alot 2 me dr 😀

  6. Barkat imam (sunehri and heena ff fan)

    Till today we were sunehri fans … but from today I have become ur fan too …. incredibly Gd … that’s why I have put ur guys name in the bracket

    • heena

      thank u sooo much dr barkat imam.. Glad to knw that u lykd my ff n sunheri dr’s ff at this extnt.. Thank u dr for such a wonderful cmnt as well as compliment.. A big wala thanks for mentioning our names dr:D

  7. priya tripathi

    Hi heena i m priya i read sunehri’s ff n ya i was silent reader of ur ff but now i m comment

    • heena

      thank u so much priya dr , glad to knw that u were reader.. Keep cmnting my frnd.. It encourages me write 😀

    • heena

      thank u so much dhara dr yeah i m get as i hving every1 wishes wid me…thank u dr… 4 such a nyc

    • heena

      thank u so much dr hayathi… Thank 4 such a nyc
      compliment. Ty for cmnting daily and supporting 😀

    • heena

      thanks a lot dr esha… Really happy to knw that u were a silent reader, thank u dr 4 cmnting i m glad that u cmntd.. And dr even i m sunheri dr ff m reader

    • heena

      thank u so much judaa dr i m glad to knw that u guys r liking ff, thanks alot 4 cmnting… 😀

    • heena

      thank u so much dr kashish, its really very big compliment 4 me dr thank u 4 cmnting dr…. 😀

  8. priya tripathi

    Hi heena i m priya i m read ur friend sunehri’s ff n i also slient reader of ur ff.
    Nice episode can we be friends

    • heena

      ofc priya dr… Frm nw We r frnds.. Thank u so much dr for cmnting n glad to knw that u were my ff’s silent reader… Nyc to knw that u read sunheris ff… 😀

  9. Harshali

    Just rocked … Thanks to Sunehri she only to to read this fantastic ff … Love u and take care

    • heena

      thank u so much dr harshali… And yeah to sunheri dr big wala ty.. Ur cmnt means a lot to me dr lv u too loads dr n tc

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