once upon a time…. when villain meets his angel…. Chapter 1

Hey guys i your heena here, i m very thankfull to all of u guys n silent readers too, and a special thanks to sunheri dr guyz she encourged me to write an ff. I real feel like dancing on bed after reading your cmnts guys , n big salute to all the ff writes seriously i came 2 tommorow only when i wrote the intro hehe my nails r still paining due to lot of typing, hatts off yr its really hard to wirte an ff regularly.
Inf of talks.so here we go guys to the first chapter of of our journey.
* “A new feeling” *

The scence starts near an auditorium it is fully decorated wid balloons n big banner is seen and SNDT COLLAGE OF ARTS & COMMERENCE WELCOMES YOU TO ITS CULTURAL PROGAM is written.
Many students r shown busy in their masti ,talks n gossip in the compound of auditorium. Suddenly all the eyes get freeze towards the main gates where 2 bikes takes entry. A guy is shown wearing sunglasses, white tee wid dark blue blazer, black jeans looking a killer and dashing riding on r15 and another guy who is wearing sunglasses light yellow tee wid a blue jeans looking awestruck and handsum riding avenger. Both smiles looking each other. They go to the parking area n wait for sum one.
The scene shifts to a pre-schl were a girl is running towards the principals cabin n open it wid jerk n call her the lady sitting on chair.
Girl- “maa i m leaving, u knw na i m already late,they must be waiting 4 me, itz 1st tym that i would get late .” (yes the princi is the girls mom)
girls mom- ” are beta relax and u go bt plz drive slowly ok n tc of urself ur having fever, n msg me if u need anything ok now go ”
girl -” jii maa. Bt i m fine u dnt wry n bye tc”

n the girl goes down as fast as she could n drives her scooty .
Scence changes to parking site.
Its 15 mins both guys r still waiting there.
Boy 1 – what the hell is this yr i m lossing my paitence. I m waiting since 15mins for girl so called ur bestie u said she is never late like this huh? N itz her gud luck that i m waiting 4 her, varna “lucky ladkiyo k liye intezar nahi karta hai ladkiya lucky ka intezar karti hai” (yes he iz our lucky )so its up to u sanky ki would u take me in or shall i go?
Sans- yar she is never late n plz dnt say anythng abt her isnt that type of girl yr n ok we will go bt u wait here i will cl shona n will be back plz.
Lak-hahaha to janab apni priyatama ko bulane jaa rahe he ya milne huh?
Sans- blushes shutup u wait i will bring her n sanky goes.
Suddenly lucky fèels sumthng in his heart n turns back n same tym a girl is running n is abt to fall due to weakness so she closes r eyes bt 2 strong hand catche7 her (imagine guys like he turns n at same tym girl comes) yes is the same girl driving scooty* both gets lost in eachothes eyes bt then they hear familiar voice calling them lucky laddo swasan both at same tym calling them. N composes each other.
Yes the girl was rags*
sans – bro she is swara pointing towards swara who is next to him n ragini pointing 2wards rags who was beside lucky.

Swaragini in union u we both 2gather r swaragini.
Lak- hi bhabhi ! *Listening bhabhi swasan blushes*Hey ragini nice 2 met u!
Rags n swara- hlw laksh.
Lak- u guys can cl me lucky!

Suddenly teacher cls swaragini they go wid her n sankak go in seat in the second row.
Laksh feels sumthng new n gets thinking. The screen frèzees on thinking face of laksh and tensed fäce of rags.

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