once upon a time…. when villain meets his angel…. Chapter 3 (damn it… I missed her again…! Part- 1)

hi guyz its heena again here, thankfull to all cmnt regularly, bt disappointed as many arent cmnting, guys if its boring then plz tell me i will wrap it soon yar, guys those who asked me to make the epi a long 1, guys let me clear my prblm to you itz already 2nd tym i m writting the whole epi as 2 tym my fn got hang , guyz i dnt hv a pc or lapi nor do i have a smart fone guys i jst hv a simple fn so called nokia 2700 classic n it dsnt allows more thand 4000 words if i do it get hangs i hope u will understand be…
I m really sry 4 chap-2 as i got mixed wid promo… Here we go…
Recap- * ” whats happening to me ” *

*damn it… Again i missed her – part_1*

screen starts wid swasan breaking the hug n sanky forwards his hands towards swara 4 dancing “sanam re” plays in bg they both dance romantically, lost in eachother eyes.

In auditorium*
laksh is sitting performances are going on bt here he is lost in his world rags hasnt returned yet*

laksh’s POV:
oh my god how beautifull she was lookng naw will dancing, but where is she? She hasnt came yet? Is she alri8 ? Oh hlw beta u dnt even knw her , than y r wrying 4 her, no yar i met her na so i knw her , are bt u idiot u dnt her properly ri8 so stop thinking abt her, yes i dnt her bt then y it seems as if i know her since ages, y do i feel that she isnt stranger to me, why do i fèel sumthng when she is around me, y i feel as if we were destined to met eachother… Oho so when did u started fèeling huh ? N when did u startd to care abt a random girl , u r villain 😎 did u 4god u that u dnt fèel nor u care ri8 ? Yes bt when i see her innocent eyes smile makes me go crazy i came out of thoughts as light got dark 4 the next performance i was abt go to ask sum1 abt ragu no i mean ragini my fone rang and i stood up and went a lill far frm my place…. (guys as she was in his world he picked up cl wid seeing the name) as i answd the cl i heard sum1 singing song dushman na kre dost song frm movie akhir kyoun?* playing sitar i curiously turned to see the face of person bt in vain there was so much crowed that
i wasnt able 2 see face i was continusly cursing myself for attending cl that to wid seeing name idiot dumbo and much more i came in sense when dad again spoke beta are u there ? Plz ans to my que dr ? hlw hlw , i spoke out woh woh jii papa im wid sanky u dnt wry hv dinner n tc papa bye and i hung up. Till i kept the cl performance got over. I was cursing myself blo*dy me * damn it, i again missed her again*
laksh pov ends *
to be continued….
Guys as i m will posting 2 part 2day so this 1 is small..

Recap – raglak movements.
End of part 1 *

guyz plz do cmnt n silent readers avaz na sahi to cmnt to kardiya karo. Tc guyz n ty 4 reading :-* 🙂

Credit to: heena


    • heena

      hayathi dr 4give i agree thats its short bt i have already submitted another part check it after 5 or 6 hours

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