once upon a time…. When villain meets his angel…. Chapter-4 (ragini to ragu part-2)

Hii,guys ur heena back, disappointed wid less responces, if its boring then tell me i soon wrap up , n plz 4give me i m trying my level best 2 entertain u all, $ry 4 spelling mistakes and short updates bt guys i fever isnt curing so i m nt able to write bt still i m writting , as i many of sweet readers and silent readers, thank u 4 ur support guys my dr frnds , today i m nt giving rags pov bt guys , i wil give it 5 chap onwards, moreover there will laksh pov n u have to cmnt and want it or nt , as i need to knw ur suggestion….
Here we go,

recap – ragini to ragu*
rags getting unconsious…

* <3 ragini to ragu part_2 <3 *

laksh pov.
I was driving car getting tensd for ragu as i got in my home i quickly stopd the car , came out of my seat and while going toward her i was screaming 4 watchman kaka , i said him to cl driver kaka close the doors and and park it, i took her in my arms again in bridal style she was burning in fvr n still murmuring laksh maa waiting , i was caressing her and hovering for servants to arrange my room other side shouting on dr to cum fast, it was 1st time i ignöred my motto, that too 4 a girl bt she is so innocent lyk small kid, she totally opposite to me, i m villian and she is innocent , kidish no no she is angel, coz of shouting maa papa had already came out and were totally shocked 2 see this side of me

, nt only they bt servants everyone were shocked to see these side of me, all were eying me as if i married her , hey stop it u idiot u cant marry an angel got it, and i felt lill embarrasment as i didnt notice them due to i was tensd for ragu and caring her , i made her sleep on my bed, opend the cupboard took 1 of fav blanket and covered her , i took a glass of water n made her drink her she catched my hand in her semi conscious state , maa papa woh woh she is ragu shit damn what i said omg nw they will tease me, woh i mean she is my ragu i mean she is my frnd rag…ini godadia… My maa papa smiled evilly shit lucky u r gone, they were abt to tease when dr came thank god i got saved bt as i saw him i lost my temper , i started scolding me , while dr tested ragu i stopd and i came into senses shit i spoke too much , sorry dr i m really sry i didnt mean that much bt woh i was cutted by words by dr mr.maheswari , i understand u , n itz totally ok i have given her injection will u pls make her drink water,

as i did ragu came into sense she hugged my n said laksh u r at my home umn sit na , uncle aunty u r laksh maa baba na pls hv a sit na oh my how innocent she didnt saw the changes in rum, hi ms. Soon to me mrs.laksh maheswari glad to see u, u r very fortune mr.laksh loves u alot tc mr.laksh she is very weak ri8 nw , i may leave wait dr we arent fiance 2 eachother ragu and i said in union , woh dr she is my frnd , oh sry mr.maheswari and ms. He smiled and went…ragu u arnt at ur house u r at my house be comfortable ragini , she made a sad face laksh u r angry naw wid me and started weeping lyk a kid beating me on chest soon my maa papa came running listening her crying , laksh what the hell what u did to her huh papa scolded me ,tell us beta what he did

my maa askd her,aunty see na he got angry on me she said while weeping n hicuping, why r u angry on her jst look my beti is crying oh my even maa took her side, what i did i said while making innocent face, aunty he didnt cl me ragu so it means he is angry naw she said innocently while making pout face and puppy eyes my maa papa smiled at her innocenes, aww ragu i m sory naw i said while siting on my knees an holding ears she wiped her tears off she laksh i smiled aww so innocent , achaw beti u go n get frest she got up and was abt to fall i holded her n supportd her too walk, towards bathroom . I came n changed my clothes and went down bt i was soon stopped , oh god shit i m gone…..
End of chap- 4* 🙂

precap- laksh gets encountered by… Swasan in prblm..

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