once upon a time…. When villain meets his angel…. Chapter-5 (part-1) (shit!.. i m gone*)


Hey guys ur heena here, happy and thankfull by ur responses… Guys today i m giving rags pov and this is not part 1 of * shit i m gone* bt it is part 1 of chapter 5… Guys plz do cmnts and also tell me do u like pic if u wanna give ur fav swasan pics or raglak temish pic than u can give me guys , my fb id is heena dalal u can send those pics there,
silent readers kabhi cmnt bhi kar diya karo , thank u all my sweet cmnters and silent readers,
Here we go,

recap- ragini to ragu*, rags at laksh’s home… ¤chapter_5* part_1 ¤
*shit..! I m gone… *

laksh pov.
I came down after changing my clothes, as i was going down i got stopped and got i got feeling as if i got encountered nt by any police bt my maa papa, shit i m gone 🙁 , lucky beta u r gone… Papa said and both Maa papa smiled at me…. Woh woh she is sanskars bestie bt beta where did we asked u huh? N if she is her bestie how she became ur bestie huh?

Woh maa papa woh she meet me 2day and ragini got me as frnd…

maa -papa- ragini huh ?

Me- no no ragu
maa,papa-ragu huh?

Me- Are woh she iz my frnd,
maa papa – only frnd ?

Me-No i mean best frnd i mean bestie..

Maa-papa – bestie huh?

Me-Woh nt bestie suddnly i understood them n got embrass shit damn yr what the hell yr , i m trappd.. Suddenly i made an excuse woh i need to go…

papa- y beta going to take ur ragu?

Maa- are jii dnt u tease my son? Thank god atleast maa is wid me now ^_^
jii, woh to she isnt able to walk so he would go carry her in bridal style , he na beta 😛 😉 ?
(shit u r trappd lucky do sumthng…)
maa woh i need to go as i my fn is in my rum i said everythng in one breathe, n ran towards my rum
after this both maa papa cld me are wait na beta ? And both burstd out laughing madly 😛 😀

rags pov- i came out of bathrum, i saw laksh standing near balcony lost in own thought , ragu what happnd y r u standing there cum na he told me in the mst sweetest tone , i skippd my heartbeat, i felt i kind of attachment towards him *moh moh k dhage plays in bg*

laksh pov.
I dnt how i came 2 knw that she was standing behind me , laksh i need to go see na itz 7.45 maa would be waiting na she said showing me her innocent eyes i dnt knw y i was melting by her y i was being swt 2 her y i was again becuming old laksh , itz everytym i try 2 becum villian everytym her innocent eyes stops me…
Laksh where did u lost hlw laksh? Laksh she said while shaking me i came in senses yeah ragu bt 1st eat sumthng plz naw i said while making innocent face she side huggd me and started walking towards dinning rum…

The screen changes towards an another mansion…
Swasan are shown sitting tensd while a lady is shown preparing sumthng is kitchen…
Lady cumes and serves food beta hv it na
swara pov-
his mum servd as food and juice she was calm bt sanky he was impaitent mom whats dis is this tym to hv juice he askd (yes guyz she is sujata kappor/sanky’s mum), no beta bt i want to knw abt her pointing 2wards me , i got tensd while he holded my hand tightly wid lots of courage he finally said that i m his gf her lyf and wants 2 make me life i felt so much happiness in my heart listening his words a tear of happiness skippd my eyes, sumwhere i blushed listening his words, i saw his mothers eyes got widend she got shocked listening his words , oh shit we r gone god help us…
End of part1 *

recap- sujata cumes near swara, she forwards her hand to…….. Swara, laksh goes at midnite to …..

Thank u guys for reading , plz drop ur valuable cmnt. And tell me did u liked rags pov.?

Credit to: heena

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