once upon a time…. when villain meets his angel…. Chapter 4 ( ragini to ragu ? :O – part_1 )


Hi guys ur heena here, really sorry 4 late update but i m suffering frm viral fever so i wasnt able to submit the epi plz 4give me , i m still ill bt i cant stop myself frm posting,
and i want to ask everyone that guys do you want me to write rags pov (i.e point of u ) than plz let me knw plz every1 should cmnt that do u want or u like the whole story wid laksh pov, and thank u every 1 ur all cmnts and support means alot 2 me , sunheri dr a big wala thanks to u to encourage me 🙂 …
Inf ok talk here we go,

recap: “damn it i miss ed her ”

chapter- 4 part – 1
* ragini to ragu ? *

compound of auditorium*

screen starts wid laksh holding ragini…
Laksh pov:
i was holding her tightly frm waist looking (soch na sake plays in bg) into her innocent deep brown eyes we were so close 2 eachother, i was abt to compose my self when again she again fell into my arms, i again lost myself admiring her beauty bt suddenly a thought came through my mind y she is falling while waking is ragu all ri8 ? (guyz as he gets tensed , he dsnt notices that he is saying ragu instead of ragini 😉 ) i immedaitely got tensed , my tensd face was clearly visible to my ragu no i mean ragu , noticing it she again called me in the same position n her most innocent voice laksh what happent y r u seemed tens ? I composed my self bt she still holding my hand and almost shaking me her touched made again my body pass a current , i felt sumthng deep in my heart, bt at same time i found her hand almost jst burning like coal too hot , again ragu started bolo na laksh what happnd , laksh laksh say na , omg omg ragu relax n dnt be so innocent huh ? U better knw y the hell i m tensd ? >.< i said a bit angrily as i got tensed tears rolled down her pink cheeks i cursed my self 4 making my ragu cry i was consoling her bt in vain , i hugged her to make her feel better n calm her bt she too hugged me back i was a lill shock by her act , she was still crying like a small kid shown her eyes got red n swollen i was cursing myself n said ragu plz dnt cry i m so sry , see i dnt like u crying , laksh i dnt knw what i did that made u tens i m sry still weeping like a kid n then how u like me tell na she said innocently , umn ragu i like ur angelic smile i said in the most calm tone still hugging her , if i smile will u 4give me she said innocently while breaking the hug yes i said her wiping her tear off her cute face, soon she gave me an angelic smile wid the same innocent eyes , aww she is so cute, laksh woh woh she said while tightly clutching my shirt , ragu whats happening to u i said holding her , woh laksh i m feeling dizzy , i have to go home, maa would be waiting na, no ways are u crazy i wont allow u to go alone in this way , she was nt ready 2 agree n beating me wid her soft hands no nö i will go home myself i have scooty , ragu y dnt u listen me itz nt safe what if sumthng happens to u huh bt in vain she wasnt agreeing , i finally understood that i have do in my way 😎
i took her in my arms in bridal style and walked toward parking soon she got unconsious i made a cl at my home that i need car n 2 drivers fast in 5 mins i got it i asked 1 to take my bike at ….home n 1 to take ragu scooty at ….home. I lifted her n made her sit in front seat n i sat on driver seat started the car called the dr to come at…. home i took her to …. home… On the way i called sanky 50tyms bt in vain dnt knw where they both are , how careless dnt they knw ragu is alone ! Calm beta i jst hope wherever they r they r ok? I was driving a7 fast as i can and as saftely as i could… God plz dnt let anythin happen ragu…

To be continued…

Recap : same as chap3 part 2

extremly sry 4 same recap guyz… Plz plz do cmnts.

Credit to: heena

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