Hi guys here is the prologue of my first ff please bear me guys . And please support me .

A big collage is shown it is in chennai . That was a one fine morning . Today is the first day of collage . All students are enter in the collage with joy but there is a girl who entered with a fear . She looks a innocent girl.

Asusal the regging starts . There is a boy with his gang he called the girl . She goes near him with a fear . He ask her “what is ur name? ” . Her voice stammerad ” i..i…i..m shalini “she said .(yes she is our ISHANI). “oooof what a idiotic name my mood went of by hearing ur name ok now u have to do something to change my mood ” he said with a evil smile . Another boy said “ok bro tell na what she want to do even i m also very earger to see that “. the boy said ” ok now u need to propose me ” . Shalini was dumb she started to cry. The boy said “hey shalu i dont ask u to cry i said PROPOSE me ” he said that with anger . Shalini starts to cry loudly . That there was a tight sound THAPAD the boy who ragg shalini gets a tight slap from a girl. Then the another boy said ” hey how dare u …. ” .

now that is enough for her the girl slapped another boy very hardly and said ” this is my dare and u dont mess with otherwise …..” . The third boy said “sister dont worry u go i ll handle them no problem u go ” he said with panic voice . The girl hold shalini’s hand and took her from there . Then that girl take shalu to the ground there shalu hugs the girl and start crying . The girl break the hug and said “hey dont be innocent this much and by the way i m RAGINI and u ??? ” .shalu wiped her tears and said “i m shalini u can call me shalu ” .

“Wow thats really a nice ok let be friends ” rags said while giving her hand . Then shalu said ” thank u so much i m glad to have a friend like u. by the which department u are ??” . ” i m mechanical and u ” ” same pinch me also “she said that which pinch rags hand . Ragini was really feel happy at her antics .

They both went to the class on the way they saw……..

So guys done with the prologue ok now tell me did u like it or not. Please please tell me if it is positive or negative i need to know .Take care . Stay blessed .see u & good night.


    • maha016

      thank u di. i ll try my best to post it soon but my exams are going now actually my exams got postponded for 4 days so thats y i started to write this but i started to write the next one i ll post it asap k thank u di once again.

  1. Kakali

    Hey dear… study well,, give your best… don’t worry about FF…we will wait… now u just concentrate on ur studies…take care…

    • maha016

      thank u ashoor i ll try to reveal the pairs soon and this story is mainly based on friendship and revenge and then love.

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..