once upon a time…. when villain meets his angel…. Chapter 2


Hey Guys again ur heena back… Thankfull for the support guys… I dnt y the promo of precap hasnt posted yet…here it is.

So here is an promo 4 precap ,
so as u saw that teacher called swaragini , what u think guyz y did she took them y was rags tensed ? y did lucky behaved gud wid rags knwing that she iz the 1 who made him wait,
what will happen next? To get these ans u have to wait 4 next epi.

And all the sahil fans plz read my dr frnd sunheri’s ff- sanam aur ahil- eh kahani he 2 lafazo ki. asya fans should read zuha ff- a delicate relation- asya n humyan.
Inf of my talks. So guyz here we go….
Recap: a new feeling ”

* whats happening to me *

the scence starts wid rags n swara entering green room wid teacher.
Teacher – rags swara as u both knw 2day is the cultural day of our clg , n u knw that many cheif guest r invited 4 the same so if anythng goes wrong our clg dignity will be drenced.
Swaragini – yes mam bt what happd y r u talking like this ? :O
rags – mam is everythng ok i mean u called us urgently ?
Teacher – yes swaragini actually u knw sunheri the one who was going 2 dance on the welcoming song wid swara she isnt well itz 30min left 4 the dance to start what will we do beta. We arnt getting any1 fr dance.
Swarag- kya? Bt how mam what will happn knw ?
Teacher – ragini beta plz i m rqwsting u swara is ur bstfrnd plz u both manage i knw u dnt like to dance bt if this dance wnt happen to hamari clg ki izzat miti me mil jayegi. I will nt force u it up to u beta if u wish u infrm me . N goes frm there.
Swara- laddo what if they dnt hv dancer , u dnt dance i knw u dnt feel comfortable
rags – dsnt ans n gets tensd
swara goes out n talkes to teacher *
swara -mam dnt wry she will say yes 5 4 3 2… N rags cums there
rags – mam i m ready anythng for clg n shonu. Dnt wry leave it up to us.
Teacher- thank u so much beta . I m proud of u.
Rags – anytime mam. I m leaving to get ready n goes to get ready.

Swara to teacher – mam i told u na i knw my laddo
*fb starts*
teacher – tell swara abt sunheri. What will we do beta now
swara- aftr thnking 4 sumtimes* yes mam rags can do it bt we have to do this drama so that she agress plz mam.
Teacher- how we do that no dr, we cnt play wid her feelings.
Swar- bt mam i m telling this as rags never shows her abilities she is gud at singing playing sitar and dancing wid this her talent will cum out n prblm will also get solve.plz mam.plz
teacher – i think u r ri8. Okay go 4 it. 😉
*fb ends *
screen shifts 2 sanlak*
sanky waits 4 swara’s perfomance to start
n here laksh is lost in his thoughts. (Guyz they dnt abt swarag dance n whatever happnd)
laksh pov-
it was 4 1st tym i behaved well wid a girl i felt sumthng unknw when i saw her. Bt watever it was it was a so nyc na. Hey lucky wait wait what r u thinking abt a girl huh that too the same who made u wait 4 15mins still u behaved well y huh! Aww bt she was so cute her innocent smile her big brown eyes r face hey whats happening to me oh god this gal iz making me crazy bt still innocent na ? Stop it dnt 4get u r villian 😎
suddenly i came out of my wrld when heard an name in announcement it was a welcoming perfomance by swara and ragu what again cntrl itz ragini huh.
Laksh pov ends*
both sanlak gets amused listening rags name.
The song starts’ it is sehenai song frm kai po che * swara ragini appear looking gorgeous in an tradition outfit* both keep on staring their beauty laksh watching rags n sanky watching swara* both dance so beautifully n gets an standing ovation frm every1 including cheif guest.
Behind the stage swarag hugs eachother. Swara secives a msg frm sanky n blushes n leaves frm them telling rags she is going as sanky cl her. Rags teases her.

Sanky n swara meets outside the auditorioum n swara tells him everythng. Both hugs eachother

precap: swasan still enjoying out lucky goes a lill away frm his place to attend a cl he hear sum1 singing n playing sitar the cl is on bt his mind is stuck in the voice.
Chap ends*
I knw guys its small bt dnt kill me 😛 as i will try to post another 1 soon. Plz tell me if its boring guys n suggestions r truely welcomed here. Ty for reading plz do cmnts guyz plz plz.

Credit to: heena

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  1. Nice episode. Plz make it long dr…

    1. thank u sanchami dr bt it isnt possible as my fn gets hang i will try 2 post 2 epi daily if i can

  2. Awesome

    1. thank u swati dr ur cmnt means alot 2 me

  3. superb promo waiting for next part….

    1. let me clear ur confusion dr actully they hv mixd both promo n epi 2 dr after this line * what happing 2 me * chapter 2 gets starts

    1. thank u teja dr ur cmnt means a lot to me

  4. It’s not at all boring it is very nice … I’m waiting for the next one …

    1. thank u so much sunheri dr 😉

  5. very nice dear

    1. thank u ammu dr u cmnt means a lot 2 me

  6. This is our rago only

    1. yes hayathi dr n they have mixed both the promo and chap 2 together so dnt get confused it is promo plus epi 2

    2. yes hayathi dr n they have mixed both the so dnt get confused it is promo plus epi 2

  7. Nice please make it longer

    1. thank u swati dr i cnt as my fn gets hang if i make it long so guyz i will try 2 post 2 chap if possible

    1. thank u naimi dr

  8. guyz they have mixed the promo n chap 2 so dnt get confused

  9. Superb.

    1. thank u nikki ur cmnt mean alot 2 me.

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